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A compendium of Palestinian Authority hatred of America (PMW-PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH) By Itamar Marcus and Ruthie Blum 09/13/01)Source: http://www.pmw.org.il PMW} PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH PMW} PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
Introduction: For years, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has actively promoted hatred of the United States among its people. The recurring theme: the US is an imperialist, colonialist usurper of land and human rights, enemy of the Arab world, killer of Arab children, and supporter of Israel. Yasser Arafat has repeatedly referred to Saddam Hussein as his “brother” and has linked an Iraq victory over the US to a Palestinian victory over Israel. During a period of US-Iraq tension, the editor of the PA official daily wrote that America would pay for its war against Iraq with “45,000 bodies of American soldiers [who] will return to the US like airmail …The Arab mothers will not be the only ones crying...” The PA Mufti has called for Allah [god] to destroy America and “paint the White House black.” [See compendium below for full quotes and sources.]

This active antipathy to the US espoused and preached by the PA leadership has created a Palestinian society imbued with hatred toward America. It is in this atmosphere that Palestinians took to the streets in spontaneous celebration of the horrific terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

Quickly realizing that there could be nothing more odious to television viewers in democracies than the sight of Palestinian festivities over the deaths of Americans, the PA took two measures. First, PA Minister of Information Yasser Abed Rabbo demanded of foreign bureau chiefs that they cease broadcasting the celebrations, and threatened the lives of their staff. Second, they orchestrated public displays of sympathy for America. Photos of Arafat donating blood appeared in the press, alongside photos of Palestinian children carrying signs (in English) expressing solidarity with “fellow” victims of terrorism.

During the weeks prior to the attacks, PMW noticed an increase in the anti-American vitriol and incitement appearing in the PA press, including calls to attack the US.

The following selections are from 1997 - when PMW first began monitoring the Palestinian media on this topic - and from 2001, prior to the attack. This compilation demonstrates the consistency of Palestinian ideology.

A compendium of Palestinian Authority hatred of America

Part 1: 1997

1. PA Mufti calls for destruction of America Arafat appointed Mufti of Palestine has called on Allah (God) to destroy America, which is controlled by Zionist Jews "Oh, Allah, destroy America as it is controlled by Zionist Jews...Allah will avenge, in the name of his Prophet, the colonialist settlers who are the descendents of monkeys and pigs... " Ikrima Sabri, the Mufti of the Palestinian Authority, (from weekly sermon in the Al-Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem). Voice of Palestine, July 11, 1997.

2. The U.S. and Israel are the source of terrorism in the world… Palestinian rejection of the US list of terrorist organizations, which included Islamic and Palestinian organizations..“We reject the definition of Palestinian and Islamic organizations as terrorist organizations [by the U.S.]… The U.S. and Israel are the source of terrorism in the world..." Sheik Hamed Al-Bitawi, Head of the Palestine Association of Religious Scholars [and the PA’s appointed Manager of the Nablus Municipal Religious Courts] Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 10.11.97

3. The US, bloodsuckers and barbaric culture will disappear from history. History will forget the United States, but will remember Iraq and Palestine..."History does not remember the United States, but it remembers Iraq, the cradle of civilization, and Palestine, the cradle of religions. History remembers every piece of Arab land, because it is the bosom of human civilization. On the other hand, the murderers of humanity, the creators of the barbaric culture and the bloodsuckers of nations, are doomed to death and destined to shrink to a microscopic size, like Micronesia." [Hafez Al-Barghuthi, editor, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 15, 1997]

4. Arafat: “The two people, Iraqi and Palestinian, are together in the same trench." Arafat sends his blessings to the brother Iraqi people. "[A PA leader]... expressed President Arafat´s blessings to the brother Iraqi people and its leadership, since the two people, Iraqi and Palestinian, are together in the same trench." Al-Quds, [Nov. 30, 1997]

