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´PALESTINIANISM´ EQUALS ANTI-SEMITISM / Exclusive: Joseph Farah explains realities of ´a virulent form of hatred of an entire people´ (WND-WORLD NET DAILY COMMENTARY) by JOSEPH FARAH 03/31/12)Source: http://www.wnd.com/2012/03/palestinianism-equals-anti-semitism/ WND} WORLD NET DAILY WND} WORLD NET DAILY Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
I’m sure you’ve all heard the leftist canard that “Zionism equals racism.”

You have seen the disgusting signs at Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

You remember the United Nations’ resolutions to this effect.

You recall the charges at the World Conference on Racism in Durban.

You might have forgotten the 2011 conference in Istanbul where this accusation was affirmed by Islamists.

Anyway, it’s a constant propaganda theme of what I call “Palestinianism,” a warped ideology that infects the minds of many throughout the world but dominates in Dar al Islam.

It’s a lie, of course. But it’s worse than that. While some deceptions – often the best – contain a grain of truth, this one represents the exact polar opposite of the truth.

What’s the truth?

The truth is that anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism, a virulent form of hatred of an entire people – almost synonymous with racism. And, even more specifically, what I call “Palestinianism” equals anti- Semitism.

First, though, we need to define Zionism. It is and was a political movement for the establishment and support of a national homeland for the Jews in what was, at the time, called Palestine. Throughout the 20th century, when the movement caught steam and when the nation of Israel was reformed, most of the people living in the region were Jews.

If you called yourself a “Palestinian” prior to 1948, chances are good you were a Jew. It was never a popular term among Arabs until after the 1967 war when Yasser Arafat popularized “Palestinianism” as a new nationalist liberation movement that caught on among leftists who love nationalist liberation movements. Arafat claimed “Palestinian” Arabs, not Jews, were the true indigenous peoples of the land. And that had great appeal worldwide – just as anti-Semitism always has.

Why is anti-Zionism anti-Semitic?

For several reasons:

-Because it was invented and popularized by people, like Arafat, who sought to use it as a twisted ideology for personal gain, empowerment and eradication of the Jews.

-Because those same forces claimed – and still claim today – that Jews never really possessed the land, denying overwhelming historical and archeological evidence.

-They also claimed that the Jews all came from Europe, which is provably untrue. In fact, there are as many Jews in Israel today who were either refugees from Arab countries or are the children of those displaced from Arab countries as there are Arab “Palestinian” refugees – perhaps more. The remainder of Jews in Israel today literally come from every continent in the world, representing every race.

-Today there is at least one Muslim nation in the world that regularly threatens to annihilate Israel – and all Jews – while it builds nuclear weapons. Iran is also one of the biggest sponsors of “Palestinian” terrorism. To my knowledge, none of that money and none of those weapons have been turned away.

-Multiculturalists are fond of contending that “all people have a right to self-determination.” Yet many of the non-Islamic purveyors of the Zionism-equals-racism myth are multiculturalist leftists who have adopted the “Palestinianist” cause. Why the exception? Why are Jews the only people denied a nation in their only historical homeland? The answer – racism, if indeed you consider Jews a race, which I do not.

-And that raises the next question: If Zionism is racism, who is the victim of that racism? The slanderous proponents of this invention suggest it is the “Palestinian.” But who are “Palestinians”? They are Arabs, mostly Muslims, who claim to be the genealogical and spiritual descendants of Abraham, just as the Jews do. So, where is the “racism”?

But there’s one more greatly overlooked reason that “Palestinianism” equals anti-Semitism, and I don’t know why I seem to be the only person pointing this out.

Both the Palestinian Authority, the officially recognized entity representing the “Palestinian” statehood movement, and other Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah that continue to wage this asymmetrical war on Israel, insist when their beloved “Palestinian” nation is created it will not permit any Jews to live there.

Note they do not, at this point, insist that Christians will be excluded. They do not insist, at this point, that other non-Muslims will not be allowed. But they are strong advocates of what would be called anywhere else in the world the “ethnic cleansing” of all Jews from the territory – even though they do not all admit publicly and on the record that they seek to destroy Israel and eradicate all Jews. They understand the latter might meet with more resistance internationally and in the media than merely demanding a state where one already exists.

That’s why “Palestinianism,” as I call it, equals anti-Semitism.

And that’s why it is a detestable, defamatory fable and blood libel.

Shabot shalom, Israel. Never compromise. Keep the faith. Happy Passover. Trust in God, not in men, for your future. (© 2012 WorldNetDaily.com, Inc. 03/31/12)

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