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The Palestinian Authority´s Tacit Approval of Terrorism (PMW-PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH) 10/31/01)Source: http//www.pmw.org.il PMW} PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH PMW} PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
October 28, 2001:
Four Israeli women were murdered and tens of other civilians seriously wounded by two terrorists. During the attack, the terrorists were shot and killed by police.

October 29, 2001:
Yasser Arafat denounced the attack.

October 30, 2001:
Palestinian Authority official daily published the following death notice for the two terrorists on its front page:

"The Dura Hebron Alsweiti clan here and abroad share with the Alsweiti and Aljabali families from Jenin in the martyrdom of their heroic sons: the heroic martyr Yusuf Muhammed Alsweiti and the heroic martyr Nidal Taiseer Aljabali And offer the families of the martyrs the warmest and most heartfelt condolences in the face of this deep tragedy, while asking Allah to treat them with mercy and to house them in Paradise with the martyrs, the righteous prophets." [SOURCE: Al Hayat Al Jadida, Oct. 30, 2001] (PMW.ORG.IL 10/31/01)

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