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Civilizational Jihad Tuesday, September 13, 2016
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1) Impervious Hubris: How U.S. Intelligence Failures About Islam Led to ISIS (PJ MEDIA) BY RAYMOND IBRAHIM 09/12/16)
2) Why Did the Terrorists Choose September 11? (PJ MEDIA) BY TYLER O´NEIL 09/10/16)
3) The ´New Middle East´ That Never Was (PJ MEDIA) BY P. DAVID HORNIK 09/09/16)
4) New ISIS Military Commander Was Trained by State Department as Recently as 2014 (PJ MEDIA) BY PATRICK POOLE 09/06/16)
5) Kerry to the Media: Cover Terrorism Less, So ´People Wouldn´t Know What´s Going On´ (PJ MEDIA) BY TYLER O´NEIL 08/30/16)
6) Islamic Jihad’s Most Effective Weapons (PJ MEDIA) BY DAVID SOLWAY 08/24/16)
7) The War Intensifies (PJ MEDIA) BY MICHAEL LEDEEN 08/24/16)
8) Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Edited Radical Islamic Journal (PJ MEDIA) BY TYLER O´NEIL 08/22/16)
9) Islam, ´Mindslaughter,´ and the Catastrophic ´Lewis Doctrine´ (PJ MEDIA) BY ANDREW G. BOSTOM 08/22/16)
10) Western Leaders Want Islamic Terror to Seem ‘Normal’ (PJ MEDIA) BY RAYMOND IBRAHIM 08/22/16)
11) Calling for Another Nice-Style Attack, ISIS Suggests Jihadists Try Baseball Bat, Power Screwdriver (PJ MEDIA) BY BRIDGET JOHNSON 08/21/16)
12) ´KNOWN WOLF,´ AGAIN! Man Who Stabbed Rabbi Thursday Involved in Prior Attack (PJ MEDIA) BY PATRICK POOLE 08/19/16)
13) Creeping Sharia: Kentucky Firefighter Forced Out for Burning a Qur’an (PJ MEDIA) BY ROBERT SPENCER 08/18/16)
14) Three Years Later: Revisiting the Muslim Brotherhood´s 2013 Terror Spree Against Christians (PJ MEDIA) BY PATRICK POOLE 08/14/16)
15) Huffington Post: All Islamic Violence Comes From Hadith, NOT Quran (PJ MEDIA) BY RAYMOND IBRAHIM 08/12/16)
16) Huffington Post: All Islamic Violence Comes From Hadith, NOT Quran (PJ MEDIA) BY RAYMOND IBRAHIM 08/12/16)
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THE BLAZE - © 2017 TheBlaze Inc
1) Abu Zubaydah: Obama’s Crucible (The Blaze) By Montgomery J. Granger Aug. 29, 2016 12:00pm)
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BREITBART - Copyright © 2017 Breitbart
1) Video: Al-Qaeda Urges Black Americans to Convert to Islam, Threatens More Attacks (Breitbart) by EDWIN MORA 09/13/16)
2) Al Qaeda Deadly and Growing 15 Years After 9/11 (Breitbart) by EDWIN MORA 09/11/16)
3) EXCLUSIVE – Alarm as Thousands of Islamic State Fighters in Syria, Iraq ‘Missing’ (Breitbart) by AARON KLEIN AND ALI WAKED 09/10/16)
4) Frank Gaffney: Jeh Johnson — Secretary of Homeland Insecurity (Breitbart) by FRANK GAFFNEY 09/08/16)
5) FBI: Islamic State Jihadis Targeting Theaters, Churches, Sports Arenas (Breitbart) by EDWIN MORA 09/09/16)
6) DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Speaks at Convention of HAMAS-LINKED Group (PJ MEDIA) BY ROBERT SPENCER 09/06/16)
7) Google Accused of Manipulating Search Results for ‘Jihad’ (Breitbart) by CHARLIE NASH 09/05/16)
8) Alt-Jihad: Hillary Clinton Aide Edited Antisemitic Journal (Breitbart) by JOEL B. POLLAK 08/24/16)
9) Bin Laden’s Son Urges Saudis to Train with Al Qaeda to Overthrow Kingdom (Breitbart) by EDWIN MORA 08/22/16)
10) Hillary Clinton’s Top Aide Huma Abedin Published Articles that Blamed USA for 911, Blamed Women For Violence (Breitbart) by LEE STRANAHAN 08/21/16)
11) Report: Illegal Migrants from Terror-Linked Countries Surging at Southern Border (Breitbart) by EDWIN MORA 08/18/16)
12) Religious Minorities: ‘All Talk, No Action’ from Obama on Islamic State Genocide (Breitbart) by EDWIN MORA 08/17/16)
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JIHAD WATCH - Jihad Watch
1) Al-Qaeda calls American blacks to jihad (Jihad Watch) BY CHRISTINE WILLIAMS 09/13/16)
2) Video: Robert Spencer on jihad, dhimmitude, Islamization, and the failure of Western leaders (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 09/11/16)
3) Honor Killing Your Own Sister for Islam — Anni Cyrus’ “Unknown” (Jihad Watch) BY JAMIE GLAZOV 9/09/16)
4) France: Muslim arrested after his car is found packed with explosive gas cylinders outside Notre Dame cathedral (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 09/07/16)
5) Saudi Arabia’s grand mufti says Iranians are “not Muslims” (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 09/07/16)
6) Saudi women revolt: #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen (Jihad Watch) BY CHRISTINE WILLIAMS 09/07/16)
7) SHOCKING REPORT: Massive cover-up of Muslim rape gang activity in the UK (Jihad Watch) BY CHRISTINE WILLIAMS 09/05/16)
8) Robert Spencer Moment: If You Don’t Want to Assimilate, Don’t Come (Jihad Watch) BY JAMIE GLAZOV 09/05/16)
9) How Google’s search engines use faked results to manipulate people’s views of jihad (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 09/04/16)
10) DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson addresses ISNA, Muslim group linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 09/04/16)
11) DHS Secy to Hamas-linked ISNA: “Your story is the quintessential American story” (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 09/04/16)
12) Bangladesh: Muslims attack Hare Krishna temple, injure seven for singing during Islamic prayer (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 09/03/16)
13) Islam’s Rape Game in Europe — Anni Cyrus’ “Unknown” (Jihad Watch) BY JAMIE GLAZOV 09/02/16)
14) Saudi Arabia: 27 Christians arrested and deported for “conducting Christian prayers” in private residence (Jihad Watch) BY RAYMOND IBRAHIM 09/01/16)
15) UK Christian clergy told not to wear clerical collars in public for fear of ISIS jihad attack (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 08/31/16)
16) Islamic State names Pope “enemy number one” for being a “non-believer” (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 08/31/16)
17) Kerry: Jihadis “define a great religion Islam in a way that doesn’t reflect that religion. They steal it, hijack it.” (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 08/31/16)
