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VP Biden charged that the leadership of former President George W. Bush made America into an international ‘problem’ (NEW YORK DAILY NEWS) BY JONATHAN LEMIRE 05/09/12)Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/vp-biden-charged-leadership-president-george-w-bush-made-america-international-problem-article-1.1074571 NEW YORK DAILY NEWS NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
Vice President Biden took his hardest swipe yet at George W. Bush’s foreign policy Tuesday, claiming that under the Republican’s leadership, America was the world’s “problem.”

Biden suggested America’s recent inability to handle dangerous international situations — including the potential rise of a nuclear Iran — was in part a result of Bush’s go-it-alone strategy.

“When we took office ... we were the problem,” Biden told a Jewish organization in Atlanta. “We were diplomatically isolated in the world, in the region, in Europe.”

The Vice President said Bush’s botched War on Terror and invasion of Iraq left the United States “neither respected by our friends nor feared by our opponents.”

Since taking office, President Obama has ended the Iraq War and taken out Osama bin Laden and several top Al Qaeda leaders.

Biden also touted the Obama Administration’s ability to repair America’s relationships with foreign powers — and suggested that work rallied an international coalition to crack down on Iran.

Biden’s criticisms of Bush’s leadership as Commander-in-chief inflamed Republicans, who frequently chastise the Obama Administration for blaming its problems on its predecessor.

“Vice President Biden´s reckless statement today blaming America for — of all things — the progress of Iran´s nuclear weapons program has reached a new low,” charged Lanhee Chen, an advisor to Mitt Romney.

“The problem is not America,” Chen said.

Meanwhile, Biden also tried to debunk whispers in parts of the Jewish community that Obama was not supportive of Israel. He vowed to stop the mullahs who run Iran from obtaining a doomsday device — currently the greatest threat facing Israel, one of America’s closest allies.

“We will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon by any means we need," said Biden, who predicted that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the rogue nation’s leader, would be out of power in two years. (© Copyright 2012 NYDailyNews.com. 05/09/12)

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