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There is presently a coup d´etat in progress in Israel and it may very well succeed unless the people of Israel wake up to what is going on. There may not be tanks in the streets, but there are unmistakable signs that a coup attempt is in progress.

“Coup d´etat” is described by the Webster´s Dictionary as follows, “The sudden overthrow of a government by a usually small group of persons in or previously in positions of authority.”

This is precisely what is happening, a small group of leftist politicians, rebuffed in their attempt to gain power, have conspired with agents of several foreign governments, something which they readily admit, to sway public opinion against the legally elected government of Israel and put themselves back in power by bypassing the electoral process.

They have done this by bribing and coercing members of the military to publicly accuse their government of unethical and terroristic tactics, parroting the accusations of our enemies. By doing this, they encourage military disobedience and promote instability in the armed forces during a time of war. They have also used the foreign money to instigate and publicize "peace proposals", which have in similar form been rejected by the people of Israel. They have bypassed the proper channels of government and taken their proposals to the foreign capitals of the world, those whose hatred of the Jews and the Jewish state is obvious to all who can read the local newspaper or watch the news. They have accepted millions of dollars in funds from various countries to fund these activities. They have enlisted the support of several persons who headed various military and intelligence organizations to publicly denounce their government and espouse their leftist doctrine.

They have enlisted the aid of the anti-Semitic US State Department to help sell their package of deceit, as well as the UN and the UK. Secretary of State Colin Powell is on record as stating that he wished that those failed leaders of the Left were back in power, so it would "be easier to push through a settlement leading toward a Palestinian State." This ignores the fact that Israel is still considered an independent and democratic state. The Left is not in power because the people of Israel, sick of the promises of the Left and the terrible loss of life associated with their policies, have rejected them.

This has been aided and abetted by those institutions still controlled by the Left, which include the media, the courts and the labor movement. How is this being done? Let us look at recent developments.

1. The closure of Arutz Sheva because of irregularities in its licensing; a station that is in opposition to leftist government policies is taken off the air by the leftist Supreme Court and help from Arab and leftist MKs.

2. The general strike, which is causing hardships both physical and monetary to the economy of Israel at a time when the economy is possibly making a comeback.

3. Again, the Supreme Court allowing the distorted and inciteful Jenin, Jenin to be shown, even though its purpose is to incite Arab hatred against Israel by distorting the facts surrounding the battle in Jenin.

4. The present Chief of Staff of the IDF publicly condemns the prime minister to the world and accuses Israel and Mr. Sharon of insensitivity to the Palestinians and embarrasses Israel. His punishment? None. Sharon says the matter is closed.

5.The mysterious transformation of Ariel Sharon from "Hawk" to "Dove" in the time he has been in office. Despite his weak protestations to the contrary, Mr. Sharon has espoused a definitely leftist stance since attaining office. He has agreed to the idea of a Palestinian state and expressed a willingness to negotiate with terrorists when he has previously rejected those ideas in the past. He has refused to condemn outright mutiny by the members of the IDF, including its chief of staff. He has refused to counter the interference of the Supreme Court in Knesset affairs and lawmaking, and refused to protect Arutz Sheva from being closed down. He has agreed to meet with Abu Ala, knowing full well that Abu Ala is controlled by Arafat, someone Sharon has said he will not deal with. Sharon is open to threats and blackmail from the Left because of his business dealings and campaign funding scandal involving his son. Could this be behind his sudden transformation?

Today, the world is convinced that Israel is a threat to world peace, and that the only way to solve that dilemma is to carve up the state of Israel and let the Arabs provide the "final solution."

Every critcal remark by a Jew in Israel or elsewhere is heralded around the world as "proof" that Israel is an obstacle to peace. The higher the source, the more damage is done. These are all straws placed on the back of Israel, we are rapidly becoming a pariah nation, our enemies smell the fear and lack of will to survive of our politicians.

The world is looking for an excuse to finally get rid of these "stiff- necked" people, the Jews, and the sad part of it is, they are being helped by Jews.

These people, in and out of power, who are trying to subvert the will of the Jewish people, are guilty of many things, sedition, treason and aiding genocide. They would bring about a second Holocaust in their zeal to eliminate any trace of Zionism or Jewish independence.

It is time for the Jews in Israel to rise up and condemn these policies and those who promote them. The leaders of Israel must be put on notice that this headlong plunge toward a "final solution" must stop. Those guilty of sedition and treason must be tried and their friends and collaborators jailed. The courts must be cleansed of the judges who feel they are "above the law." Those in charge of the labor unions must be stripped of their power to destroy the economy and freedom of the press must mean real freedom and not just for those ideas approved of by the Left. Those members of the military, no matter what their rank, who feel they cannot give their complete loyalty to the State of Israel should resign or be removed.

A country of less than six million people cannot afford the luxury of allowing its enemies access to its heartland and its capital, Jerusalem. We cannot allow our enemies to dictate to us what we can and can´t do in our own country; no other country on earth would allow that, why is Israel different?

It is time for the people of Israel to get mad, show the government that we do not support the piecemeal destruction of our country and the formation of a terrorist state in the heart of our land. Unless we do, we may not have a country much longer. (IsraelNationalNews © 12/14/03)

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