18) Video: Robert Spencer on the Obama/Clinton war against the reality of the jihad threat (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 08/30/16)
19) Trump campaign: Shut down Clinton Foundation over Hizballah link (Jihad Watch) BY CHRISTINE WILLIAMS 08/29/16)
20) Obama-backed Syrian “rebel” calls mother: “I severed your son’s head, you traitorous b****” (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 08/28/16)
21) Global Dawah Day Unveiled — Anni Cyrus’ “Unknown” (Jihad Watch) BY JAMIE GLAZOV 08/26/16)
22) Video: Robert Spencer on the West’s Absurd Polices Toward Islam (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 08/26/16)
23) Colin Flaherty Moment: How Black Mob Violence and Islamic Violence are Identical (Jihad Watch) BY JAMIE GLAZOV 08/25/16)
24) Trump’s Sharia Test Proposal — on The Glazov Gang (Jihad Watch) BY JAMIE GLAZOV 08/24/16)
25) Video: Robert Spencer on Black Lives Matter and the Leftist/Islamic Alliance (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 08/23/16)
26) New study finally acknowledges that Islamic religious zeal inspires jihad (Jihad Watch) BY CHRISTINE WILLIAMS 08/23/16)
27) Canadian study finds “extremism” common in mosque literature (Jihad Watch) BY CHRISTINE WILLIAMS 08/23/16)
28) Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin published anti-American articles (Jihad Watch) BY CHRISTINE WILLIAMS 08/22/16)
29) Hugh Fitzgerald: How Muslims In Europe Treat Non-Muslim Migrants (Jihad Watch) 08/20/16)
30) Saudi-sponsored Georgetown report grossly inflates hates crimes against Muslims in US (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 08/20/16)
31) France: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” stabs rabbi, has “psychiatric problems” (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 08/19/16)
32) Video: Robert Spencer on the wave of jihad attacks by Muslim migrants (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 08/19/16)
33) Anni Cyrus’ “Unknown”: Devastating Coverage of a Hijab-Wearing American Fencer (Jihad Watch) BY JAMIE GLAZOV 08/19/16)
34) Hamas-linked CAIR to Trump: Government study of “radical Islam” is unconstitutional (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 08/17/16)
35) Raymond Ibrahim: Can Quranism Save Islam? (Jihad Watch) 08/15/16)
36) Dr. Sebastian Gorka on “Defeating Jihad” — on The Glazov Gang (Jihad Watch) BY JAMIE GLAZOV 08/14/16)
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ISRAEL HAYOM - Israel Hayom
1) Israel bolstering its Mideast status (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Elie Podeh 09/14/16)
2) US bars Christian Syrian refugees (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Elliott Abrams 09/13/16)
3) Picking up speed (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Ariel Bolstein 09/13/16)
4) Blind faith (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Annika Hernroth-Rothstein 09/12/16)
5) PM: Israel is Europe´s partner in war against radical Islam (ISRAEL HAYOM) Shlomo Cesana and Daniel Siryoti 09/07/16)
6) A continued source of terrorism (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Prof. Efraim Inbar 09/07/16)
7) Islamism, Europe and elections (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Zalman Shoval 09/07/16)
8) Obama is the real turkey (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Ruthie Blum 09/07/16)
9) ISIS´ call continues to be heard (ISRAEL HAYOM Op-Ed) Dr. Ephraim Herrera 09/04/16)
10) Erdogan: Pyromaniac and fireman (ISRAEL HAYOM) Boaz Bismuth 09/02/16)
11) The partitioning of the Middle East (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Dr. Edy Cohen 08/31/16)
12) Israel 4th worldwide in meat consumption, OECD report says (ISRAEL HAYOM) Hezi Sternlicht and Zeev Klein 08/30/16)
13) The Turkish adventure in Syria (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Prof. Eyal Zisser 08/28/16)
14) The Turkish two-step (ISRAEL HAYOM) Boaz Bismuth 08/26/16)
15) Israel vows to ´join forces´ with Turkey against terrorism (ISRAEL HAYOM) Shlomo Cesana, Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff 08/22/16)
16) Trump vows to fight terrorism with "our greatest ally Israel" (ISRAEL HAYOM) Yoni Hersch and Israel Hayom Staff 08/16/16)
17) Jordan´s king: Israel is to blame for violence on Temple Mount (ISRAEL HAYOM) Daniel Siryoti, Gideon Allon and Israel Hayom Staff 08/16/16)
18) Europe could learn a lot from Israel (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Judith Bergman 08/16/16)
19) Disavowing the shouters (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Annika Hernroth-Rothstein 08/16/16)
20) Interfaith fig leaf (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Annika Hernroth-Rothstein 08/14/16)
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TRUTH REVOLT - Truth Revolt
1) State Department Seeks to Rehabilitate and Reintegrate Foreign Fighters Back Into Society (Truth Revolt) Tiffany Gabbay 09/09/16)
2) Kerry: Media Should Cover Terrorism Less So People Won´t Know What´s Going On / Let´s keep the public ignorant... (Truth Revolt) Tiffany Gabbay 08/30/16)
3) http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/admin-admits-its-10000-syrian-refugees-us-fewer-05-christian (Truth Revolt) Tiffany Gabbay 08/29/16)
4) New Study Debunks Progressives´ ´Lone Wolf´ Jihadi Myth / Shockingly it turns out they´re motivated by Islam, not dead-end jobs (Truth Revolt) Tiffany Gabbay 08/24/16)
5) Clinton Aide Worked for Mag That Blamed America for 9/11 / Huma worked for radical Muslim publication (Truth Revolt) Brian Lilley 08/21/16)
6) BBC: Criticizing Sharia Islamophobia / "We’re losing our right to freedom of expression." (Truth Revolt) Paul Bois 08/19/16)
7) CAIR: Violation of Constitution to Teach Against Radical Islam / What are they trying to protect? (Truth Revolt) Trey Sanchez 08/18/16)
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WORLD TRIBUNE - Copyright © 2017 East West Services, Inc.
