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Peres: Bedouins integral part of Israel´s future (YNetNews.Com -Yedioth Internet) Ilana Curiel Published: 04.02.12, 17:01)Source: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4211435,00.html YNet News - Yediot Achronot YNet News - Yediot Achronot Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
President visits Rahat with Amos Os; lauds plan to open Ben-Gurion University branch in town

"The future of the Bedouins is the future of the State of Israel – a future of peace," President Shimon Peres said Monday during a visit to Rahat.

The president, who was accompanied by author Amos Oz and Rahat Mayor Faiz Abu Sahiban, also addressed Ben-Gurion University´s plan to open a branch in the southern Bedouin town.

"This will be a great opportunity to expose the entire nation to the true, decent face of the Bedouin sector," he said.

During his visit, Peres met a blind 12-year-old Bedouin girl, who wished him a "happy and kosher holiday." The president said, "She doesn´t see light, yet she is able to spread so much of it."

Roa Tiha, who is blind from birth, told Peres she hopes to attend the university when she grows up.

"The university that will be established here is important for the next generations of Rahat residents," she said. (Copyright 2012 © Yedioth Internet 04/02/12)

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