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Palestinian Infant Receives Medical Treatment in Israel (IDF-ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCE) 07/29/03) Source: http://www.idf.il/newsite/english/0729-4.stm
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On July 28, 2003, a Palestinian infant who accidentally swallowed a poisonous solvent was transported to an Israeli hospital for emergency medical care. According to reports, the infant is said to be in critical condition. The IDF and the Civil Administration coordinated the entry of the infant to Israel.
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Six Palestinian children fly to Italy for bone-marrow transplant
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On July 27, 2003, the Italian Government flew seven Palestinian children to Pezero, Italy, for medical treatment. The children, six of whom are suffering from thalassemia (a disease of the blood), and another from a heart ailment, were personally escorted by the Italian Health Minister. The six above-mentioned children are slated to undergo a bone-marrow transplant, and are accompanied by 23 family members who will provide the necessary bone marrow.
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It should be noted that approximately a year ago, 5 Palestinian children suffering from thalassemia were transported to Italy for treatment, where they were joined by another 5 Palestinian patients. All were treated successfully, and are now being monitored in Haifa´s Rambam hospital.
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Civil Administration assists in organizing medical treatments abroad
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Daliah Bassah, the Chief Medical Coordinator of the Civil Administration in the West Bank, contacted the Einor Center in Ramallah and arranged for the necessary crossing permits.
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According to Bassah, "The Civil Administration organizes medical trips abroad in coordination with our Palestinian counterparts. In many cases, the Palestinians do not have the medical facilities available for certain medical procedures - and therefore travel abroad or to Israel for appropriate treatments." (www.idf.il ©Copyright IDF 1996-2003 07/29/03)
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