1) Just 54 of 11,491 Syrian refugees admitted to U.S. in 2016 are Christians (World Tribune) by WorldTribune Staff, September 13, 2016)
2) America in its shadow: Unlike Pearl Harbor, the dark force behind the September 11 direct attack has yet to be defeated (World Tribune) By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS September 10, 2016)
3) U.S.-trained sniper replaces ‘Omar the Chechen’ as ISIL’s minister of war (World Tribune) by WorldTribune Staff, September 8, 2016)
4) Syria: What Obama hath wrought is about to become his successor’s nightmare (World Tribune) (World Tribune) By Sol W. Sanders Special to WorldTribune.com 09/05/16)
5) ‘Shredded’ U.S. credibility: Former military officials slam Obama’s ISIL strategy (World Tribune) by WorldTribune Staff, September 1, 2016)
6) Pentagon pleads for halt to fighting between Turkey, U.S.-backed Kurdish forces (World Tribune) by WorldTribune Staff, August 30, 2016)
7) Female circumcision is now a felony in Egypt (World Tribune) by WorldTribune Staff, August 29, 2016)
8) Kurdish forces vow ‘no retreat’ from ‘our own land’ as Turkey invades Syria (World Tribune) by WorldTribune Staff, August 26, 2016)
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COUNTER JIHAD - Counter Jihad
1) A Woman Under Sharia: 8 Reasons Why Islamic Law Endangers Women (Counter Jihad) BY Immanuel Al-Manteeqi · @Al_Manteeqi | September 6, 2016)
2) Homeland Security Chief Speaks At Hamas Front’s Confab; Shares Stage with Holocaust Denier, Muslim Brotherhood Leader (Counter Jihad) BY Paul Sperry · @paulsperry_ | September 4, 2016)
3) Facebook Banned Me for Criticizing Islamists, But I Got the Last Laugh (Counter Jihad) BY Shireen Qudosi · @ShireenQudosi | September 2, 2016)
4) Hillary First Broached Saudi Visa Deal During Visit to Huma Abedin’s Mom’s Saudi Madrassa (Counter Jihad) BY Paul Sperry · @paulsperry_ | August 31, 2016)
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JERUSALEM POST - © 1995-2017, The Jerusalem Post
1) Terra Incognita: Haj, Saudi PR and media failure (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By SETH J. FRANTZMAN \ 09/12/2016 20:35)
2) Ethnic cleansing: Memories of 1929 and 1948 (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By GERALD M. STEINBERG \ 09/11/2016 18:05)
3) Coming full circle on 9/11 (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By RUTHIE BLUM \ 09/11/2016 20:36)
4) Moderates of the world must unite (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By TZIPI LIVNI \ 09/11/2016 20:43)
5) ´The terrorist threat has evolved´ (JERUSALEM POST) By MICHAEL WILNER \ 09/12/2016 01:38)
6) Analysis: ‘War on terror’ took region from bad to worse (JERUSALEM POST) By BEN LYNFIELD \ 09/11/2016 04:27)
7) Jihadist terrorism enters new stage 15 years after 9/11 (JERUSALEM POST) By YAAKOV LAPPIN \ 09/11/2016 00:19)
8) Report: ISIS attack expected on Egypt-Israeli border in the next six months (JERUSALEM POST) By JPOST.COM STAFF \ 09/09/2016 22:59)
9) 5 members of ´ISIS in Palestine´ sentenced to jail terms in plea bargain (JERUSALEM POST) By YONAH JEREMY BOB \ 09/08/2016 15:56)
10) Calls to end Saudi male guardianship sweeping social media (JERUSALEM POST) By KATIE BEITER / THE MEDIA LINE \ 09/07/2016 11:04)
11) ´ISIS kilometers away from Israel´s northern border´ (JERUSALEM POST) By JPOST.COM STAFF \ 09/05/2016 15:11)
12) RIGHT FROM WRONG: Kerry’s ruffled ostrich feathers (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By RUTHIE BLUM \ 09/04/2016 22:37)
13) As I see it: Accomplices in hate (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By MELANIE PHILLIPS 09/02/16)
14) Israeli family that joined ISIS attempts to return to Israel (JERUSALEM POST) By JPOST COM STAFF 09/01/16)
15) British Jews laud success of appeal to help Syrian refugees (JERUSALEM POST) By TAMARA ZIEVE 09/02/16)
16) Why did Turkey enter Syria? (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By FUAD SHAHBAZOV \ 08/31/2016 21:18)
17) Terra Incognita: What if no one wants to win the Syrian war? (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By SETH J. FRANTZMAN 08/30/16)
18) ´IDF preparing for scenario in which hundreds of terrorists from Sinai attack´ (JERUSALEM POST) By NOAM AMIR/MAARIV HASHAVUA 08/29/16)
19) Which French values: Tolerance or gender equality? (JERUSALEM POST) By RINA BASSIST 08/28/16)
20) Waking up Angela Merkel in Wonderland (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By MICHAEL FREUND 08/25/16)
21) Exclusive: The Sunni tribe that survived a two-year Islamic State siege in Iraq (JERUSALEM POST) By SETH J. FRANTZMAN 08/21/16)
