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DEBKAFILE - Copyright © 2014 Debkafile
1) Israel ramps up Gaza air strikes, tells Gazans to evacuate border areas, after Hamas’ blanket rocket fire on Tel Aviv. Rockets from Lebanon (DEBKAfile) Exclusive Analysis July 13, 2014, 12:08 AM (IDT)
2) Netanyahu floats exit plan: Let Hamas rule Gaza, leave the IDF in control of West Bank security (DEBKAfile) Exclusive Analysis July 12, 2014, 12:58 PM (IDT)
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THE BLAZE - © 2014 TheBlaze Inc
1) GOP lawmaker wants White House aide to retract Israel comment (THE BLAZE) Blog Jul. 11, 2014 3:52pm Pete Kasperowicz)
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JIHAD WATCH - Jihad Watch
1) BBC promotes lie that Israel is targeting civilians in Gaza (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 07/12/14)
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ISRAEL HAYOM - Israel Hayom
1) Talk of peace always leads to war (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Ruthie Blum 07/11/14)
2) An asymmetrical conflict (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Emily Amrousi 07/11/14)
3) Who is the Trojan horse here? (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Dror Eydar 07/11/14)
4) Apologies overdue and overdone (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) David M. Weinberg 07/11/14)
5) The spontaneous Arab riots, organized on social networking websites, raise the question: Is there a hidden hand providing direction? (ISRAEL HAYOM) Nadav Shragai 07/11/14)
6) Containment is no longer an option (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Yoram Ettinger 07/11/14)
7) Israel´s UN ambassador plays air raid siren for Security Council (ISRAEL HAYOM) Yoni Hirsch, Shlomo Cesana, Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff 07/11/14)
8) Why does Hamas want war? (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Daniel Pipes 07/11/14)
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NEW YORK POST - Copyright 2014 NYP Holdings, Inc.
1) America is asking Israel to negotiate with a terrorist state (NEW YORK POST OP-ED) By Michael Goodwin 07/13/14)
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NATIONAL POST - © 2014 National Post, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.
1) Israel’s quandary: Hamas probably weak enough to eradicate — but whoever takes their place will likely be worse (NATIONAL POST) Michael Higgins 07/13/14)
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NEW YORK TIMES - Copyright 2014 The New York Times Company
1) As Israel Hits Mosque and Clinic, Air Campaign’s Risks Come Home (NY) TIMES) By STEVEN ERLANGER BEIT LAHIYA, Gaza Strip 07/13/14)
2) Israel Says It Struck a Gaza Mosque Containing Weapons (NY) TIMES) By ISABEL KERSHNER JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 07/12/14)
3) Israeli Leader Calls for ‘Full Force’ in Effort to Quell Hamas Rocket Attacks (NY) TIMES) By ISABEL KERSHNER and FARES AKRAM JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 07/12/14)
4) In Gaza, Airstrikes and Economic Stress Make for an Anxious Ramadan (NY) TIMES) By STEVEN ERLANGER GAZA CITY 07/12/14)
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JERUSALEM POST - © 1995-2014, The Jerusalem Post
1) Two rockets fired from Lebanon towards northern Israel (JERUSALEM POST) By YAAKOV LAPPIN 07/13/14)
2) Hamas officials denounce ´criminal´ Abbas as ´Likud member´ (JERUSALEM POST) By JPOST COM STAFF 07/13/14)
3) IAF strike kills two of Hamas chief Haniyeh´s nephews (JERUSALEM POST) By KHALED ABU TOAMEH,REUTERS,YAAKOV LAPPIN 07/13/14)
4) More Iron Dome batteries to be deployed across country (JERUSALEM POST) By YAAKOV LAPPIN 07/13/14)
