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When advocates claim Israel needs to annex or apply Israel sovereignty in the Jewish Biblical heartland of Judea Samaria (“west bank”), it’s an admission that these lands are outside of her legal and administrative jurisdiction, which is unequivocally false.

Annexation and or applying Israel sovereignty is not required and those that use these antidotes as a cure for the lands in Israel’s possession beyond the 1949 armistice line and specifically (Area C) weaken Israel’s historical and legal standing.


Israel extended its legal and administrative jurisdiction (Israel Law) in the Golan Heights by annexing it, as required under international law. The Golan at the time of Israel coming into possession in a war of self defense which is ongoing, was other recognized sovereign territory, placing it outside of her legal jurisdiction. Hence the need to annex it and in doing so assigning it under Israel’s sovereign law.

"East Jerusalem" and Judea Samaria (“west bank”) are not outside Israel’s legal or administrative jurisdiction for they were not other recognized sovereign lands at the time Israel came into possession while defending her existence. There for Israel is not required to annex or apply sovereignty to them, as was done in the Golan Heights.

There's no such thing as “illegal Israeli settlements”, "East Jerusalem" and Judea Samaria (“west bank”) are not “occupied Palestinian territories” or “occupied territories” they are not “disputed territories” they are not unallocated portions of the British Mandate for Palestine in that they have been allocated and recognized under international law as the Jewish National Homeland by the League of Nations and reaffirmed and incorporated in the United Nations Charter in Articles 77 and 80.

Currently Israel is the de facto sovereign in Area C where all the Jewish communities in “close settlements” over the 1949 armistice line are legal under Israeli and International law. As the (PA) Palestinian Authority is the de facto sovereign in Area A, where 98 percent of the non Israeli Arabs of the so called (“west bank”) live, where the PA has in place security forces to enforce her enacted existing law. Area B is under joint Israeli-PA control and is the only territory in dispute under existing agreements between Israel and the (PA) Palestinian Authority.

All Israel need do is extend her existing law within its legally administered de facto sovereign territories over the 1949 Armistice line (Area C). Annexation is required only upon lands outside of a country's legal jurisdiction, this is not the case in de facto sovereign United Jerusalem and Judea Samaria. (“west bank”)

Israelis and all of good faith should be calling for and demanding one law for all Israeli citizens. Currently we have 2 sets of law which is discriminatory. All Israelis must insist on equal legal rights for all our fellow citizens. It’s a civil and human right that all a nation's citizens have equality under a singular set of laws. It was true for South Africa as it is for Israel.

Currently in Judea Samaria (“west bank”) 98 percent of non Israeli citizens reside in territory under (PA) Palestinian Authority, de facto sovereignty. In Gaza 100 percent of the population live under Hamas de facto sovereignty.

The only solution is the two State solution advocates use a beyond the absurd argument that without it, Israel will become a bi-national state or an apartheid state. These notions are ridiculous! Those that state the only solution is a 2 state solution believe that Israel is required to offer Israeli citizenship to her declared enemy whom now reside under (PA) Palestinian Authority legal jurisdiction.

Israel is not obligated under any circumstance to offer or extend Israeli citizenship to these non Israeli inhabitants, that under mutual agreement already reside under Hamas and PA security and administrative control in de facto sovereignty.

The only way tiny Israel can secure her survival is by remaining in charge of all; Water, Air and Borders (WAB).

Potentially a NEW (“not compromised by terror”) and democratically elected government in control of “Area A” will deploy a lightly armed police force retaining a monopoly on the use of force with an independent Judiciary, enforcing law and order and keeping the peace with its neighbor Israel and resident population. A legal de facto sovereignty within a (DMZ) de-militarized zone.


Israel advocates that frame the Issue of control over Israeli population centers in villages, towns and cities within the biblical heartland, that are an integral part of the Jewish national homeland are positing a position that our enemies use against us.

Applying Israel sovereignty and or annexing Judea Samaria serves those that believe Israel is an occupying force. After all ONLY an occupier needs to annex or apply sovereignty in an “occupied territory”

There for those that promote the necessity of annexation and or applying sovereignty within the Israeli civilian population centers of Judea Samaria are dismissing Israel’s existing sovereignty while enforcing Israel's enemies false claim that Israel is an “occupying power”.

Israel’s right to possess her historic biblical heartland that’s Judea Samaria is unassailable. Those that refer to this territory as the “west bank” do so with prejudice. The Jewish people are the indigenous population of the historical land of Israel. Israel has re-occupied and decolonized her ancestral homeland, Thanks G-d.



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