22) Is Germany in denial – and in trouble? (JERUSALEM POST) By ORIT ARFA 08/20/16)
23) In disputed Sussiya, old Ottoman law still casts a shadow over the land (JERUSALEM POST) By SETH J. FRANTZMAN 08/20/16)
24) How to really persecute terrorists (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By LIOR AKERMAN 08/19/16)
25) A letter to a Sufi friend (JERUSALEM POST) By MICHAEL LAITMAN 08/19/16)
26) The Obama administration’s faulty reasoning and analysis (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By ERIC R. MANDEL 08/18/16)
27) KNOW COMMENT: Should ISIS be wiped out? (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By DAVID M. WEINBERG 08/16/16)
28) Defeating radical Islam (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By MIKE EVANS 08/16/16)
29) How to win the war on terror: A pragmatic view from Moscow (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By ALEXANDER SHEIN The author is the Russian ambassador to Israel 08/16/16)
30) United against terrorism (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By GILA GAMLIEL 08/16/16)
31) Dichter: Temple Mount will not be governed by Mecca rules (JERUSALEM POST) By HERB KEINON 08/16/16)
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WASHINGTON POST - © 2017 The Washington Post Company
1) To curb radicalism, France targets foreign funding for mosques (WASHINGTON POST) By James McAuley PARIS, France 08/14/16)
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1) The Al Qaeda Threat Grows (WEEKLY STANDARD) 12:15 AM, SEP 11, 2016 | By THOMAS JOSCELYN)
2) Kerry in Bangladesh: Media Should Cover Terrorism Less (WEEKLY STANDARD) 2:44 PM, AUG 29, 2016 | By JERYL BIER)
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1) Suspicious car with gas canisters found outside Marseille synagogue (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF AND JTA September 10, 2016, 2:36 pm)
2) 5 Israeli Arabs sent to prison for joining Islamic State (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF September 8, 2016, 7:10 pm)
3) Netanyahu vows to imbue EU with ‘new understanding’ of Israel’s role in war on terror (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY RAPHAEL AHREN September 6, 2016, 10:49 am)
4) Sinai attacks decline as Egypt’s fight against IS yields results (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY AVI ISSACHAROFF August 29, 2016, 2:51 pm)
5) Israel sends condolences to Turkey over wedding bombing (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF AND AFP August 21, 2016, 9:33 pm)
6) ‘Temple Mount won’t be like Mecca, Medina,’ senior Likud MK says (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF August 15, 2016, 9:05 pm)
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CLARION PROJECT - Copyright © 2017 Clarion Fund, Inc.
1) US Welcomes 11,491 Syrians, But Where Are the Christians? (Clarion Project) BY ELLIOT FRIEDLAND 09/13/16)
2) The Importance of Women in the Fight Against ISIS (Clarion Project) BY CODI ROBERTSON 09/12/16)
3) Facebook Censors Discussion On Sharia (Clarion Project) BY ELLIOT FRIEDLAND 09/12/16)
4) 15 Years Since 9/11, Is Al-Qaeda´s 20 Yr Plan Coming To Fruition? (Clarion Project) BY ELLIOT FRIEDLAND 09/11/16)
5) Is the Islamic State´s Plan to Conquer Rome So Far-Fetched? (Clarion Project) BY WILLIAM REED 09/08/16)
6) Archaeologists Restore Second Temple Tiles Desecrated by Waqf (Clarion Project) BY ELLIOT FRIEDLAND 09/07/16)
7) US Homeland Security Chief At Brotherhood-Linked Conference (Clarion Project) BY MEIRA SVIRSKY 09/05/16)
8) Islamist Abuse and Bullying Tactics: Foul Play in the West (Clarion Project) BY ELLIOT FRIEDLAND 09/01/16)
9) Germany´s Fight With Extremism: Four Chilling Events (Clarion Project) 08/30/16)
10) What Drives Foreigners to Join the Islamic State? (Clarion Project) BY RYAN MAURO 08/30/16)
11) How to Beat Your Wife: A Sharia-Compliant Guide (Clarion Project) BY ELLIOT FRIEDLAND 08/29/16)
12) CAIR Goes After Clarion for Training Police on Extremism (Clarion Project) BY CLARION PROJECT STAFF 08/23/16)
13) Why Destroying Old Buildings is a Crime Against Humanity (Clarion Project) BY ELLIOT FRIEDLAND 08/22/16)
14) Islamic State Calls for Attacks on Civilians in Europe and America (Clarion Project) BY WILLIAM REED 08/21/16)
15) Top Firms Honoring Muslim Religious Requests in Workplace (Clarion Project) BY ELLIOT FRIEDLAND 08/21/16)
16) When a Female Liberal Journalist Tweets About Sharia (Clarion Project) BY ELLIOT FRIEDLAND 08/18/16)
17) How Far Should the West Accommodate Sharia Law? (Clarion Project) BY MEIRA SVIRSKY 08/16/16)
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WASHINGTON TIMES - copyright © 2017 The Washington Times, LLC.