5. Palestinian rally in support of Iraq Arafat: A Palestinian victory over Israel and an Iraqi victory over the US are mutually dependent. "Yesterday in Hebron a large rally was held in support of the Iraqi people who are facing the American arrogance. [A speaker said in Arafat´s name]: "The words of President Sadaam Hussein to President Arafat still reverberate loudly in our ears: ´If you do not win this war, then we will not win, and if you do win then we shall win.´" The Minister of Supply, Abu Ali Shahin ... expressed his willingness to fight as a soldier against anyone fighting Iraq." [Al-Hayat Al- Jadida, Dec. 1, 1997]

6. Palestinian Legislative Council condemns America and rioters burn US flag The Palestinian Legislative Council condemned the American threats against Iraq while hundreds, waving Iraqi flags and pictures of Saddam Hussein burn an American flag. "The Palestinian Legislative Council … Political Committee condemned the American threats against Iraq …Hundreds of people participated in a sit-in strike, waving Iraqi flags, pictures of President Saddam Hussein and posters denouncing American policy...The rioters also burnt an American flag." Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 11, 1997

7. Israel and America twin bastard entities Israel is the bastard entity in Palestinian land and America is the bastard empire of the New World Order. “ ... Everything that happens in Jerusalem is done with America´s blessing, in spite of the false announcements periodically released by Washington. Whoever is familiar with the real connection between the bastard entity in our land and the bastard empire in the new world order, undoubtedly grasps this strong tie between the American resolution and the Israeli action. We must not believe the Americans, especially since we have a long history with them, full of schemes and false promises...perhaps you remember...the plots of the infamous Jew Henry Kissinger...” [Fuad Abu Hijla, columnist. Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 29, 1997

8. US’s New Ambassador to Israel is worse than “Johnny Walker.” The US Congress, the ‘Council of the Elders of Zion’, appointed American Ambassador to Israel Edward Walker, who is worse than the Whiskey “Johnny Walker.” “…the newly appointed American Ambassador to Israel, Edward Walker, who “went through extensive hearings in the [US] Congress, or, that is, in the ‘Council of the Elders of Zion’ in order to win this post. He managed to get a certificate of good conduct with an ‘A+’ on the scale of nausea, rather than on the scale of honor, because he said that he once volunteered to work on a kibbutz. He almost said that he is going to volunteer to be a settler and revealed that he studied Hebrew, which proves that he is a worthy heir to his predecessor, Martin Indick. … This is Edward Walker’s record, who has no connection to the Scottish [Whiskey] Johnny Walker, but is much more damaging. For his mission will be to intoxicate us by calming statements, so that we do not hear the sound of the settlements’ bulldozers that gobble up our lands. Albright says that we believe [these bulldozers] are a provocation, but she does not think so. From such a den, only foxes can come out.” [Editor, Hafez Al-Barghuthi Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 30, 1997]

9. America and Israel release darkness and hatred of mobs with long beards. America and Israel release hatred, darkness, death and evil upon the world as opposed to the ‘jasmine and life’ exuded by the Arabs. Albright and Ross are equated with Israeli Prime Ministers Rabin and Netanyahu. "...We have Sonia and Mahmoud and Halima and they [Israelies] have Madeleine, Dennis, Binyamin and Yitzhak...We exude the [scent of] jasmine...throughout the world, and they release the darkness and hatred of the mobs with the long beards over the land. We declare [an allegiance to] life...while they have shut themselves up behind death and have been entrenching themselves in its [death´s] excavations for the last fifty years, which is also their age, the age of evil..." [Fuad Abu Hijla, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 11, 1997]

10. Palestinian Authority sides with Iraq against the US. The aggression against Iraq is aggression against Palestine. “The aggression against Iraq is aggression against Palestine… Anyone who does not say “no” to the U.S. is an enemy of Palestine.” Al- Hayat Al-Jadida, November 12, 1997

11. Israel controls the American Congress Congressional blind submission to world Zionism is due to Israeli power and control of key U.S. institutions. The Zionist Congress uses threats of sex and morals scandals against Clinton and his administration. “What "Israel" is trying to do...by way of its control over a number of institutions in the US, such as the Congress and its allies...reveals the nakedness of those people and their blind submission to world Zionism... The peace equation was somewhat violated, since the Zionists were able to demonstrate their power in the US... that is the power which was clearly revealed in the Zionist American Congress which led to the terrorizing of the American president and the administration, through threats of sex and morals scandals which are disseminated by the obedient media in the US...” Brig. Gen. Khaled Al-Musmar, assistant head of the Palestinian Indoctrination Directorate. Falastin Al-Yaum, August 21, 1997

