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Report: Israeli ‘spies’ search Iran for proof of nuclear plans (TIMES OF ISRAEL) By BRACHA KURTZER and AP 03/25/12)Source: http://www.timesofisrael.com/report-israeli-spies-search-iran-for-proof-of-nuclear-plans/ TIMES OF ISRAEL TIMES OF ISRAEL Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
The Sunday Times: Israel has base in Iraq, regularly infiltrates Iran to search for nuclear ‘smoking gun’

Israeli spies have purportedly scoured Iranian nuclear bases for evidence that their nuclear program is indeed operating to create weapons, The Sunday Times reported in a detailed article early Sunday morning.

The Israeli ‘spies’ allegedly operate out of a base in northern Iraq, and regularly infiltrate Iranian soil in order to find evidence of its nuclear weapons program.

According to the report, Israelis dressed up as Iranian soldiers and monitored radioactivity in different suspicious regions.

According to the report, their mission is to find the “smoking gun” evidence that Iran’s nuclear program is centered on production of weapons.

Israel’s leaders say a nuclear-armed Iran is an existential threat. Iranian leaders often demonize Israel. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has said he’s willing to give sanctions and negotiations a few more months to deter Iran from trying to obtain nuclear weapons, but suggests that, if efforts fail, Israel could strike this year. Iran insists it is pursuing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, but warns it will strike back if attacked.

In Israel, surveys show that a majority oppose a solo Israeli attack on Iran without American military cooperation.

Retired Israeli military and intelligence leaders have advised against striking Iran, arguing that Israel doesn’t have enough bomb shelters or gas masks to absorb a possible Iranian counterattack. (© 2012 THE TIMES OF ISRAEL 03/25/12)

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