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Israel to withdraw from four cities (INDEPENDENT UK) By Eric Silver in Jerusalem, ISRAEL 08/16/03) Source: http://news.independent.co.uk/world/middle_east/story.jsp?story=434060
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Israel agreed last night to withdraw its troops from four more West Bank cities within two weeks.
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In a bid to revive the badly bruised peace process, it also authorised a trip by Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian President, to Gaza to visit the mourning tent of his sister, who died in Cairo on Wednesday.
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Jericho and Qalqilya will be handed back to Palestinian control next week. Ramallah and Tulkarem will follow a week later. At first Israel refused to pull out of Jericho and Qalqilya, but agreed after pressure from the United States.
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The concessions emerged from a two-hour meeting between Shaul Mofaz, the Israeli Defence minister, and his Palestinian opposite number, Mohammed Dahlan.
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Israel also agreed to remove roadblocks as it retreated from the cities and freed a further 73 Palestinian prisoners yesterday. (© 2003 Independent Digital (UK) Ltd 08/16/03)
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