12. Palestinian Council demands boycott of American Embassy celebrations. Palestinian Legislative Council members request an internal investigation into the presence of PA Council’s member at American Embassy 4th of July celebrations, in spite of official PA boycott. “Minister of Communications, Imad Al-Falouji sent a request to the presidency of the Palestinian Legislative Council to investigate the presence of council members at Fourth of July ceremonies organized by the American embassy, especially since the council decided to boycott these ceremonies. Council member Hatem Abd Al-Qader...demanded to conduct an investigation in order to find out who were the members who attended [the ceremony], and Ziyad Abu Ziyad... expressed approval for [the proposals].” Al-Ayam July 16, 1997

13. Call to raise Hell in Albright’s face In a televised interview, the Palestinian Authority Minister for Trade and Industry calls for the Palestinian nation to raise hell in Madeline Albright’s face. “We, as a nation, must raise Hell in Albright´s face.” Muadh Al-Abed, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, P.A. Television Aug. 31, 1997

14. The War of the West and the Jews against true Islam Arafat and the PA will never fight their brothers of Hamas and Islamic Jihad (who represent true Islam), despite the demands of Washington’s Jewish emissaries Ross and Albright. This is why Ross’s current mission has failed as will any in the future. “Dennis Ross´ mission is finished...This Jewish emissary failed to convince our president and our national authority to wage war against our brothers the "Hamas" and the "Islamic Jihad". It was made clear to him that we will not be the spear in the war of the West and the Jews against the true Islam... Ross...will return, and with him or in his place will return his Jewish Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, when Washington feels Israel is in distress...” Fuad Abu Hijla, in his column "Window". Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 14, 1997

15. Congress accused of being Zionists Abu Alaa, the PA Legislative Council chairman, accuses Congress of being more extremist and Zionist than the Netanyahu government. “Ahmad Qurei [Abu ´Alaa], Legislative Council Chairman, said that he is not surprised by the American resolution [to shut down the PLO offices in Washington] ...since it appears that the Congress of the number one world superpower is more extreme and more Zionist than the Netanyahu government, and even more than the extreme of the extremist right-wing movements in Israel. Abu ´Alaa pointed to the stupid, irresponsible congressional resolution on Jerusalem and the settlements.” Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug.14, 1997

16. Nablus demonstration against U.S. Effigies of U.S. envoy Ross, Netanyahu, as well as American and Israeli flags, were burned during a sanctioned mass demonstration in Palestinian Authority controlled Nablus. “...Yesterday, on Aug. 12, a mass demonstration was held in Nablus...The demonstration was organized by the National Emergency Committee... A number of demonstrators burned an effigy of the prime minister of Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu, which was attached to an effigy of special envoy Dennis Ross, and also burned US and Israeli flags.” Al-Ayyam Aug. 13, 1997

17. The American administration afflicted by Zionism The PA Secretary of the Cabinet claims that the American administration suffers from a disease called the Zionist lobby in Washington. “Let us not forget that the American administration suffers from the disease called the Zionist lobby in Washington.” Ahmad Abdul Rahman, Secretary of the Cabinet of the Palestinian Authority. Voice of Palestine, April 14, 1997

18. Terror attack the impetus for Ross meeting with PA A senior member of the Palestinian Legislative Council comments that Ross “honors” them with a visit only after Jews are blown to bits at a Jerusalem market by Islamic suicide bombers. “...Mr. Ross honors us with his visit today, only after the shattered limbs of the Jews are scattered throughout Mahane Yehuda.” Nabil Amru, Member of the Palestinain Legislative Council. Al-Hayat Al-Jadida,August 9, 1997

