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Next-Generation Attacks In Jerusalem Thwarted (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 12/15/02)Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=35526 INN} ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS INN} ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
It was released for publication today that three Israeli-Arab terrorists who were planning a string of major terror attacks in the capital were arrested. The three residents of Tzur Baher, a Jerusalem neighborhood just east of Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, are reported to have been planning a shoulder-launched missile strike at a helicopter landing at the Knesset; a bomb near the Prime Minister´s Residence; and an attack at the Ramat Eshkol shopping center.

The three, members of Islamic Jihad, were arrested three weeks ago on their way to place a 40-kg. bomb (90 lbs.) at a bus stop between N´vei Yaakov and Pisgat Ze´ev in northern Jerusalem.

The terrorists planned to stand on Ussishkin Street in the Rehavia neighborhood of the capital, several hundred meters from Israel´s Parliament, and fire at a helicopter approaching the Knesset. They also intended to place a bomb in a trash bin near the Prime Minister´s residence in central Jerusalem and detonate it by remote control. The three terrorists are to be charged with attempted murder, aiding the enemy during wartime, passing information to the enemy, and membership in a terrorist organization.

In a related story, the Jerusalem District today sentenced the Silwan Gang - Israeli-Arab terrorists who murdered 35 and wounded hundreds in several terrorist attacks - to up to 35 terms of life in prison. One member received 35 such terms, another 26, and a third 9, in addition to several decades each of concurrent imprisonment, while a fourth member was sentenced to 60 years in jail. Their deadly attacks included the bombings at Hebrew University, the Moment Cafe, and a Rishon LeTzion pool hall.

In another counter-terror success, a terrorist on his way to carry out a murderous suicide attack was arrested this afternoon at an IDF checkpoint near Adam, north of Jerusalem. The terrorist, with a ready- to-fire explosives belt in his possession, was arrested while driving in an Arab-driven taxi. Four other passengers, all wanted for questioning, as well as an accomplice were also arrested. IDF sappers then blew up the taxi, for fear of additional explosives.

Arabs opened fire at an IDF outpost near Netzarim, in Gaza, this afternoon, shortly before Palestinian terrorists shot at Israeli cars in northwestern Shomron and other Arabs hurled a firebomb at a car in northern Shomron. No one was hurt in these incidents. (INN 12/15/02

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