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Palestinian Authority TV portrays Palestinian Martyrdom as a Christian Ideal (PMW-PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH) By Itamar Marcus 05/30/02)Source: http://www.pmw.org.il PMW} PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH PMW} PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH Articles-Index-TopPublishers-Index-Top
The Palestinian Authority has constantly presented the yearning for Martyrdom as an Islamic ideal incumbent upon every Moslem. Today, it broadened the religious significance, presenting Martyrdom as a Christian ideal as well. On a television program discussing the power of words the following poem glorifying Martyrdom was read and displayed on the screen. The poem promises that the Martyr, in Afterlife will, together with the Koran, “carry a Cross”.

“The Beat of the Words” - Palestinian Authority TV [May 30, 2002]

The Winds of Revolution

“Why do you kill my dream,
And not let me die as a Martyr?
My death will strengthen me,
And melt the iron for me.
I do not die to end,
Because in my death -is life,
In my death -is a hymn.
I am, my friend, a revolution in a human body,
A determined volcano.
I will carry my soul on my shoulder,
And in the Afterlife I will carry
A Cross and a Koran.”
(PMW.ORG.IL 05/30/02)

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