1) The lessons of 9/11 not learned / Islamists have convinced Americans their enemy is their friend (WASHINGTON TIMES COMMENTARY) By Mark Christian 09/12/16)
2) McCaul blasts ‘willfully blind’ Obama for enabling Islamic State ‘terror surge’ (WASHINGTON TIMES) By Guy Taylor 09/11/16)
3) Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda leader: 9/11 attack ‘blessed’ (WASHINGTON TIMES) By Rowan Scarborough 09/09/16)
4) Islamic State makes terrorism threat facing U.S. gravest since 9/11 attacks (WASHINGTON TIMES) By Carlo Muñoz 09/07/16)
5) ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis returns to rip Obama’s ‘unguided’ ISIS strategy / Famous Marine says policy ‘replete with half-measures’ (WASHINGTON TIMES) By Douglas Ernst 09/01/16)
6) Like peas in a pod: ISIS and Palestinians / Both groups indoctrinate children to kill Israelis (WASHINGTON TIMES COMMENTARY) By Ziva Dahl 08/31/16)
7) The threat to peace and security / Does the West have the stamina to resist the radical terrorist wave? (WASHINGTON TIMES EDITORIAL) 08/25/16)
8) Islamic State exploits U.S. rules of engagement, Obama’s aversion to civilian deaths (WASHINGTON TIMES) By Rowan Scarborough 08/22/16)
9) Missing nuances in Middle East policy / Trump’s ISIS plan could help Hezbollah and harm Israel (WASHINGTON TIMES COMMENTARY) By Louis Rene Beres 08/18/16)
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UNITED JERUSALEM - The United Jerusalem Foundation
1) MUST WATCH-> Phil Haney: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration of the U.S. Government Published on Jul 11, 2016
2) Why? The Secular Progressive Movement (SPM) Won’t Recognize Our Enemy, the Global Islamic Supremacist Movement (GISM) By Raphael / Richard Haar Founder of UnitedJerusalem.com the home of United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance (UJFA)
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AMERICAN THINKER - © American Thinker 2017
1) Engaging Islam (AMERICAN THINKER) By Bert Peterson 09/13/16)
2) The Necessary Fight against Terrorism (AMERICAN THINKER) By Michael Curtis 09/12/16)
3) Islamist Terrorism Must Be Punished (AMERICAN THINKER) By Michael Curtis 09/09/16)
4) September: Islamist Awareness Month (AMERICAN THINKER) By William A. Levinson 09/09/16)
5) Sharia USA (AMERICAN THINKER) By Aynaz Anni Cyrus 09/07/16)
6) Islam Is Not a Civilization (AMERICAN THINKER) By Paul Eidelberg 09/04/16)
7) Exposing 5 Little Known Facts about Islam Politicians and the Media Are Deliberately Concealing from You (AMERICAN THINKER) By Christopher J. Green 09/03/16)
8) Huma for Acting President in 2017? (AMERICAN THINKER) By James Lewis 09/03/16)
9) Islam and the West’s Death by ‘Freedom’ (AMERICAN THINKER) By Selwyn Duke 09/01/16)
10) How the Clintons Gave American Foreign Policy its Muslim Tilt (AMERICAN THINKER) By G. Murphy Donovan 08/29/16)
11) Obama’s Iran Strategy Creates Support for the Islamic State (AMERICAN THINKER) By Rabbi Daniel M. Zucker 08/27/16)
12) Britain and Islamic Extremists (AMERICAN THINKER) By Michael Curtis 08/26/16)
13) ´Moderate´? Meet the World´s ´Most Influential Muslim´ (AMERICAN THINKER) By Raymond Ibrahim 08/25/16)
14) What’s So Un-Islamic about ISIS? (AMERICAN THINKER) By Ayman S. Ibrahim08/23/16)
15) ISIS Exposes the True Reason Why It Hates the West (AMERICAN THINKER) By Raymond Ibrahim 08/19/16)
16) Defeating Terrorism Overseas and Civilization Jihad at Home (AMERICAN THINKER) By Scott S. Powell 08/19/16)
17) Muslim World, Take Notice: Women’s Rights in Muslim-Majority Azerbaijan (AMERICAN THINKER) By Supna Zaidi Peery 08/18/16)
18) Khizr Khan Shills for Hillary (AMERICAN THINKER) By Salim Mansur 08/14/16)
19) Hillary´s Islamist Phalanx (AMERICAN THINKER) By Mary A. Nicholas 08/13/16)
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COMMENTARY MAGAZINE - Copyright © 1997-2017 Commentary Magazine
1) How the UN Enables Massacres (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 08/22/16)
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GATESTONE INSTITUTE - Copyright © 2017 Gatestone Institute
1) There Goes Turkish Secularism (Gatestone Institute) by Robert Jones 09/12/16)
2) Western Publishers Submit to Islam (Gatestone Institute) by Giulio Meotti 09/11/16)
3) Germany: Beginning of the End of the Merkel Era? (Gatestone Institute) by Soeren Kern 09/10/16)
4) An Inherited Culture of Hate (Gatestone Institute) by Tharwa Boulifi 09/09/16)
5) VIDEO: Is Radical Islam in Decline? (Gatestone Institute) 09/07/16)
6) Prisons: Harvard for Radicals (Gatestone Institute) by Denis MacEoin 09/06/16)
7) Church Attacks: Love Alone Will Not Save Us (Gatestone Institute) by George Igler 09/04/16)
8) Europe Debates the Burkini (Gatestone Institute) by Soeren Kern 09/04/16)
9) "Liberal" Turkey Claims Europe Is Racist (Gatestone Institute) by Burak Bekdil 09/01/16)
10) The Secession of French Muslims (Gatestone Institute) by Yves Mamou 09/01/16)
11) A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: July 2016 (Gatestone Institute) by Soeren Kern 08/30/16)
12) Kashmir: The Islamists are Pressing Ahead (Gatestone Institute) by Jagdish N. Singh 08/30/16)
13) Christians as "Target Practice" / Muslim Persecution of Christians: May 2016 (Gatestone Institute) by Raymond Ibrahim 08/28/16)
14) Europe: The Substitution of a Population (Gatestone Institute) by Giulio Meotti 08/27/16)
15) France: The Religious War Few Wish to Face (Gatestone Institute) by George Igler 08/24/16)
16) UK: Clerics Who Threaten Reformers and Praise Murderers (Gatestone Institute) by Douglas Murray 08/22/16)
17) Migrant Issue: Turkey´s Dubious Role (Gatestone Institute) by Mohshin Habib 08/22/16)
18) France: "First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People" (Gatestone Institute) by Guy Millière 08/21/16)
19) A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: July 2016 / "Islamist terrorism has arrived in Germany." (Gatestone Institute) by Soeren Kern 08/17/16)
20) Sweden: The Silence of the Jews / Part IV of a Series: The Islamization of Sweden (Gatestone Institute) by Ingrid Carlqvist 08/16/16)
21) Islamic Islamophobia: When Muslims Are Not Muslim Enough, What Does It Promise for the Rest of Us? (Gatestone Institute) by Douglas Murray 08/14/16)
22) Sweden: Summer Inferno of Sexual Assaults (Gatestone Institute) by Ingrid Carlqvist 08/13/16)
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REUTERS NEWS SERVICE - © Thomson Reuters 2017
1) Turkey: Child Rape Widespread, Media Blackout (Gatestone Institute) by Robert Jones 09/03/16)
2) Exclusive: U.S. withdraws staff from Saudi Arabia dedicated to Yemen planning (REUTERS) By Phil Stewart WASHINGTON 08/19/16 9:09pm EDT)
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WND} WORLD NET DAILY - © 2017 WorldNetDaily.com, Inc.
