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Preparations are being made to bring over 100 families to live in the abandoned Palm Beach Hotel in Gush Katif. Students from around the country are cleaning it up.

Once a center of attraction for vacationers from all over the country, the hotel was abandoned shortly after the Oslo War began in late 2000, and has been gradually vandalized since then. Of late, however, local residents have begun moving in, renovating the beach- side rooms themselves.

Some 50 students from the Yeshivat Hesder in Sderot spent a day two weeks ago cleaning up the lobby and reception area of broken glass and pieces of ornaments.

Students from the Girls´ Ulpanah High School in Maaleh Levonah, near Shilo, continued the cleaning this week, beginning to paint as well. The girls spend half the day studying in the nearby Medrasha, and spend the rest of the day renovating.

Boys from the Yeshiva High School in Dimona have also taken part in the work.

"We are people of faith," Shai, a bare-headed young man who has been living in the hotel for a few months, told an Arutz-7 reporter, "and we don´t give in. The government can plan to give this away, but there are other, Divine forces at work in this game."

Shai´s father was killed in a terrorist attack over ten years ago in his Gush Katif greenhouse. He and several friends were the first to arrive in the hotel, in the belief that more settlement in the area is what is necessary at this time. "Many more people have been joining us here lately," he said, "including families with children. This is of course great encouragement for us - even though I don´t see them so much, because I spend the day at work in the greenhouses [elsewhere in Gush Katif]." (IsraelNationalNews © 05/24/05)

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