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A Palestinian youth, carrying an apparent explosive belt, was arrested at the Hawara Checkpoint (IDF-ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCE) 02/03/05)Source: http://www1.idf.il/DOVER/site/mainpage.asp?sl=EN&id=7&docid=37529&Pos=1&last=1&bScope=True IDF} ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCE IDF} ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCE Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
A Palestinian youth was arrested Today (Thursday) at the Hawara Checkpoint south of Nablus. The bag he was carrying contains an apparent explosive belt, an improvised weapon and 20 bullets. The weapons were detonated in a controlled manner by sappers.

This is the third time in 10 months that a Palestinian youth carrying an explosive belt is being arrested at the Hawara checkpoint

On March 15, 2004, a 12 year old boy carrying an explosive device was stopped at the Hawara crossing. Tanzim operatives from Nablus took advantage of his innocent appearance and used him as a courier to transport an explosive device containing a large amount of explosives and shrapnel through the crossing. On March 24, 2004 an additional terrorist attack was thwarted at the Hawara crossing: IDF soldiers identified a Palestinian youth, 16 years old, acting suspiciously at the checkpoint. He was found to be wearing an explosive belt. (Copyright © 2005 Israel Defense Forces. 02/03/05)

Video clip - Explostion of the explosive belt that was on the Palestinian youth in Hawara

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