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IDF Chief of Staff returned from his official visit in Turkey (IDF-ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCE) 02/02/05)Source: http://www1.idf.il/DOVER/site/mainpage.asp?sl=EN&id=7&docid=37457&Pos=1&last=1&bScope=True IDF} ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCE IDF} ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCE Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya´alon, returned today, February 2, 2005, from an official two day long visit in Turkey, as a guest of the Turkish Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Hilmi Ozkok .

The visit included meetings with the Turkish President, H.E.A Necdet Sezer, the Turkish Minister of Defense, Zecdi Gonul, the Turkish Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Hilmi Ozkok and the Commander of the Turkish Ground Forces, Yasar Buyukanit. During the meetings, the officials mentioned above discussed the current new developments in the security situation in the Middle East In addition to the meetings with the seniors in the Political and Military echelons in turkey, Ya´alon met with the senior staff of the Israeli Embassy in Turkey. Brigadier General Nitzan Nurial, the head of the IDF Foreign Affairs unit accompanied the Chief of Staff during his visit.

This official visit was a success, and was held in continuation to the visit of the Turkish Chief of Staff in Israel on 2003, to strengthen the security and military contacts between the Turkish Army and the Israeli Army. (Copyright © 2005 Israel Defense Forces. 02/02/05)

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