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UJFA is in Agreement with President Obama about Temple Mount and “Freedom of Worship” (UnitedJerusalem.com) United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance By Raphael Haar Jerusalem, Israel 02/06/14)Source: http://www.unitedjerusalem.org/index2.asp?id=1781045 UNITED JERUSALEM UNITED JERUSALEM Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance (UJFA) agrees with the President of the United States revelatory speech beginning at 9:11 A.M. EST Washington DC February 6, 2014, at the Annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. at which he stated:

“As we support Israelis and Palestinians as they engage in direct talks, we´ve made clear that lasting peace will require freedom of worship and access to holly sites for all faiths." President Obama 02/06/14.(National Prayer Breakfast Washington D.C.)

UJFA position is in agreement with that which President Obama does “require” for “lasting peace” namely “Freedom of worship and access to holly sites for all faiths.” Presently this is not the case in Jerusalem at Judaism holiest place, the Temple Mount. The current administrator of Temple Mount is the Jordanian Muslim Waqf which has placed draconian restrictions that deny “the freedom of worship and access to holly sites for all faiths,” with exception to Muslim’s.

Mr. President that which you “require” for a “lasting peace.” Does not exist at Jerusalem’s holiest place, for Jews and us of UJFA call upon you to act.

The Jordanian Muslim Waqf does not meet your stated requirement for “lasting peace.” Therefore UJFA advocates the removal of the current administrator of Temple Mount and the establishment of a new management regime that will carry out that which you “require” for “lasting peace”

UJFA calls upon you and your administration to stand with UJFA and support our efforts to install a new administrative regime to manage the Temple Mount, one that allows for the “freedom of worship and access to holly sites for all faiths.”

Will you act upon that which you “require” or are your words meaningless?

Shalom Raphael / Richard Haar / Founder
UJFA-United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance

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Below Video 13:31 Starts for Above Quote.

Complete Text; Remarks by the President at National Prayer Breakfast

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