1) DHS whistleblower: Why did Obama form ´alliance´ with Muslim Brotherhood? (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) By Paul Bremmer 09/14/16)
2) DHS whistleblower: Muslims waging ´settlement jihad´ on U.S. (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) 09/12/16)
3) The real Islamophobia? Free speech dying in West (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) WASHINGTON 09/13/16)
4) Hillary Clinton´s faith-based tie to radical Islam (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) By Jerome R. Corsi 09/12/16)
5) The real Islamophobia? Free speech dying in West (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) 09/12/16)
6) Obama´s ´1st Muslim judge´ has ties to Saudi regime (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) By Leo Hohmann 09/09/16)
7) Homeland Security boss´ love-in with Hamas front group (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) 09/06/16)
8) 2021: The United Shariah States of America (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) By Andrew Thorp King 09/03/16)
9) Patriarch issues dire warning: Christianity ´disappearing´ from Mideast (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) By Leo Hohmann 09/02/16)
10) Muslim persecution of Christians called ´systematic´ (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) By Bob Unruh 08/31/16)
11) Kerry terror solution: Media should cover less (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) By Garth Kant 08/31/16)
12) Feds sued over lack of anti-terror efforts (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) By Bob Unruh 08/31/16)
13) Big list of ´mentally ill´ jihad attacks keeps growing (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) By Leo Hohmann 08/30/16)
14) Huma Abedin forwarded sensitive material to personal email (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) By Jerome R. Corsi 08/30/16)
15) Muslims horrified at Jerusalem cable-car plan (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) WASHINGTON 08/29/16)
16) How the U.S. nurtures jihadists on its own soil (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) By Leo Hohmann 08/26/16)
17) Media silent on surge in Islam-inspired knife attacks (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) By Leo Hohmann 08/25/16)
18) Hillary´s top aide may be a Saudi plant (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) By Leo Hohmann 08/23/16)
19) Leaked memos: Secret campaign to shut down Islam critics (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) 08/22/16)
20) In France, ´the jihadists have won´ (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) 08/22/16)
21) Radical Islam vs. radical Christianity (WND) WORLD NET DAILY COMMENTARY) By Joseph Farah 08/19/16)
22) The tie that binds Islam & communism (WND) WORLD NET DAILY) By Larry Elgin 08/17/16)
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FRONT PAGE MAGAZINE.COM - Copyright © 2017 FrontPageMagazine.com
2) FRANCE´S SUBTLE DESCENT INTO DAR AL-ISLAM / One long inevitable and seamless slide into darkness. Is this our future? (FrontPageMagazine.com) Michael Finch 09/12/16)
3) REFLECTIONS ON 9/11´S VULNERABILITIES / The failures that proved key factors in the attacks -- and how Obama has exacerbated them. (FrontPageMagazine.com) Michael Cutler 09/09/16)
4) ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY: A READER-FRIENDLY GUIDE TO THE DIFFERENCES / A new book confronts and compares the epicenters of Islam and Christianity (FrontPageMagazine.com) Danusha V. Goska 09/09/16)
5) THE INVASION OF BUFFALO / Destroying America city by city (FrontPageMagazine.com) Daniel Greenfield 09/08/16)
6) WHEN ARE ISLAMIC TERRORISTS NOT ISLAMIC TERRORISTS? / When they commit Islamic terrorism, of course (FrontPageMagazine.com) Robert Spencer 09/06/16)
7) CONFRONTING ISLAM: POPE FRANCIS VS. SAINT FRANCIS / How the pope fails to live up to the brave monk whose name he appropriated (FrontPageMagazine.com) Raymond Ibrahim 09/05/16)
8) MUSLIM TERRORISTS AND JEWISH ANTI-SEMITES AGAINST TRUMP / Moderate Saudi businessmen who fund terror warn of Trump’s "extremism." (FrontPageMagazine.com) Daniel Greenfield 09/02/16)
9) SERVING MUSLIM INTERESTS WITH AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY / The lethal consequences of the Clintons´ foreign policy leadership (FrontPageMagazine.com) Joseph Klein 09/02/16)
10) UK’S INDEPENDENT: ´ALLAHU AKBAR´ IS A PUBLICITY STUNT, NOT JIHAD / The media’s never-ending quest to exonerate Islam grows even more farfetched (FrontPageMagazine.com) Robert Spencer 09/01/16)
11) WHAT IF CHAOS WERE OUR MIDDLE EAST POLICY? / Chaos may be our best defense against the Caliphate (FrontPageMagazine.com) Daniel Greenfield 08/31/16)
12) KERRY ASKS MEDIA TO SEE NO JIHADI EVIL (FrontPageMagazine.com) Joseph Klein 08/31/16)
14) ISIS’S CHILD TERRORISTS AND THEIR PALESTINIAN PRECEDENTS / Somehow, evil practiced against Israel doesn’t register (FrontPageMagazine.com) P. David Hornik 08/30/16)
15) THE BURKINI IS ABOUT SEXUAL VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN / “Free to molest.” (FrontPageMagazine.com) Daniel Greenfield 08/30/16)
16) OBAMA SOLVES AMERICA’S TERRORIST SHORTAGE / If you are a member of ISIS, you have a better chance of reaching America than your Yazidi sex slave (FrontPageMagazine.com) Daniel Greenfield 08/29/16)
17) EXTREMIST ISLAM IN CANADA / What a shocking new report reveals about what is being taught in mosques and schools inside the country (FrontPageMagazine.com) Lloyd Billingsley 08/26/16)
