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CIA: Iran Expands Program But No Nukes? (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) Jonathan S. Tobin 04/05/12)Source: http://www.commentarymagazine.com/2012/04/05/cia-iran-expands-program-but-no-nukes/ Commentary Magazine Commentary Magazine Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
The evidence of a major expansion of Iranís nuclear program is a matter of record as far as the CIA is concerned, but the spy agency is still claiming Tehran hasnít decided to build a bomb. Yesterday, COMMENTARY contributor Bill Gertz wrote in the Washington Free Beacon about the CIAís official report to Congress on arms proliferation which was delivered in February but which hasnít come to the attention of the public until now. The report states the bare facts about Iranís program that are by now a matter of public knowledge since the International Atomic Energy Agency has been putting out regular bulletins about their damning findings.

The acknowledged facts are these: the Iranians have expanded their nuclear infrastructure and continued nuclear enrichment. They have constructed advanced nuclear centrifuges and bringing them online. Even more ominously, a new underground nuclear facility at Fordow has begun production of ďnear-20 percent enriched uranium,Ē the material that can be used to produce bombs. But as Gertz noted, the CIAís report did not note the questions raised by the IAEA about weaponization research that is believed to be going on in Iran.

That omission is a crucial point in evaluating the CIAís stance on Iranís nuclear program. The agency has grudgingly noted the way Iran has proceeded with its nuclear build-up. But it is still sticking to its largely discredited 2007 National Intelligence Estimate that claims the Iranians are not building a bomb. In order to maintain that stance, it must ignore or downplay any evidence that points to weaponization.

As even the New York Times noted last month, American intelligence is still recovering from the black eye it received from its mistakes about Iraqís weapons stockpile. But the agencyís decision to try to avoid making the same mistake on Iran has led them to buy into an equally fallacious mindset. Moreover, criticisms that the Iraq intelligence was influenced by the politics of the Bush administration is more than matched by the pressure coming from the Obama White House to downplay worries over Iranís nukes that lend weight to calls for more action and less talk about the threat.

While American intelligence may have been guilty of overselling the threat from Iraq, it now appears to be doing everything possible to avoid taking the blame for a confrontation with Iran. But what the spooks seem to be forgetting is that as bad as the spanking over its Iraq errors was, it will be nothing compared to the anger that will come down on them should their optimistic assessments about Iran be proven false. Moreover, as bare bones as the CIAís latest report may be, it contains enough to be someday thrown in their faces as proof that they knew the nature of the Iranian threat but refused for political or institutional reasons to draw the right conclusions.

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