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Israel-News Today Wednesday, May 4, 2016
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1) North Korea-Flagged Ships Visiting Iran; Any Problem Here? (PJ MEDIA) BY CLAUDIA ROSETT 05/02/16)
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BREITBART - Copyright © 2016 Breitbart
1) EXCLUSIVE: Britain’s Most Notorious Muslim Radical Preacher Defends UK Labour Leaders Accused of Anti-Semitism (Breitbart) by AARON KLEIN 05/02/16)
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JIHAD WATCH - Jihad Watch
1) UK columnist: Labour’s Jew-hatred is cynical bid for Muslim votes (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 05/02/16)
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ISRAEL HAYOM - Israel Hayom
1) Shut down jihadi education (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Dr. Ephraim Herrera 05/03/16)
2) Janusz Korczak and Holocaust education (ISRAEL HAYOM) Dr. Michal Sadan 05/03/16)
3) No red lines in Syria (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Prof. Eyal Zisser 05/03/16)
4) IDF chief to Holocaust survivors: By defending Israel, we choose life (ISRAEL HAYOM) Lilach Shoval, Mati Tuchfeld, Daniel Roth Avneri and Zeev Klein 05/03/16)
5) Israel to reopen second crossing for trucks into Gaza (ISRAEL HAYOM) Lilach Shoval, Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff 05/03/16)
6) IDF takes on social media rumor mill (ISRAEL HAYOM) Lilach Shoval 05/03/16)
7) ISIS plot to attack synagogue in Tunisia foiled (ISRAEL HAYOM) Eli Leon, News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff 05/03/16)
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TRUTH REVOLT - Truth Revolt
1) FBI Foils Synagogue Bombing in Florida / The suspect "may have converted to Islam." You don´t say? (Truth Revolt) Mark Tapson 05/02/16)
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NATIONAL POST - © 2016 National Post, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.
1) Terry Glavin: The left confronts its antisemitism (NATIONAL POST COMMENT) 05/03/16)
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JERUSALEM POST - © 1995-2016, The Jerusalem Post
1) Borderline Views: Livingstone, the Labor Party and Holocaust remembrance (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By DAVID NEWMAN 05/03/16)
2) Reshape the Middle East today to prevent the ISIS of tomorrow (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By NOAM TIBON 05/03/16)
3) Israeli man, 60, wounded in stabbing attack in Jerusalem´s Old City (JERUSALEM POST) By JPOST COM STAFF 05/03/16)
4) Former IDF chief criticizes PM´s handling of Hebron soldier (JERUSALEM POST) By GIL HOFFMAN 05/03/16)
5) Erez Crossing to Gaza to open for transport of goods (JERUSALEM POST) By YAAKOV LAPPIN, TOVAH LAZAROFF 05/03/16)
6) Ayelet Shaked: Apply Israeli law to West Bank within 1 year (JERUSALEM POST) By YONAH JEREMY BOB, LAHAV HARKOV 05/03/16)
7) Lebanese journalist: ´Aleppo would have been safe like the Golan were it annexed by Israel´ (JERUSALEM POST) By MAAYAN GROISMAN 05/02/16)
8) Israeli company exhibits new generation drone sensors in US (JERUSALEM POST) By YAAKOV LAPPIN 05/03/16)
9) Struggle to maintain human spirit to be theme of Holocaust Remembrance Day (JERUSALEM POST) By JEREMY SHARON 05/03/16)
10) Report: Sons of Hezbollah commanders sent to Europe to evade Syria fighting (JERUSALEM POST) By MAAYAN GROISMAN 05/03/16)
11) Amid Aleppo bloodshed, former Iranian politician praises ´Egypt’s support for Assad´ (JERUSALEM POST) By MAAYAN GROISMAN 05/03/16)
12) NGO tells UN: Israeli torture of Palestinian, Ethiopian, migrant detainees continues (JERUSALEM POST) By YONAH JEREMY BOB 05/03/16)
13) Conservative Jewry nullifies all discriminatory laws against non-Jews (JERUSALEM POST) By JEREMY SHARON 05/03/16)
14) UN to quiz Israel on torture complaints (JERUSALEM POST) By TOVAH LAZAROFF 05/03/16)
15) Meet Steven Wilson, the anti-Roger Waters (JERUSALEM POST) By DAVID BRINN 05/03/16)
16) Report: Security forces demolish house of terrorist involved in Henkin murder (JERUSALEM POST) By JPOST COM STAFF 05/03/16)
17) Palestinian minor convicted in murder of Dafna Meir (JERUSALEM POST) By YONAH JEREMY BOB 05/03/16)
18) Kerry: Cease-fire in Syria has ‘fallen completely’ in some areas (JERUSALEM POST) By MICHAEL WILNER 05/03/16)
19) Israeli Labor MK calls on UK´s Corbyn to resign amid anti-Semitism scandal (JERUSALEM POST) By JPOST COM STAFF 05/03/16)
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1) Suspected accomplice in Jerusalem stabbing attack nabbed (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF May 3, 2016, 12:14 pm)
2) Palestinian teen convicted in killing of Dafna Meir (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF May 3, 2016, 10:10 am)
3) IDF razes home of Hamas man linked to Henkin killings (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF May 3, 2016, 9:31 am)
4) Israel opens new crossing from Jerusalem into West Bank (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY RAOUL WOOTLIFF, DOV LIEBER AND AFP May 3, 2016, 6:08 am)
5) Police called over Danish exhibit on Brussels, Paris bombers (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY AFP May 3, 2016, 5:35 am)
6) Police nab Palestinian suspect in Jerusalem stabbing attack (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY JUDAH ARI GROSS AND TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF May 3, 2016, 1:19 am)
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CLARION PROJECT - Copyright © 2016 Clarion Fund, Inc.