18) ARE NONSTOP MUSLIM ATROCITIES THE ´NEW NORM´? / Be wary of desensitization (FrontPageMagazine.com) Raymond Ibrahim 08/25/16)
19) DR. AHMED AL-TAYEB: MEET THE WORLD’S ´MOST INFLUENTIAL MUSLIM´ / And learn why the “moderate/radical” Muslim dichotomy is a farce (FrontPageMagazine.com) Raymond Ibrahim 08/24/16)
20) THE CHILD SOLDIERS OF JIHAD / For jihadis, it’s not child abuse. It’s doing them a favor (FrontPageMagazine.com) Robert Spencer 08/24/16)
21) OUR CATASTROPHIC FAILURE OF JIHAD DENIAL / Stephen Coughlin reveals the terrifying extent of the blindfolding of America in the terror war (FrontPageMagazine.com) Daniel Greenfield 08/23/16)
22) CANADIAN CLARITY ON TERRORISM / Motive for Muslim convert’s bomb plot was “overriding religious conviction.” (FrontPageMagazine.com) Lloyd Billingsley 08/23/16)
23) TURKEY DRIFTS INTO THE ABYSS AS ISIS KILLS DOZENS AT WEDDING / Policies pursued by unhinged Erdogan come back to haunt Turkey (FrontPageMagazine.com) Ari Lieberman 08/23/16)
24) LONDON’S MUSLIM MAYOR INTRODUCES THE THOUGHT POLICE / And demonstrates how the Left serves the Islamic supremacist agenda (FrontPageMagazine.com) Robert Spencer 08/18/16)
25) CAN QURANISM SAVE ISLAM? / Nice try, but no cigar (FrontPageMagazine.com) Raymond Ibrahim 08/18/16)
26) WHEN TEDDY ROOSEVELT BANNED MUSLIMS FROM AMERICA / The bill would prohibit the entry of the “entire Mohammedan world.” (FrontPageMagazine.com) Daniel Greenfield 08/18/16)
27) THE LEFT´S RETICENCE ON ISLAM / The fundamental incoherence of Marxist-inspired leftism
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INN} ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS - IsraelNationalNews © 2017
1) Israel will save civilization as the Spartans did at Thermopylae / Europe´s world is becoming "Judenrein" and Israel stands alone (INN) Israel National News Op-Ed) Giulio Meotti, 14/09/16 08:44)
2) Why Uzbekistan´s Jews miss the iron fist of their late ruler (INN) Israel National News) Cnaan Liphshiz, 13/09/16 21:54)
3) ISIS calls on terrorists in Europe to increase pace of attacks /Western officials say planned terror attacks are thwarted ´every day´ (INN) Israel National News) Hillel Fendel, 13/09/16 13:11)
4) Another 9/11 is on the horizon / Look around and you will see the signs. George Bernard Shaw did. (INN) Israel National News Op-Ed) Giulio Meotti, 12/09/16 23:41)
5) Dichter: Religious terror has replaced nationalist terror (INN) Israel National News) Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/09/16 18:28 | updated: 21:39)
6) France: Car with gas tanks located near synagogue (INN) Israel National News) Haim Lev, 10/09/16 20:11)
7) Call him Mohammed / Mohammed is the most popular boys’ name in Europe (INN) Israel National News Op-Ed) Giulio Meotti, 09/09/16 10:32)
8) France foils ISIS-style terror plot by three women / Three women behind a foiled attack in Paris were guided by ISIS, the city´s prosecutor says (INN) Israel National News) Arutz Sheva North America Staff, 09/09/16 23:23)
9) CIA chief: ISIS will remain a threat for quite a while (INN) Israel National News) Arutz Sheva Staff, 09/09/16 03:43)
10) ´Extremist Islamic terror is spreading throughout Europe´ (INN) Israel National News) Hezki Baruch, 06/09/16 08:51)
11) Europeans amuse themselves to death. Again / European intellectuals are having the time of their lives. Who cares about the threat of radical Islam? (INN) Israel National News Op-Ed) Giulio Meotti, 06/09/16 05:08)
12) Terrorist massacre of Pakistani Christian village thwarted (INN) Israel National News) Hillel Fendel, 05/09/16 19:06)
13) The NY Times has Duranty´s Syndrome on Islam / Once they lauded Stalin, now they love Qaradawi (INN) Israel National News Op-Ed) Giulio Meotti, 02/09/16 12:50)
14) Differences between terrorism and counter-terrorism in the Middle East (INN) Israel National News) Prof. Louis René Beres, 31/08/16 13:35)
15) Q & A: Burqas and burquinis / A famous feminist weighs in on the burquini affair. (INN) Israel National News) Prof. Phyllis Chesler, 01/09/16 00:10)
16) Jerusalem Wine Festival - ´An affront to Islam´ (INN) Israel National News) Dalit Halevy, 31/08/16 08:30)
17) 500 million Europeans face Israel´s longstanding security threats / We are all Israelis now (INN) Israel National News Op-Ed) Giulio Meotti, 30/08/16 16:48)
18) Canadian teachers instructed on how to combat ´Islamophobia´ (INN) Israel National News) Dalit Halevy, 29/08/16 09:06)
19) France presses UN to condemn Syrian chemical attacks (INN) Israel National News) Ben Ariel, 29/08/16 05:16)
20) Why is it forbidden to enter the tomb of Yehoshua ben Nun? (INN) Israel National News) Rachel Kaplan, 28/08/16 11:34)
21) ´First Temple Mount, then Mecca´ (INN) Israel National News) Dalit Halevy, 27/08/16 22:33)
22) Dutch party suggests closing mosques, banning Quran (INN) Israel National News) Ben Ariel, Canada, 26/08/16 22:24)
23) As the Arab world crumbles, new alliances emerge (INN) Israel National News Op-Ed) Dr. Mordechai Kedar, 25/08/16 19:04)
24) UN report determines both Assad and ISIS used chemical weapons (INN) Israel National News) Elad Benari, 25/08/16 01:13)
25) Top Clinton aide held senior position at Islamist journal (INN) Israel National News Op-Ed) David Rosenberg, 22/08/16 09:30)
26) PA Mufti: Every centimeter of Jerusalem is Islamic (INN) Israel National News) Dalit Halevi, 22/08/16 06:45)
27) ADL praises Twitter for shutting down accounts promoting terror (INN) Israel National News) Arutz Sheva Staff, 22/08/16 05:45)
28) While Islamists slaughter us, Europe plays Pokemon / Europe fiddles while it burns (INN) Israel National News Op-Ed) Giulio Meotti 08/21/16)