19. American abuses of the American Indians America inflicted violence, torture, mass murder, camp burning, and expulsion against the American Indians. “Netanyahu, Albright… and the Indians” by Dr. ‘Isa Salti “…. Hollywood movies do not show the violence, torture and crazy coercion that the unarmed peace loving American Indians suffered, these included mass murder, camp burnings, the expulsion of tribes from their land, the eradication of wild life, the spreading of contagious diseases and the desecration of holy sites…. The American administration disregarded the agreements that it signed with the tribal chiefs and forced the tribes to live in closed reserves with poor living conditions…Anyone who knows this subject can recognize the similarity between our Palestinian problems and the history of the American Indians.” Al-Quds, Dec.14, 1997

20. Palestinian warning: “The Arab mothers will not be the only ones crying” The Americans won’t learn their lesson in Iraq without 45000 deaths, warns the PA daily “...Iraq will not succeed in the conflict with the US... however, the firm Iraqi stand against the [US] dinosaur military apparatus that bases itself on the myth of the blood-spilling cowboy who chases Indians will remain an achievement... Warning-signs will light for the American people only after the American Ambassador escapes, defeated from the Embassy’s roof, and after 45,000 bodies of American soldiers will return to the US like airmail... This is the same mentality that caused the Marines to enter Beirutand to run away from it, after one bold operation was carried out by a Shahid [holy martyr] who suckled from his mother’s bosoms a pure Jihad tradition... [ed - nearly 250 US Marines were killed in Beirut by a suicide bomber] If most Americans support hurting Iraq it is because they think it will be a television war, without American bodies. But Arab reality will not remain frozen. It can change and send gifts back to the US via airmail. The Arab mothers will not be the only ones crying...” Editor of the official PA daily, Hafez Al-Barghuthi, Al-Hayat Al- Jadida, November 23, 1997

21. U.S. and Israeli flags burned U.S. and Israeli flags were burned at a memorial service for Shkaki (leader of the Islamic Jihad whose members have been suicide bombers) at Hebron University in PA controlled territory. Speeches were also delivered on behalf of many terror organizations (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc.) “The Islamic Association in the University of Hebron held a memorial service marking the second anniversary of the martyrdom of Fathi Al- Shqaqi, [leader of Islamic Jihad, whose members participated in suicide bombings]... Speeches were delivered during the ceremony on behalf of the Hamas Movement, the Fatah, the Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front... The participants burnt American and Israeli flags …” Al-Quds, November 4, 1997

22. A Palestinian columnist decries the “dangerous Jew” Ross Ross is labeled a “dangerous Jew”, Martin Indyk is labeled “the Jew” and Madeleine Albright is “half Jewish”. [The Palestinians] conduct negotiations with the "dangerous Jew” Dennis Ross, whom they view as a mediator, coordinator, and delegate and hold negotiations with the American State Department where the person heading the Middle East portfolio is “the Jew” Martin Indyk, and the one in charge of guiding the policy is Madeleine Albright, who discovered she is half Jewish. Al-Ayyam, November 5, 1997

23. Pro Iraq Rally Hundreds at a PA controlled refugee camp rallied in support of and in solidarity with Saddam Hussein. “Hundreds of students from the schools of the Daheyshe refugee camp, near Bethlehem, demanded in a rally yesterday to remove the blockade of Iraq. The slogan used in the rally was “solidarity with the Iraqi people and their children.” Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, November 6, 1997

24. Gaza rally condemns the US Policy against Iraq National and Islamic forces in PA controlled Gaza have condemned American policy and called for an end to the blockade of “sister” Iraq and a revival of Arab and Muslim solidarity in support of Iraq. The national and Islamic forces in Gaza called for a removal of the exploitative blockade from the sister Iraq and condemned the American policy in the area... The national and Islamic forces called for a revival of Arab and Muslim solidarity, which will assure Iraq’s return to the Arab house as an active force supporting the national Palestinian problem. Al-Ayyam, November 6, 1997

25. PA support Iraq against US The PLO , in a meeting in PA territory, called on Arabs to support Iraq by public actions, and to act in every way against the American danger which threatens all Arab people. ...The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called to act in every way against the American danger, which threatens all Arab peoples... Al-Quds, independent daily, November 9, 1997

