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Rocket strikes near Ashkelon (TIMES OF ISRAEL) By GEORGE POTTER 06/18/12)Source: http://www.timesofisrael.com/rocket-hits-near-ashkelon/ TIMES OF ISRAEL TIMES OF ISRAEL Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
A rocket struck an open area near the coastal city of Ashkelon Sunday afternoon.

No injuries or damage were reported after the rocket hit the Hof Ashkelon region.

Ashkelon and its surrounding area periodically come under rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.

Tensions in the south ramped up over the weekend after two rockets were fired from Sinai into southern Israel. Sunday saw three mortar shells fired from Gaza at Israeli troops patrolling in the area.

On Monday morning, a construction crew on its way to work on the border fence between Israel and Egypt was attacked by terrorists firing antitank missiles and rocket propelled grenades, killing one man.

Israel has responded to the attacks with air force sorties against targets in Gaza.

Security officials believe the uptick in violence may be tied to Egyptian elections or Gaza terror networks. (© 2012 THE TIMES OF ISRAEL 06/18/12)

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