29) Cleric calls to conquer Al-Aqsa, forbids partnership with Jews (INN) Israel National News) Dalit Halevi 08/21/16)
30) Twitter suspends 360,000 accounts for terror (INN) Israel National News) Rachel Kaplan 08/18/16)
31) Nailing European history´s coffin / Is there hope for the West? (INN) Israel National News Op-Ed) Giulio Meotti 08/18/16)
32) Dr Efraim Arera: Islam wants to conquer the world - politically (INN) Israel National News) Eliran Aharon 08/17/16)
33) Pete Hegseth: America is asleep to the ´existential threat´ (INN) Israel National News) Eliran Aharon 08/17/16)
34) I heard my opponent say, ´Allahu Akbar´ (INN) Israel National News) Reut Hadar 08/17/16)
35) European governments funding the defense of terrorists (INN) Israel National News) By Arutz Sheva Staff 08/16/16)
36) Egypt joins in condemnation of Israel over Temple Mount (INN) Israel National News) Ben Ariel 08/16/16)
37) King of Jordan: Jews taking over Al Aqsa mosque (INN) Israel National News) Hillel Fendel 08/15/16)
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1) Understanding Islamic Totalitarianism (Center For Security Policy) Secure Freedom Radio With Elan Journo, Richard Pollock, Gordon Chang and Steve Groves 09/12/16)
2) Huma Abedin’s Influence in the State Department (Center For Security Policy) Secure Freedom Radio With KEN TIMMERMAN, President and CEO of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran 09/08/16)
3) SOUTHCOM Raises Alarms on Sunni Extremists Infiltrating U.S. Southern Border (Center For Security Policy) Luis Fleischman 09/06/16)
4) Turkey’s Offensive Against ISIS (Center For Security Policy) Secure Freedom Radio With Jennifer Cafarella, Peter Huessy, Fred Fleitz and Kyle Shideler 09/01/16)
5) Obama’s 10,000 Syrian Refugees (Center For Security Policy) Fred Fleitz 08/31/16)
6) The Royal Kingdom and 9/11 / The Muslim Brotherhood and more (Center For Security Policy) Secure Freedom Radio With PAUL SPERRY, Editor-in-chief of CounterJihad.com 08/16/16)
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THE WASHINGTON FREE BEACON - ©2017 All Rights Reserved
1) The Obama legacy: More tyranny and chaos abroad (Washington Free Beacon) By REUEL MARC GERECHT • 9/10/16 12:01 AM)
2) State Dept. laments ´glorification´ of terror attacks in media (Washington Free Beacon) By PETE KASPEROWICZ (@PETEKDCNEWS) • 8/30/16 2:44 PM)
3) Biden´s thankless task in Turkey (Washington Free Beacon) By SUSAN CRABTREE (@SUSANCRABTREE) • 8/27/16 12:01 AM)
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YNET NEWS - YEDIOT ACHRONOT - Copyright 2017 © Yedioth Internet
1) Five Israeli-Arabs sentenced for trying to join ISIS (YNetNews.Com -Yedioth Internet) Hasan Shaalan|Published: 08.09.16 , 16:04)
2) Family who joined ISIS returning to Israel (YNetNews.Com -Yedioth Internet) Hassan Shaalan|Published: 02.09.16 , 11:10)
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CNS} CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE - copyright 1998-2017 Cybercast News Service
1) ISIS Genocide Brings Fresh Calls for a Semi-Autonomous Haven for Christians in Iraq (CNS) CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE) By Patrick Goodenough 09/13/16)
2) Is Administration Doing Anything About ISIS Genocide Against Christians? Lawsuit Filed (CNS) CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE) By Patrick Goodenough 08/31/16)
3) ISIS Genocide Continues: Yazidi Girl Kidnapped, Sold, Raped, Impregnated, Baby Boy Taken From Her (CNS) CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE) By Michael W. Chapman 08/30/16)
4) British MP on ISIS Genocide: 2-Year-Old Boy Killed, ‘Ground Into Meat and Fed to His Mother’ (CNS) CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE) By Michael W. Chapman 08/25/16)
5) As Muslim World Suffers 2 Major Terror Attacks, Islamic Bloc Silent, Except for Blast at Israel (CNS) CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE) By Patrick Goodenough 08/22/16)
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1) ADL Wrongly Condemns “Islam and West” Event and Concerns about Clinton Convention Speaker Khan (ZOA) ZIONIST ORGANIZATION AMERICA) 08/25/16)
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1) CAIR, Awad Continue Aggressively Shilling for Turkey (IPT) THE INVESTIGATIVE PROJECT ON TERRORISM) 09/09/16)
2) With The Terror Threat Growing, Europe Changes Course (IPT) THE INVESTIGATIVE PROJECT ON TERRORISM) by Abigail R. Esman 08/31/16)
3) Developing an Effective Counter Radicalization Strategy (IPT) THE INVESTIGATIVE PROJECT ON TERRORISM) by Scott Newark 08/29/16)
4) A Growing Trend: Brave Muslim Zionists (IPT) THE INVESTIGATIVE PROJECT ON TERRORISM) by Noah Beck 08/12/16)
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INTELLIGENCE AND TERRORISM INFORMATION CENTER (IICC - 2017 © Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center
1) Spotlight on Global Jihad (September 1-7, 2016) (IICC) Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center)
2) Spotlight on Global Jihad (August 25-31, 2016) (IICC) Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center)
3) The Campaign West of the Euphrates: Analysis of Turkish Army and Rebel Organizations´ Capture of Jarabulus (Initial assessment, morning of August 25, 2016) (IICC) Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center) Issued on: 25/08/2016)
4) Spotlight on Global Jihad (August 11-17, 2016) (IICC) Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center)
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