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Arafat, Abbas solves differences (JERUSALEM-TIMES.NET) By TJT Staff 07/17/03) Source: http://www.jerusalem-times.net/article/news/details/detail.asp?id=3673
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President Yasser Arafat and prime minister Mahmoud Abbas "settled their differences" over negotiations with Israel and security matters in a meeting at Arafat´s headquarters last Monday night. This was the first meeting between the pair since Abbas submitted his resignation from Fateh central committee last week over protests on the way he handled negotiations with Israel especially the prisoners issue.
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Palestinian officials said that both men adopted a formula on the ways and means of conducting future negotiations (with Israel) as well as over security matters. Arafat retained the higher command over the negotiations with Israel and security, the sources said
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"Arafat will head the security committee and the two agreed to keep the Minister for Security Affairs, Mohammad Dahlan in it" stressed the sources. Arafat had major differences with Dahlan over security issues and refused to allow him hold the Interior ministry portfolio.
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"Arafat is responsible for negotiations since he is the head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and the two agreed to add Salam Fayyad, Minister of Finance to the negotiations committee" said the sources.
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They said that Abbas´ role remained unchanged and he would retain "the prerogatives defined by the Palestinian constitution." Abbas resignation from Fateh central committee was rejected and will be studied in a letter date, confirmed the sources.
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Ahmad Qurei "Abu Ala´a" the Palestinian Legislative Council "PLC" speaker who played active role in ending the differences said the historical relationship between the two is stronger than any rift to break. "Other parties played on these differences with the hope to create a friction between the two leaders, but there attempt failed," Qurei added refusing to name the parties.
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Qurei, Minister of Information, Nabil Amr, and former minister and PLC member Saeb Erekat met with Abbas separately to gap the differences between the two leaders. (Copyrights © 2001 Jerusalem- Times.net 07/17/03)
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