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MK Eldad: Let’s Celebrate ‘Nakba Day’ (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu 05/14/12) Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/155783#.T7EF1eiO2So
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The Arab’s “Nakba Day” mourning the English date of Israel’s independence is a time for celebration, say two nationalist Knesset Members who plan to stage a rally Monday to counter left-wing demonstrations at Tel Aviv University.
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National Union Knesset Members Aryeh Eldad and Dr. Michael Ben-Ari intend to arrive at the gates of the university, and MK Eldad said he is not worried about expected condemnation by Arabs and leftists that the MKs´ celebration will provoke them even more.
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He told Arutz Sheva, “The real provocateurs are those who come to an educational institution, supported by taxes, and then violate the Nakba Day law by staging events that turn the victory of Israel into a day of mourning.”
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The Knesset approved a law last year allowing the Finance Minister to reduce government funding to any non-governmental organization (NGO) that organizes Nakba commemoration events.
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The events of “Nakba Day” are exactly the same as those celebrated by Jews around the world on the Hebrew date of Independence Day, which falls on the fifth day of the Hebrew month of Iyar.
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“We are coming to represent Zionism and the re-establishment of the State of Israel and the revival of the Jewish people,” MK Eldad said.
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He told Arutz Sheva, “It is not enough simply to denounce Nakba Day activities from the podium of the Knesset and for the Education Committee to hold a meeting. Instead, we are celebrating the independence of Israel and the victory of Israel over its enemies.
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“I am not against remembering the events of Nakba Day, as Arabs call it. On the contrary, I think the State of Israel needs to turn the day into a holiday. It is time to be happy that we defeated our enemies.” (IsraelNationalNews © 2012 05/14/12)
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