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Iran shows resolve ahead of resumption of nuclear talks in Baghdad.

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Salman Rushdie affair, 2012 version: Shahin Najafi and the song that angered Shi’ite clerics.

New restrictions on use of foreign email servers.

Iran shows resolve ahead of resumption of nuclear talks in Baghdad

On the eve of the nuclear talks between Iran and the West, scheduled to resume in Baghdad on May 23, top officials and media in Iran show resolve and demand that Western countries change their hostile stance towards the Islamic republic.

Sa’id Jalili, chairman of the Supreme National Security Council and chief nuclear negotiator, warned Western countries this week that making pointless statements just as the talks are about to resume in Baghdad may jeopardize their success. At a meeting with former French PM Michel Rocard, who visited Tehran this week, Jalili said that the age of the anti-Iranian “pressure strategy” is over. According to Jalili, Iran has adopted a reasonable approach towards the talks and it now expects Western countries to take measures to gain the trust of the Iranian people (Mehr, May 13).


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