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Logo of Palestinian writers´ union includes rifle over map that erases Israel (PMW) Palestinian Media Watch) by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook 04/26/11)Source: http://www.palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=157&doc_id=4932 PMW} PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH PMW} PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
PMW has documented that the official maps of the Palestinian Authority - as displayed in its offices, at PA and Fatah events, and in schoolbooks - erase all of Israel and replace it with "Palestine."

Professional unions and private organizations also display maps depicting all of Israel as "Palestine." At a meeting of the General Union of Palestinian Writers last week, the union´s logo was on prominent display, showing a rifle and a quill over a map of the entire area of "Palestine" that replaced Israel.

President Barack Obama has criticized such maps as a security threat to Israel -- in the same category as the threat from terrorist groups who want to destroy Israel:

"I will never compromise when it comes to Israel´s security. Not when there are still voices that deny the Holocaust. Not when there are terrorist groups and political leaders committed to Israel´s destruction. Not when there are maps across the Middle East that don´t even acknowledge Israel´s existence." [AIPAC Conference, June 4, 2008]

See more examples of maps in PA schoolbooks, government ministries, and other public as well as private bodies whose logos replace all of Israel with "Palestine."

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