26. Racial discrimination and crimes against humanity in American policy The US must understand that he who draws the sword of oppression against the “Third World” will die by the sword, Allah willing. Mahmud Yusef Al-Khatib : “The US is Beating the War Drums”: The “diseased” world order and the new racial discrimination in American policy lead a terror campaign against the so-called “Third World”. The US uses its hegemony and influence in order to harm “The Third World” by using Iraqi children, the Iraqi people and all of the peoples of the region… Whatever the excuses and outcomes of this policy may be, [the question is whether] the US could wash its hands of the blood of the innocent? The stubbornness and despotism [of the US] do not justify its crimes against humanity, crimes that have reached an intolerable level… We are not complaining about the [American] fire of oppression and aggression, but draw strength from it, because the will of Allah is superior to all else. The US and all those who beat the drums of war with it must understand that he who draws the sword of oppression from its sheath will die by the sword, and those who play with fire will be burnt by it, Allah willing. Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, December 20, 1997

27. Union of Workers of Palestine calls for Jihad against US. The organization’s Secretary General pledged solidarity with Sudan in the face of US sanctions and called for a position of Jihad to remove oppression from the Arab nation. The Secretary General of the Union of the Workers of Palestine, Haydar Ibrahim, emphasized the standing of the workers of Palestine, both “inside” [the land] and “outside,” alongside the sister Sudan against the new sanctions put on it by the US.... The letter added that America’s aggressive behavior... aims at bringing the Arab nation to its knees by putting sanctions on Iraq, Sudan, and Libya... Ibrahim called on all the Arab and Islamic forces to take a position of Jihad alongside The Sudan, Palestine, Iraq and Libya in order to remove the siege and oppression from the masses of the Arab nation... Al-Quds, November ?, 1997

28. America is attempting to subjugate the entire Arab World. A PA editor writes that America is targeting not only the Iraqi regime but the people and its history. This is part of an American effort to subjugate and terrorize the entire Arab world and force it to “vomit up” its Arabism , Islam and history. Immediately after the Gulf War, James Baker spied on the Arab States in order to bring the Arab capitals, which transformed into obedient females, under Israeli protection, after they were already put under American protection during the Gulf War... An American U-2 plane, which flies now in Iraqi skies, says to the Arab capitals “You, Too,” namely, “your turn will come,” because no capital which will be saved from American punishment... The target of the abhorent display is conducted on Iraq’s body is not the Iraqi regime alone, rather the Iraqi people and its history as well; [and that] in order to terrorize the whole Arab world and cause it to vomit up its Arabism, its religion and its history and remain at the periphery of the 21st Century, as the humiliated slave of the bloodsuckers, those who steal the nation’s bread and rob the lands. Will these [Arab] regimes use the opportunity to say “no,” or will the Arab people under siege who will have to break the siege one way or the other? Allah willing [this will] occur shortly. Hafez Al-Barghuthi, editor-in-chief, in a column: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, November 11, 1997

29. PA support for Iraq The PA Political Committee denounced American threats against Iraq and demanded the immediate removal of the siege of Iraq, Sudan and Libya. Additionally, at PA rallies in support of Iraq, American flags were burned. “In a meeting of the Palestinian Legislative Council yesterday...the Political Committee denounced the American threats against Iraq and demanded to resolve the current conflict by peaceful means... The Committee also demanded to immediately remove the siege of Iraq, Sudan, and Libya... Representative ‘Abd Al-Fatah Hamal proposed to publish an announcement denouncing the American aggression against the Arab nation and the peoples of Iraq, Sudan, and Libya. [He] demanded of the Council to send letters of support to the Heads of Parliament in those states. Representative Nahed Al-Rayyis supported this proposal... In a letter sent to the U.N.’s Secretary General the “National and Islamic Forces” in Gaza denounced the aggressive American policy. Hundreds of people participated in a sit-in strike, waved Iraqi flags, pictures of President Saddam Hussein and posters denouncing American policy...The rioters also burnt an American flag...[Rallies of solidarity with Iraq in opposition to “the American aggression” took place in Gaza, Ramallah, and al-Bireh].” Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, November 11, 1997

