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Security forces on high terror alert in Jerusalem (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Jonathan Lis, Haaretz Correspondent, and Haaretz Service 02/03/05 16:28 (GMT+2)Source: http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/spages/535850.html HA'ARETZ} NEWS SERVICE HA'ARETZ} NEWS SERVICE Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
Security forces went on high alert in Jerusalem on Thursday afternoon after receiving concrete intelligence warnings that a terrorist had infiltrated the capital city.

According the information received by police, the terrorist is likely currently located in East Jerusalem.

Large numbers of police officers and Israel Defense Forces troops poured into Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

Forces were focusing on their searches in the southern and eastern sections of the city in an effort to pinpoint the location of the terrorist and his assistant.

Checkpoints have been placed around the city.

This is the first warning of a terrorist infiltration in Jerusalem in several weeks.

At the Hawara checkpoint near Nablus in the West Bank, IDF troops on Thursday afternoon arrested a 15-year-old Palestinian boy found carrying explosives in his bag.

During the past several months, troops have caught a number of Palestinian boys attempting to smuggle explosives through the Hawara checkpoint. (© Copyright 2005 Haaretz. 02/03/05)

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