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Saudi Arabia donated $1.8 million to UNRWA (SPA-SAUDI PRESS AGENCY) No.: 3 RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA Date :08/07/2003 11:08:05) Source: http://www.spa.gov.sa/html/archive_e.asp?srcfile=97117&NDay=08/07/2003&wcatg=0
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RIYADH, July 8, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has donated $1.8 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), bringing the total Saudi contributions to $60 million to this UN agency.
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The Kingdom has also launched a project to renovate and construct more than 2,500 homes in collaboration with the UNRWA, said Karen Koning Abu Zayed, the UNRWA´s deputy commissioner general.
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In a statement released from Amman yesterday, she said the UNRWA had received two checks - one for $1.2 million and the other for $600,000.
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The $1.2 million grant represents Saudi Arabia´s regular contribution to the UN agency, but the additional amount represents part of a $2.4 million contribution the Kingdom announced in 2000 it would pay to the UNRWA over four years.
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"This will help to relieve the suffering of nearly four million Palestinian refugees," she was quoted as saying by Arab News in a report published today. --SPA
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