30. Anti-American rally in Hebron American and Israeli flags were burned at a mass rally in PA controlled Hebron in support of the Hamas terror organization. “Five thousand supporters of the Islamic movement participated in a rally organized by Hebron University Islamic Movement under the banner “The Rally of Clear Victory.”... After the speeches the participants, together with some masked students, burnt American and Israeli flags...” Al-Quds, independent daily, November 11, 1997

31. PA support of Iraq In a public statement, Fatah, headed by Arafat, has called upon all Arab forces to unite to aid Iraq. They denounced the American escalation and asked the U.N. to find a peaceful solution to the fabricated crisis. “The Fatah movement called upon all the official and popular Arab forces to unite in order to face the challenge confronting the entire Arab nation and in order to end the suffering of the brother Iraqi people, who has never been stingy in sacrificing for Palestine and in defending the Arab nation as a whole. In a public statement published yesterday by the movement the Fatah expressed its denunciation of the latest American escalation and called on the UN to accept responsibility, put an end to this escalation, and find a peaceful solution to the fabricated crisis against Iraq... “ Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, November 12, 1997

32. Islamic Movement criticizes US policy The leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel accuses the power crazy, uncivilized US of being the sole world policeman and opposing any Arab rapprochement and cooperation. This is typified by the American campaign against Iraq. The leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, Sheik Abdallah Nimr Darwish: “The American campaign against Iraq comes after signs of reconciliation and rapprochement between Iraq and many of the Arab states. The US fights against any step toward Arab rapprochement and against any spark of hope for cooperation between the Arab and Islamic states. The US is today the only policeman of the world... and this policeman strives to reorganize the world according to its faulty international order... The fabricated American attack against Iraq wraps itself as usual in a cloak of what is called “international legitimacy”... all in order to leave the Arab world in a whirlpool of inner conflicts and self- destruction... When the US wakes up from its power-craziness and become a civilized state which examines [matters] according to the principles of justice and treats others with respect, we will be among the first to view it as a friend and even more than a friend;... We recognize our strength and our size and recognize also the strength and size of the US, but we are absolutely convinced that the strong does not [forever] remain strong and the weak does not [forever] remain weak. Only Allah is unchangeable.” Al-Quds, November 14, 1997

33. PA sanctioned demonstration: “Death to the US.” During a demonstration in Bethlehem …the participants in the demonstration called: “Death to Israel and the US, victory to Iraq.” Al-Hayat Al-Jadida [PA Newspaper], November 15, 1997

34. PA delegation to Baghdad: we are “sister states” The PA press reports on the participation of a Palestinian delegation at a Baghdad exhibit. Important discussions were held with Iraqi officials which included the necessity of strengthening the relationship between the ‘sister-states’. “The State of Palestine won a gold medal and a certificate of appreciation for its participation in an international exhibit which took place in Baghdad... In addition to participating in the exhibit, the Palestinian delegation held several important meetings, including one with the Iraqi Minister of Commerce... Means of strengthening the relations between the sister-states were discussed in these meetings. “ Al-Quds, November 16, 1997

35. Pro Iraq, anti-US sentiment American domination of Iraq, subordination of its people and the seizing of its land, oil and natural resources are the goal of US led attacks on Iraq, according to a PA announcement. Defense of Iraq is equated with protecting Palestine. The PA, Hamas and other factions held a joint pro-Iraq rally in Nablus. “The Political and National Guidance Directorate of the Jenin district demanded of the Arab and Islamic states and the Palestinian public to stand alongside Iraq and its people against the American aggression. An announcement published by the Guidance Directorate... emphasized that the goal of the cruel US led attack on Iraq is to subordinate Iraq’s people and [its] leadership to American domination, to seize its land, its oil and its natural resources… The defense and support of Iraq is in fact like protecting the land of Palestine and its people. In the announcement the National Guidance Directorate called on the Arab and Islamic nations for a higher level of confrontation in order to liberate [themselves] from foreign rule... The purpose of the White House threats is to subjugate Iraq and to disarm it of its strength, in order to facilitate [American] domination of the area as a whole. [Al-Ayyam [PA-Affiliated Daily]: The Guidance Directorate called in its announcement to the Palestinian people to continue its legitimate struggle in all its forms, until its national goals and rights are realized...] The Palestinian Ba’ath party will hold a large rally in Nablus today under the banner “Victory to Iraq--Steadfastness Against Imperialist Aggression--a Holy National Duty.” Participants in the rally will include representatives of the PA, the Hamas, and other Palestinian factions.” Al-Quds, November 16, 1997

