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The following items appeared this week in the PA media and mosque.

".America from the start did not deserve the role of sponsor but that of the enemy.What is the US position if not an attempt to ignite the fire of civil war in the Palestinian arena, to provide cover for Israeli crimes, to ensconce the stages of comprehensive violence in the region and to threaten stability?.Washington supports Jewish fundamentalists, dictatorships and fascist states, sponsors rotten governments, is the source of authority for Mafias."
[Al Hayat Al Jadida, Jan. 28, 2002]

"O Muslims.the soldiers of Islam will continue the battle that has been going on throughout history between faith and infidelity [heresy].

"In spite of everything, Muslims and Islam will be victorious and Palestine and the Al Aksa Mosque will return.When the nation stops compromising on its clear and inalienable right, derived from Divine law, and isn´t satisfied anywhere but in Palestine - all of it - which will be the country of Islam, and Palestine in its entirety will be the land of the front line, the blessed country, over which Allah´s angels will flap their wings.

And the Islamic nation will go to the land of the prophet´s ascent [Palestine], and will enter it through Allah´s victory, which Allah will give to his worshippers. This will happen when the nation believes in Allah its creator, and prays to him, and not, as some people say, that the only thing left for the Arabs to do is beg for charity from America the enemy of nations, woe for this shame [this refers to a statement made by the Foreign Minister of Qatar who said that the only solution is to beg the US. Ed.]. The victory and liberation are close. I tell the criminals these are not false prophesies but divine and indisputable facts."
[sermon from Al Aksa Mosque, broadcast on the Voice of Palestine, Jan. 25, 2002] (PMW.ORG.IL 01/31/02)

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