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Cairo Press Review Wednesday, 6 August, 2003. Source: http://www.unitedjerusalem.org
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EDITORIALS: On the meeting cancelled by Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas in which he was due to hold talks with his Israeli counterpart Ariel Sharon: The canelling of the meeting may well be taken as an indicator of the faltering of roadmap implementation. Israel has used the shootout on Sunday in which five Israelis were killed or injured as a pretext to wriggle out of its obligations under the plan. Meanwhile, Abu Mazen meets with Palestinian factions to entrench the cease-fire. The Israeli practices should sound the alarm in the US, the EU, Russia and the UN that Israel has to be prodded into implementing the provisions of the plan. "Al Ahram"
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Despite US President Bush´s announcement that the roadmap is a plan to be implemented not to to be negotiated over, Israel still procrastinates:
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The Palestinians have honoured their commitments under the roadmap. They have agreed to a cease-fire and have halted all suicide operations. But, what has Israel done in return? It proceeds with the building of a security fence to separate Palestinian territories and Israel. The Palestinians have not lost hope of a more active US rol. They are also looking forward to a similar role by Russia, the EU and the UN. However, observers do note that in respect of Israel, America´s voice is too weak to be heard, whereas it booms loud in clear when it showers the Palestinians with its own as well as with Israel´s demands. President Bush´s statement about understanding Israel´s motives for constructing the security fence is just one case in point. "Al Akhbar"
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It is not from a point of weakness that Palestinian factions have declared a truce; their suicide bombings having reached the very heart of Israel:
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Still, Israel proceeds with its provocative acts in the hope that the truce might collapse. The building of the security fence thus continues as do the incursions into cities and the mass arrests of Palestinian youth. Israel declines to fulfil its roadmap obligations, the salient element of which is the release of Palestinian prisoners. Only yesterday, it announced a list of the prisoners it has decided would be freed. The list, however, was described by Palestinian Labour Minister Ghassan Al Khatib as a charade. It includes names of prisoners who have already done their time, who are administrative detainess,or who were imprisoned on criminal charges. The Quartet Committee, having agreed to sponsor the roadmap for peace in the Middle East, is urged now to come to its defence by facing up to Israel´s behaviour. Meanwhile the Palestinians are called upon to remain on vigil and to maintain their unity. "Al Gomhoureya"
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Israel´s contempt for a Palestinian suggestion to extend a three- month cease-fire bodes ill for the way ahead, including prospects for the US-backed "roadmap" peace plan. The Israeli response came to dampen hopes that almost three years of bloody turmoil would come to an end soon.
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A series of meetings between senior Palestinian and Israeli officials failed to coax the government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon into taking tangible, bona-fide steps to clear the way for the implementation of the internationally backed "road map" formula. Under the scheme, crafted by the US, the UN, the European Union and Russia, Israel is committed to freezing settlements and withdrawing from Palestinian self-controlled areas, which the Jewish state has reoccupied in a spate of violent incursions following the eruption of the Intifada. The Israeli government is unwilling to observe these obligations. Nor is it ready to free all Palestinian prisoners. Worsening the situation is Tel Aviv´s insistence on going ahead with the construction of the so-called security wall, which is gobbling up more Palestinian lands.
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This Israeli intransigence is most likely to erode standing of reform- minded Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, who has recently clinched a deal with major Palestinian groups to observe a truce in retaliatory attacks against the Israelis. The Palestinian factions have warned they will not abide by the cease-fire if an estimated 6,000 Palestinians continue to be kept in Israeli jails. The issue is definitely emotive and affects thousands of Palestinian families.
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This ominous situation should prompt the US, the de facto peace broker, to step up efforts in order to shore up the shaky truce and revive hopes that peace will be attained in the near future. "The Egyptian Gazette"
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ARTICLES AND COMMENTARIES: On Iraq´s US Administrator Paul Bremer´s decision that no local court will be authorised to try members of the coalition forces:
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By his decision, Bremer has given American troops the prerogative of committing the most atrocious crimes without fearing punishment, not to mention any complaints from their victims. Soon, Bremer is likely to to pass an edict preventing even American civilians from standing trial in the local courts. The old mode of colonialism will be re- introduced. Inspection and mixed courts will be back just as they were in Egypt and other Arab countries one hundred years ago. The Iraqis are now certain that America has brought its soldiers to fight not for the sake of freedom, but for money in the coffers. By: Wagih Abu-Zekri "Al Akhbar"
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American media has projected the killing of Saddam´s two sons, Qusay and Uday as a landmark achievement and as a major breakthrough towards achieving stability and security for US troops in Iraq. The incident was used to imply that it would put an end to local resistance and to the bloodshedding of American men and women in uniform. In Qusay´s and Uday´s death,the US Administration has found a way out of its current predicament, although the entire operation is still shrouded in mystery. The capture of Saddam will represent yet another lifeline for the Administration to help it overcome the difficulties it is facing in Iraq. The hunt-down for Saddam is on in earneast. The motive is to project America as the invincible victor; indeed to help it dodge the harsh accusations currently being levelled against it from all quarters. By: Mohammad Barakat "Akher Sa´a magazine"
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Israel has indeed opted for violence. Its actions give a strong indication that it will not relinquish theft, seizing the Palestinian land and appropriating their possessions.
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The Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon defiantly vowed to resume the construction of the security wall, regardless of the sufferings of the Palestinian people: It is unfortunate that no one across the globe stepped forward to protest. Worse: Sharon obstinately released only 34Q Palestinian detainees from more than 6000 colleagues thrown illegally into the Israeli jails.
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Yesterday the Israeli troops stormed the Palestinian town of Rafah and the entire issue returned to square one. The roadmap, which was at the centre of US enthusiasm to regional peace, is no more. It is obvious that no power can force Israel, the bullying country in the region, to adopt sound and logical policy. It is clear that Israel is the claw of many countries seeking to serve certain interests in the region.
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Such a policy will backfire and the consequences will be disastrous. By: Samir Ragab "The Egyptian Gazette" (TUJF 08/06/03)
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