36. US propaganda, controlled by Jews, fails to “whitewash the slaughter...by Bush. No Arab is convinced by American and British propaganda of the justice in punishing Iraq by humiliation and hunger. Their foreign policies are based on Jewish intellect - and the peace process is an attempt to whitewash the slaughter of Iraqis by George Bush. Under the title “The Drums of Propoganda Weapon Storm,” Tariq Masarwah of the Jordanian paper Al Rai writes: “The American and British drums of propaganda... will not convince even a single Arab [of the fairness] of the punishments of hunger and humiliation against Iraq... This is [merely] the continuation of the show that has been staged for several years now in New York... about Iraq, the US, and Britain who due to the Jewish intellect which moves their foreign policies reached the same plato which the Jewish intellect brought Netanyahu. America’s followers ridiculed themselves and almost ridiculed us, too, through the peace process which amounted to an attempt by George Bush to whitewash the crimes of slaughter of Iraqis... “ Al-Quds, November 16, 1997

37. Oppressive American aggression against the Iraqi children Palestinian children demonstrated in solidarity with Iraq against the oppressive American siege and burned Israeli and American flags. “Hundreds of children demonstrated yesterday in Beit Furiq near Nablus in solidarity with the children of Iraq who suffer from lack of food and medicines due to the oppressive siege which was put on their country. The children carried banners condemning the American aggression against the Iraqi children, such as ‘Palestine’s children stand beside Iraqi children against American barbarism.’ The children were ages 4-7, and marched in a precession through the village streets and burned Israeli and American flags. Al-Ayyam, December 23, 1997

38. American and Israeli flags burned in Gaza “…During an election rally at the Islamic University in Gaza, Hamas and Islamic Jihad supporters burned an effigy depicting the Israeli Prime Minister and the flags of Israel and the United States.” Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Dec.16 1997

39. An Attack on Secretary Albright Under the title “The Sullen-Faced Secretary” [In spoken Arabic: “The Immoral Woman”] the editor of the paper, Hafez Al-Barghuthi writes of the American Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright: “In the past, when Madeleine Albright served as the representative of her country and Israel in the UN, she adopted vulgar and insolent positions against the Arabs and later would sweet-talk them. But after becoming Secretary of State and discovering her [Jewish] origins, she stopped sweet-talking. Two days ago she declared that settlement is legal, a position that contradicts the stated American position for decades. … the position adopted by Albright indicates that she has reached the stage of “immorality” in the popular sense of the expression. She is no longer perturbed by Arab condemnations. The lady visited the region and spat like a snake in the face of Arab statesmen. They praised her and would have sang love songs to her were it not for her advanced age and the fact that she has passed her prime and is no longer fit for anything, except serving Israel and defending it…” Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, October 3, 1997

40. Solidarity with Carlos Salutations to Carlos and to a Lebanese journalist sympathizer,Carlos the man who fought American imperialism and will spend the rest of his life in jail. In an article dealing with Carlos’s trial, Khalil Al-Sawahri identifies with Carlos and his struggle and concludes: “…A humble salutation to you Carlos as well as to you Lebanese journalist ‘Asem Al-Jundi for publishing a book in London a few days ago entitled The Other Face of Carlos or Carlos the Man…The man who has spent his life fighting American imperialism and who will spend the rest of his life in the darkness of dungeons.” Al-Ayyam, December 30, 1997

41. PA support of Iraq The PA has sanctioned a rally in Ramallah in support of Iraq’s struggle against the U.S. The advertisement denounced the aggressive American policy against “our people in Iraq”. “A large rally with many participants will take place today in Ramallah under the banner “Victory to Palestine and Iraq” in support of the Iraqi people’s struggle against the US [Al-Quds:An advertisement, signed by the PLO factions, called for the public to participate in the rally in Ramallah “to denounce the aggressive American policy against our people in Iraq... Victory to Palestine and Iraq.” Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, November, 1997

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