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Chicago -- Ali Abunimah seems to imply that the nearly two months since the last deadly attack on Israelis is due to a lack of attempts. As anyone who follows the situation knows, there are almost daily attempts, and the only reason they fail is due to the courage and bravery of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

As for his suggestion to give 100 percent of the land to both people, he surely knows that this would be the end of Israel´s existence as a Jewish state, something I´m sure would not upset him in the slightest.
Andrew Newmark
http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/letters/chi- 0312060267dec06,1,2720322.story

Chicago -- Ali Abunimah slyly suggests making Israel into one Arab- Jewish democratic state as an obvious solution to the Mideast conflict. This fairy tale, however, when stripped of its politically correct costuming, is simply the same old Arab call to exterminate the Jewish people from their tiny sliver of ancient homeland. This "solution" would be like asking the small black family in 1950 Mississippi to simply join hands in neighborhood democracy with the KKK. After all, with millions of Hamas supporters calling for jihad until all religions live "under the shadow of Islam," it would make it tough for Israeli human rights to stay afloat in a sea of pointy hoods.
Adam H. Fleischer
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