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Israeli widow of 1972 Munich Olympics massacre slams IOC (BBC) British Broadcasting Company) 7 August 2012 Last updated at 10:39 GMT) Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19160735
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The widow of an Israeli athlete killed at the 1972 Munich Games has criticised the IOC for not holding a minute´s silence at the 2012 opening ceremony.
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"Shame on you, IOC," said Ankie Spitzer at a commemoration held on Monday for the 11 victims of the attack.
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International Olympic Committee head Jacques Rogge and London 2012 chairman Sebastian Coe were at the service.
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Organisers had previously rejected calls for an opening ceremony tribute, saying it was not a "fit" atmosphere.
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"Shame on you IOC, because you have forgotten 11 members of the Olympic family," said Mrs Spitzer, who received a standing ovation for her remarks at Monday´s service at London´s Guildhall.
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She denounced the IOC, suggesting the decision not to hold a silence at the London 2012 Games was due to discrimination against the Jewish faith and the dead Israelis should be honoured in an Olympic setting.
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"They were killed on Olympic soil and the appropriate place to remember them is at the opening ceremony."
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"You owe it to them.
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"Is the IOC only interested in power and money and politics? Did they forget that they are supposed to promote peace, brotherhood and fair play?," she said.
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She also said the call was "heard all over the world, (and) only the International Olympic Committee remains deaf and blind".
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The commemoration was attended by senior members of the Jewish community and British officials.
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Another tribute to the 1972 victims was held at the athletes´ village days before the opening ceremony - but relatives said this was not enough.
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Addressing the service before Mrs Spitzer on Monday, International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge - who competed in sailing at the 1972 Olympics - condemned the attack.
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"Even after 40 years, it is painful to relive the most painful moments of the Olympic movement," he said.
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"I can only imagine how painful it must be for the families and close personal friends of the victims."
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Eleven athletes and officials, including Mrs Spitzer´s husband fencing coach Andre Spitzer, died during the attack at the Munich Olympics, after the Black September Palestinian militant group kidnapped Israeli team members.
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Many of those who died, including a West German police officer, were killed in a rescue effort.
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Five Palestinian hostage takers were killed. Others were later killed by Israeli intelligence forces.
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´Brutally shattered´
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The leaders of Britain´s three main political parties attended Monday´s event to honour the victims of the Munich attack.
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Prime Minister David Cameron said: "It was a truly shocking act of evil. A crime against the Jewish people. A crime against humanity. A crime the world must never forget."
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Mr Cameron also recalled the 7/7 attack on London that killed 52 commuters - the day after the city won its Olympic bid.
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He said the country´s "euphoria at winning the right to host these Olympics was brutally shattered within just 24 hours".
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"But our two countries, Britain and Israel, share the same determination to fight terrorism and to ensure that these evil deeds will never win," he added.
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Labour leader Ed Miliband said Britain was grieving with the victims´ relatives, adding: "The Olympic ideal... reminds us of the values that are so much more powerful than the motivation behind this atrocity - values of friendship across nations, mutual understanding, a desire to live together in peace." (© BBC MMXII 08/07/12)
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