5) Middle Israel: Eyeless in Gaza (JERUSALEM POST) By AMOTZ ASA-EL 07/13/14)
6) The ´victories´ of Hamas, according to Gaza TV (JERUSALEM POST) By JPOST COM STAFF 07/13/14)
7) IDF begins evacuating Gazans before stepped up air strikes (JERUSALEM POST) By YAAKOV LAPPIN 07/13/14)
8) After Hamas advance notice, rockets intercepted over Tel Aviv area (JERUSALEM POST) By JPOST.COM STAFF,KHALED ABU TOAMEH 07/13/14)
9) Hague: Western FMs to discuss Israel-Hamas cease-fire in Vienna (JERUSALEM POST) By JERRY LEWIS 07/13/14)
10) Lauder to head WJC solidarity mission to Israel (JERUSALEM POST) By SAM SOKOL 07/13/14)
11) Katz presents plan for ‘civilian separation’ from Gaza (JERUSALEM POST) By LAHAV HARKOV 07/13/14)
12) IDF strikes 200 Gaza targets in past 24 hours (JERUSALEM POST) By YAAKOV LAPPIN 07/13/14)
13) Israel says cease-fire possible only if it ensures long-term quiet (JERUSALEM POST) By HERB KEINON,KHALED ABU TOAMEH 07/13/14)
14) Sirens blare in Jerusalem, rockets land in Hebron and Bethlehem (JERUSALEM POST) By DANIEL K. EISENBUD,BEN HARTMAN,JPOST.COM STAFF 07/12/14)
15) Column One: Hamas’s (and Iran’s) fail-safe strategy (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By CAROLINE B. GLICK 07/11/14)
16) My Word: Rockets and political science (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By LIAT COLLINS 07/11/14)
17) Another Tack: Eerily déjà vu (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By SARAH HONIG 07/11/14)
18) Into the Fray: The ruinous results of restraint (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By MARTIN SHERMAN 07/11/14)
19) Liberman says Israel must ´go all the way and eradicate Hamas regime in Gaza´ (JERUSALEM POST) By HERB KEINON,JPOST.COM STAFF 07/12/14)
20) IDF kills Gaza terrorist said to be responsible for rocket fire at Tel Aviv (JERUSALEM POST) By YAAKOV LAPPIN,REUTERS 07/12/14)
21) Jordan´s king warns of ´dangerous Israeli escalation´ against Palestinians (JERUSALEM POST) By MICHAEL WILNER 07/12/14)
22) Tourists react to Friday morning rocket barrage in Tel Aviv (JERUSALEM POST) By BEN HARTMAN 07/12/14)
23) ABC News gaffe invites ridicule from pro-Palestinian Twitter users (JERUSALEM POST) By JPOST COM STAFF 07/11/14)
24) Two Israelis injured by Palestinian rocket which struck Beersheba home (JERUSALEM POST) By JPOST.COM STAFF,YAAKOV LAPPIN 07/11/14)
25) Palestinians: At least 16 killed in IDF strikes on 5th day of Gaza operation (JERUSALEM POST) By JPOST.COM STAFF,YAAKOV LAPPIN 07/12/14)
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WASHINGTON POST - © 2014 The Washington Post Company
1) Palestinian Americans protest Gaza violence at D.C. event (WASHINGTON POST) By Karen Chen 07/12/14 7:04 PM)
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1) Israel Under Attack (WEEKLY STANDARD) Lee Smith July 21, 2014, Vol. 19, No. 42)
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DAILY TELEGRAPH - © Copyright of Telegraph Group Limited 2014
1) Israel kills two handicapped Palestinian women in air strike on home for disabled (TELEGRAPH UK) By Robert Tait, Beit Lahiya, Gaza 6:00PM BST 12 Jul 2014)
2) Israel air strike ´hits charitable association for disabled´ in Gaza (TELEGRAPH UK) By Barney Henderson, and agencies 12:17PM BST 12 Jul 2014)
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1) London demonstrators denounce Netanyahu as ‘Hitler’s clone’ (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF July 12, 2014, 2:30 pm)
2) IDF footage reveals efforts to spare civilians in Gaza (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY YIFA YAAKOV July 12, 2014, 5:53 am)
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WASHINGTON TIMES - copyright © 2014 The Washington Times, LLC.
