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The Knesset will mark the 60th anniversary of the disappearance of Raoul Wallenberg, who saved 100,000 Jews from the Nazis, with a special session on Tuesday.

Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat in the early 1940´s who is credited with saving over 100,000 Hungarian Jews by granting them visas and removing them from German deportations to the death camps. On Jan. 17, 1945, he was invited to meet with the Russians, who promptly arrested him; he was never seen again in the outside world.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan is married to Wallenberg´s niece, who visited Israel in March 1998. Then-MK Alex Lubotsky showed her around, and later said, "I wanted to show my great appreciation for her uncle´s activities. She was visibly moved by this, and when I told her of the many streets named after him in Israel and the like, she was excited to learn that her uncle was so recognized and appreciated in Israel."

Many feel, however, that Israel did not quite do enough to show its appreciation. Eli Joseph of Maaleh Adumim, a long-time "concerned citizen" on behalf of both Wallenberg and Jonathan Pollard, is one of the driving forces behind tomorrow´s Knesset session. "It´s a disgrace that more is not done for people who did so much for the People of Israel," Joseph said today. "I´m talking about the 60-year abandonment of Wallenberg, and the 19-year abandonment of Jonathan Pollard." When Wallenberg´s half-brother came to Israel several years ago, "not one Knesset Member or government official agreed to meet with him... I pleaded with them, saying that he saved 100,000 Jews - but in vain..." (IsraelNationalNews © 01/31/05)

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