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´Real IRA man´ is our reporter, says newspaper (INDEPENDENT UK) By Justin Huggler in Jerusalem, ISRAEL 07/15/03) Source: http://news.independent.co.uk/world/middle_east/story.jsp?story=424501
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The arrest of a Belfast man by Israeli security forces in the West Bank on suspicion that he was a bombmaker for the Real IRA looks like a case of mistaken identity.
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An Irish newspaper said yesterday that the man was one of its journalists and had nothing to do with the Real IRA. The newspaper, LŠ, demanded that the journalist, Sean O´Muireagain, be released. He is also known under the English name of John Morgan. His parents said yesterday that he was on a cultural visit to arrange school exchanges.
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The arrest, at a roadblock in the West Bank on Saturday, was believed to have been made after a tip-off from the British security services. It sparked fears that the Real IRA was passing on its skills in making bombs and mortars to Palestinian militant groups.
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A senior Israeli government source said there was genuine concern that they had the wrong man. He said: "It´s possible you´ve got some innocent schmuck and he´s been made into an international terrorist."
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Ciaran O Pronntaigh, the editor of the Belfast-based LŠ newspaper, said: "On July 8, we published a full-page account from Jenin by Sean O Muireagain in our paper, a piece which was accompanied by his photograph, proof that he was in the occupied territories openly. We demand his immediate release."
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The man in custody arrived at Tel Aviv´s Ben Gurion airport three weeks ago, travelling openly on his own British passport, and was allowed into Israel on a tourist visa. (© 2003 Independent Digital (UK) Ltd 07/15/03)
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