1) Mideast hostilities ratchet as rockets from Lebanon strike Israel (WASHINGTON TIMES) By Cheryl K. Chumley 07/12/14)
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AMERICAN THINKER - © American Thinker 2014
1) Retribution Not Messaging is What Israel Needs (AMERICAN THINKER) By Jonathan F. Keiler 07/12/14)
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WALL STREET JOURNAL - Copyright © 2014 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
1) Egypt Leader Meets Blair in Effort to End Conflict / Israeli-Palestinian Hostilities Continue for Fifth Day, With Palestinian Death Toll Topping 150 (WSJ) WALL STREET JOURNAL) By NICHOLAS CASEY in Tel Aviv and TAMER EL-GHOBASHY in Cairo 07/13/14)
2) Death Toll in Gaza Hits 121 as Israel Continues Assault (WSJ) WALL STREET JOURNAL) By NICHOLAS CASEY TEL AVIV, ISRAEL 07/12/14 4:45 a.m. ET)
3) Amid Pressure, Israel Stands Firm on Options / Palestinian Death Toll Passed 100, Gaza´s Health Ministry Said (WSJ) WALL STREET JOURNAL) By NICHOLAS CASEY 07/11/14 7:24 p.m. ET)
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COMMENTARY MAGAZINE - Copyright © 1997-2014 Commentary Magazine
1) Why Gaza Doesn’t Have Bomb Shelters (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) Jonathan S. Tobin 07/12/14)
2) Obama’s Mixed Middle East Messages (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) Jonathan S. Tobin 07/11/14)
3) Does Obama Want 20 More Gazas? (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) Jonathan S. Tobin 07/11/14)
4) Israel and Its Arabs: Rockets, Riots, and the Dream of Coexistence (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) Seth Mandel 07/11/14)
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GATESTONE INSTITUTE - Copyright © 2014 Gatestone Institute
1) Christian and Canadian Support for Israel Defies Propaganda (GateStone Institute) by Christine Williams 07/11/14)
2) UK Bans Pro-Jihad Islamist Groups (GateStone Institute) by Soeren Kern 07/12/14)
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REUTERS NEWS SERVICE - © Thomson Reuters 2014
1) Israeli commandos clash with Hamas gunmen in Gaza raid (REUTERS) BY NIDAL AL-MUGHRABI AND ARI RABINOVITCH GAZA/JERUSALEM Sat Jul 12, 2014 11:09pm EDT)
2) Gaza death toll rises; Hamas fires rockets at Tel Aviv (REUTERS) BY NIDAL AL-MUGHRABI AND MAAYAN LUBELL GAZA/JERUSALEM Sat Jul 12, 2014 7:41pm EDT)
3) Israel fires into Lebanon after rockets launched over border (REUTERS) Writing by Maayan Lubell; Editing by Kevin Liffey and David Evans JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 07/12/14 5:21pm EDT)
4) U.N. Security Council calls for Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire (REUTERS) BY MICHELLE NICHOLS UNITED NATIONS 07/12/14 1:07pm EDT)
5) Israel deploys more missile interceptors, Gaza death toll up to 121 (REUTERS) BY NIDAL AL-MUGHRABI AND ORI LEWIS GAZA/JERUSALEM Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:22am EDT)
6) Gaza families bear brunt of Israel´s "pinpoint strikes" (REUTERS) By Noah Browning GAZA 07/12/14 8:44am EDT)
7) Iraq forces executed 255 prisoners in revenge for Islamic State killings: HRW (REUTERS) Reporting by Stephen Addison; Editing by Sophie Hares LONDON, ENGLAND 07/12/14 9:31am EDT)
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AP} ASSOCIATED PRESS - Copyright 2014 Associated Press
1) Christie blames Obama in part for Mideast unrest (AP) Associated Press) By STEVE PEOPLES NASHVILLE, Tenn.07/13/14)
2) Israeli troops raid rocket launching site in Gaza (AP) Associated Press) By KHALED KHAZZIHA and MOHAMMED DARAGHMEH GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip 07/13/14)
3) Security Council urges Gaza truce; no sign of lull (AP) Associated Press) By KHALED KHAZZIHA and MOHAMMED DARAGHMEH GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip 07/13/14)
4) UN calls for Israeli-Palestinian cease-fire (AP) Associated Press) By EDITH M. LEDERER UNITED NATIONS 07/12/14)
5) Israel widens air attack, Gaza death toll tops 125 (AP) Associated Press) By NAJIB JOBAIN and ARON HELLER GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip 07/12/14)
6) Israeli bombing turns Gaza into ghost town (AP) Associated Press) By KHALID KAZZIHA GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip 07/12/14)
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INN} ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS - IsraelNationalNews © 2014
1) Morning Rockets Spark Blaze in Eshkol Region (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Shlomo Pitrikovsky, Tova Dvorin 07/13/14)
2) Jerusalem Light Rail Back in Service After Rioting (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Uzi Baruch, Tova Dvorin 07/13/14)
