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A special gathering was held this week for 18 graduates of Bnei Akiva´s Shevet Yuval, a special youth group for special needs teens

A special gathering was held this week for 18 graduates of Bnei Akiva´s Shevet Yuval, a special Bnai Akiva youth group for special needs teens. Kids in Shevet Yuval engage in the same activities as other Bnai Akiva groups, within their capabilities, but includes a much larger number of staff to assist members.

The get-together for graduates of the Shevet was a very special one, for them and for the organization, said Orit Tamri, the senior advisor of Shevet Yuval. It´s a special framework that these kids feel safe and comfortable in,” said Tamri, who organized the event.

“We realized that the graduates come to a point in life where they may not have the same kind of social circle they did when they were younger, and they face many challenges, and the loneliness they may feel just adds to their misery.” The get-together is a way for them to renew ties with old friends and advisors, giving them a much- needed break in their daily routines, said Tamri.

The graduates, who live in Ra´anana, Petach Tikvah, Netanya, and Jerusalem, started the event off by sharing recent experiences and updating each other on the latest events. Some of the graduates hold jobs, but there are others who are unable to or who have not been able to find work. Others are still in various educational and therapeutic programs. The day was topped off in a “sweet” manner, with the group visiting a chocolate workshop in the town of Ein Vered. (IsraelNationalNews © 2012 05/17/12)

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