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Kadima MKs ponder split (HAŽARETZ NEWS) By Jonathan Lis 07/22/12) Source: http://www.haaretz.com/news/national/kadima-mks-ponder-split-1.452624
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Several Kadima MKs are exploring the possibility of splitting the party before the end of the month, party members told Haaretz on Saturday.
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Kadima left the coalition last week following disagreements over a new bill on military conscription.
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"Since Kadima left the coalition it has already split, for all practical purposes, to three factions: those supporting [former leader] Tzipi Livni, those supporting joining the Likud, and those who prefer to stay in the party, hoping that they somehow manage to make it into the next Knesset. In my opinion, a split is only a matter of time," one MK told Haaretz.
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So far the move has not materialized because not enough MKs have agreed to split the party to the right or to the left.
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One possible scenario is that two groups of MKs - those leaning to the left and those leaning to the right, toward the Likud - will unite to declare a split and later go their separate ways. Another course of action might be that a large number of MKs join forces to declare a split, retaining the name of Kadima and, in effect, putting an end to Shaul Mofaz´s short reign as leader of the party.
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Those supporting the split believe the move will materialize before the end of July.
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An MK close to Mofaz rubbished the report, claiming that for the time being rebel MKs have nothing to gain from such a move. (© Copyright 2012 Ha´aretz 07/22/12)
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