3) ISIS ´Promotional Video´ Aspires to World Domination (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Dalit Halevi, Tova Dvorin 07/13/14)
4) IDF Warns Gazans of Upcoming IAF Strikes (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Tova Dvorin 07/13/14)
5) IDF Soldiers Raid Gaza Rocket Compound, 4 Wounded (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Elad Benari 07/13/14)
6) Morocco: Rabbi Attacked ´Because of Gaza´ (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Haim Lev 07/13/14)
7) IDF Begins Dropping Leaflets Telling Gazans to Leave Their Homes (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Gil Ronen 07/12/14)
8) Gazans Celebrate Victory that Never Happened (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Gil Ronen 07/12/14)
9) Rockets Launched at Israel from Sinai, Too (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Dalit Halevy 07/12/14)
10) Sirens in Northern Israel, on Lebanese Border (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Gil Ronen 07/12/14)
11) Hamas Fires Large Rocket Salvo at Tel Aviv Area (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Orly Harari, Gil Ronen, AFP 07/12/14)
12) Op-Ed: They Still Believe It´s All Israel´s Fault (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) Dr. Avi Perry 07/12/14)
13) Watch: IDF Calls Off Airstrike After Seeing Children Near Target (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Elad Benari, Canada 07/12/14)
14) Liberman: Time to Put an End to Hamas´s Rule Over Gaza (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Elad Benari, Canada 07/12/14)
15) Lebanon Arrests Suspects in Rocket Attack on Israel (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Elad Benari, Canada 07/12/14)
16) U.S. Willing to ´Leverage Contacts´ to Mediate Ceasefire (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Elad Benari, Canada 07/12/14)
17) Hamas ´Scare Song´ Vows Genocide on Israel (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By AFP and Tova Dvorin 07/11/14)
18) IDF Gets Defense Boost in Form of New Iron Dome Battery (INN) ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) By Elad Benari, Canada 07/11/14)
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AFP} AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE - Copyright © 2014 Agence France Presse.
1) Israel, Hamas defy truce calls on Gaza bloodiest day (AFP) AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE) By Sakher Abou El Oun Gaza City 07/13/14)
2) Gaza toll at 157 as Israel strikes intensify (AFP) AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE) Gaza City 07/13/14)
3) Gaza rockets target Tel Aviv, Jerusalem (AFP) AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE) Jerusalem, Israel 07/12/14)
4) Northern Israel hit by rockets from Lebanon: army (AFP) AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE) Jerusalem, Israel 07/12/14)
5) Security Council urges Gaza truce; no sign of lull (AFP) AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE) Jerusalem, Israel 07/12/14)
6) Gaza toll at 127 on day five of Israeli strikes (AFP) AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE) Gaza City 07/12/14)
7) Britain ´extremely concerned´ by Gaza deaths: Hague (AFP) AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE) London 07/12/14)
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CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR - Copyright © 2014 The Christian Science Monitor
1) As Hamas takes on Israel, not all in Gaza are cheering (+video) (CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR) By Ahmed Aldabba, Correspondent Christa Case Bryant GAZA CITY, GAZA; AND JERUSALEM 07/11/14)
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THE WASHINGTON FREE BEACON - ©2014 All Rights Reserved
1) UN: Gaza Casualties Were Warned in Advance by Israel / Hamas continuing to urge citizens to die in Israeli airstrikes (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo July 11, 2014 4:15 pm)
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YNET NEWS - YEDIOT ACHRONOT - Copyright 2014 © Yedioth Internet
1) Three rockets fired from Lebanon at Western Galilee (YNetNews.Com -Yedioth Internet) Ahiya Raved Latest Update: 07.12.14, 23:13 )
2) Bethlehem, Hebron hit by rockets fired from Gaza (YNetNews.Com -Yedioth Internet) Ynet Latest Update: 07.12.14, 19:34)
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1) ZOA Critical of Obama Admin’s Philip Gordon Speech in Israel, Claiming Israel not Ready for Peace (ZOA) ZIONIST ORGANIZATION AMERICA) By: ZOA Staff 07/11/14)
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