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Blaming Israel and the West for all the defects in Palestinian and Arab societies is a standard practice of the Palestinian elite, who try to deflect responsibility for the difficult conditions they have inflicted on their people. In addition to blaming Israel for hardships in general, they accuse Israel of being responsible for acts of terror, corruption, killings, drug abuse, etc., for which they themselves are culpable.

This week saw a series of blatant libels in the Palestinian Authority- controlled news media that fit into this continuing pattern. On the social level, the “imprisonment” of Palestinian women was blamed on Israel. On the terror front, two terror attacks by Arabs killing Arabs in Israel and Iraq were blamed on Israel and the US.

Women in the PA
Last week PMW reported on the widespread acceptance of discrimination against women in PA society, as documented by a Palestinian poll of school children. If anything, Israel had a positive influence on the conditions of women in Gaza and the West Bank in the years before the Oslo Accords.
Yet the cartoon published in the official daily Al Hayat Al Jadida [above] marking “International Women’s Day” libels Israel as the one imprisoning Palestinian women by having the women trapped by chains made of the Star of David.

Blame Israel and the US for Arab Terror
Arab Terror Attacks blamed on Israel and the US:
Two terror attacks in which Arabs killed Arabs were blamed on Israel and the US. A Palestinian suicide terrorist exploded prematurely at a Palestinian checkpoint last week killing two Palestinian policemen.

PA TV news reported the incident as follows:

... “Yesterday two members of the Palestinian National Security were killed during a bombing by the occupying forces near the Bet Hanoun crossing.” [PATV news, Mar. 7, 2004]

A few days earlier, more than 150 Shiites were killed in Iraq in a series of bombings by Sunni Muslims. But the PA said this attack was the work of the US:

... “The USA does not miss any chance to ignite the ethnic fire in Iraq … Iraq, for them, is a theater for terrorist acts and experiments through which [they] can spread religious wars among the Islamic countries from the Atlantic Ocean and to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia, or what Washington considers the Big Middle East. The massacres of Karbala and Kazemiya are none but the beginning of more and larger massacres, which will reach every Arab and Muslim country in this Big East, if America will succeed in committing this devil’s plan.” [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Mar. 7, 2004]

As stated, the PA’s accusing Israel of terror committed by Arabs follows a pattern of blaming Israel and the West for every act of terror whenever possible. This includes terror bombings committed by the PA factions in Israeli cities in 1998, continuing right through to terror attacks in recent months in Turkey and Paris. And as was reported, the PA media published reports blaming Israel and the US for the September 2001 World Trade Center bombings.

The following are examples of these earlier libelous accusations:

PA blames Israel for PA string of bombings 1998

“... An Israeli intelligence officer periodically visited the house of one of the bombers from Jerusalem, Yousuf A-Saghir… [and] one of the Israeli [intelligence] agencies is responsible for the explosion, as occurred in the throwing of two hand grenades at a bus stop in Be’er Sheva several weeks ago… The Palestinian security agencies have several indications of the existence of an external party behind the last action and the series of actions that occurred lately that have a political goal to embarrass the Palestinian Authority…
[After] the latest military action [suicide attack] by the “Islamic Jihad”… Ibrahim Al Halabi who recruited the two bombers and planed the attack, [Halabi] confirmed that he works for the Israeli Intelligence and that he planed the attack at their request…” [Al- Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 8, 1998]

Blame Israel for Arab Bombings in Turkey November 2003

... “The “Mossad” is among us … I think that there is the smallest chance that these attacks [series of bombings in Turkey] were planed by “Hizbullah“ (of Turkey) or “Alqaida“… Right after the [earlier] bombing in the two Synagogues, without going through the check points in Ataturk airport, … team members of ZAKA [Israel’s disaster victim identification organization] arrived … Does anyone here know the contents of their suitcases?
Several days later, we lost 12 Martyrs in Eastern Turkey." [Al-Ayyam, Nov. 30, 2003]

Blame Israel for Arab Bombings in Paris January 2004

... "Hidden Zionists hands are still acting in France in the same way they used to act in Arab countries- Iraq, Egypt and Morocco, blowing up and attacking Jews and Jewish synagogues in order to force them [the Jews] to immigrate [to Israel]. Lately there was an attack on a synagogue, so the Israeli ambassador in France called for the Jews in France to immigrate [to Israel]. There are Israeli or Zionist hands that carry out attacks against the Jews to force them to immigrate [to Israel] since Israel suffers from emigration."
[Hafez Barghouty, editor of PA daily on PA TV, January 5, 2004] (pmw.org.il 03/12/04)

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