1) A Shiite Extremist Plunges Iraq into Crisis (Clarion Project) BY RYAN MAURO 05/02/16)
2) Muslim Activists Applaud Clarion´s Teaching of NY Police (Clarion Project) 05/02/16)
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LOS ANGELES TIMES - Copyright © 2016 Los Angeles Times
1) Israeli justice minister proposes controversial West Bank settlement legislation (LA TIMES) Joshua Mitnick TEL AVIV, Israel 05/02/16 3:18 PM)
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COMMENTARY MAGAZINE - Copyright © 1997-2016 Commentary Magazine
1) The Roots of Labour’s Anti-Semitism (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) TOM WILSON 05/02/16)
2) When Jews Join the War on Israel (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) Jonathan S. Tobin 05/02/16)
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GATESTONE INSTITUTE - Copyright © 2016 Gatestone Institute
1) Britain´s "Routine and Commonplace" Anti-Semitism (Gatestone Institute) by Richard Kemp and Jasper Reid 05/02/16)
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WND} WORLD NET DAILY - © 2016 WorldNetDaily.com, Inc.
1) Is it time for Israel to kick them all out? (WND-WORLD NET DAILY) By Brent Smith 05/03/16)
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FRONT PAGE MAGAZINE.COM - Copyright © 2016 FrontPageMagazine.com
1) OBAMA ERASES AMERICAN JEWS FROM AMERICAN JEWISH HISTORY (FrontPageMagazine.com) Daniel Greenfield 05/02/16)
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INN} ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS - IsraelNationalNews © 2016
1) Arab arrested for assisting Old City stabber (INN) Israel National News) By Ido Ben-Porat 05/03/16)
2) Police raids break up huge gun, drug smuggling ring (INN) Israel National News) By Uzi Baruch 05/03/16)
3) Livni: Labor negotiating terms of unity government (INN) Israel National News) By David Rosenberg 05/03/16)
4) 12 years after disappearance, Israeli ´spy´ on way home (INN) Israel National News) By David Rosenberg 05/03/16)
5) Massive effort to smuggle weapons into Gazan foiled (INN) Israel National News) By Uzi Baruch 05/03/16)
6) Court convicts Dafna Meir´s murderer (INN) Israel National News) By Arutz Sheva Staff 05/03/16)
7) IDF destroys Henkin family murderer´s home (INN) Israel National News) By Arutz Sheva Staff 05/03/16)
8) UK Labour politician says Israelis ´drink Gaza´s blood´ (INN) Israel National News) By Ari Soffer 05/02/16)
9) Op-Ed: There was nothing Zionist about Hitler’s plans for the Jews (INN) Israel National News) Prof. Ranier Schulze 05/03/16)
10) Irony? Rouhani against nuclear weapons in Korean Peninsula (INN) Israel National News) By Ben Ariel 05/03/16)
11) Labour secretly suspended 50 members in recent months (INN) Israel National News) By Ben Ariel 05/03/16)
12) IDF destroys Henkin family murderer´s home (INN) Israel National News) By Arutz Sheva Staff 05/03/16)
13) ´We´d like to see a little of Eliav in everyone´ (INN) Israel National News) By Eliran Aharon 05/03/16)
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THE WASHINGTON FREE BEACON - ©2016 All Rights Reserved
1) Iranian Supreme Leader Warns U.S.: Flee the Persian Gulf / Iran running war drills (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo May 2, 2016 12:23 pm)
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YNET NEWS - YEDIOT ACHRONOT - Copyright 2015 © Yedioth Internet
1) ´50 UK Labour MPs secretly suspended over last 2 months´ (YNetNews.Com -Yedioth Internet) YnetnewsPublished: 05.03.16, 10:00)
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CNS} CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE - copyright 1998-2016 Cybercast News Service
1) Islam Under Fire in Europe’s Two Biggest Nations (CNS) CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE) By Patrick Goodenough 05/02/16)
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