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Netanyahu accepts Yoaz Hendel´s resignation amid tensions over Eshel sex scandal

In the wake of the sex scandal involving resigning bureau chief Natan Eshel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday accepted Yoaz Hendel´s resignation from his post as the head of the National Information Directorate.

Netanyahu appointed Liran Dan, who has been managing the media and spokesmanís unit at the Prime Minister´s Office, to take Hendel´s place.

Hendel and two other high-level PMO advisers - Military Secretary Yohanan Locker and Cabinet Secretary Zvi Hauser - filed a complaint with Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein´s office regarding allegations that Eshel had sexually harassed a female subordinate.

"The prime minister thanked Hendel for his contribution to the State of Israel´s public relations efforts in the country and abroad," the PMO said in a statement.

Dan, who is Netanyahu´s fifth spokesman in the current term, began working at the PMO four months ago. He previously worked at Channel 2´s website.

Earlier Wednesday, just two days after telling Hendel and Hauser that he had lost confidence in them, Netanyahu addressed the tensions with his top advisers, saying he should not have had to learn about the allegations against Eshel from the press.

"I will say what I think is the appropriate behavior, and what is not," the premier said. "What is appropriate is that if there is a suspicion of harassment, it needs to be dealt with according to the law. That is exactly what I would have done."

On Sunday Eshel agreed to resign in the framework of a plea bargain under which he admitted to taking an "inappropriate" photo of the female subordinate. (Copyright 2012 © Yedioth Internet 02/22/12)

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