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Rice to Urge Israel to Make New Gestures for the Palestinians (IPC-INTERNATIONAL PRESS CENTER) Palestinian National Authority GAZA 11/12/05)Source: http://www.ipc.gov.ps/ipc_new/english/details.asp?name=11711 ARAB PRESS ARAB PRESS Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
GAZA, Palestine, November 12,2005 (IPC+Agencies)--U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice emphasized that she will urge Israel to lunch new gestures for peace process, Rice told the reporters who were with her in the same plane en her route to the Middle East.

Rice´s itinerary started with a surprise stop in Iraq on Friday. Rice´s visit is part of a regional tour that includes scheduled stops in Israel, the Territories, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

"It is very important to continue efforts exerted to send an obvious sign to Gaza meant that life will be better for the Palestinian people owing to the withdrawal and the Palestinian authority leadership," Rice said.

Palestinian political sources confirmed on Friday that President Abbas will convene with American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice next Monday in Ramallah.

State Department spokesman said she would try to bring the two sides together, but Officials and analysts did not expect any immediate breakthrough from the Rice trip, saying both the Israelis and Palestinians were preoccupied with domestic issues

She was also expected to try to ease problems of getting goods in and out of Gaza since Israel withdrew in September after a 38-year occupation.

"There is an impatience that things are not progressing and some of that impatience is certainly felt in the Palestinian community," said Assistant Secretary of State David Welch.

"There is a lot of work to do in that area (on security)," he said. "Getting security right is absolutely fundamental."

Rice and Abbas are expected to discuss the upcoming Palestinian elections, the internationally endorsed Roadmap peace plan, and Palestinian efforts to assert control over militant organizations.

Rice also is scheduled to meet with the Israeli prime minister Arial Sharon. According to the same sources, the meeting will deal the promises Israel undertook in late February during the Sharm Al Sheikh Summit in Egypt.

"Iam looking forward to talking with Sharon a bout the possible efforts as regards the commitments of Sharm Al sheikh understandings and the required time bide to do so," Rice said.

Mrs. Rice added that there are security worries "we are fully aware of that and we will not demand the Israelis to do any thing endanger the security of the Israeli people." (© Copyright 2001-2004 IPC 11/12/05)

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