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The Iran Threat Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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1) Soros-Backed Group Funded Obama´s Media Push on Iran Nuclear Deal (PJ MEDIA) BY DEBRA HEINE 05/23/16)
2) Why Hasn´t Obama Fired Ben Rhodes? (PJ MEDIA) BY CLAUDIA ROSETT 05/17/16)
3) Congressman Says Iran´s Treatment of Captured U.S. Sailors ´Shocking´ (PJ MEDIA) BY MICHAEL WALSH 05/16/16)
4) The Curious Case of the Missing Iranian Nuke Talks Video at the State Department (PJ MEDIA) BY DEBRA HEINE 05/10/16)
5) Meet the Flimflam Man Behind Obama´s Foreign Policy ´Narrative´ (PJ MEDIA) BY CLAUDIA ROSETT 05/06/16)
6) North Korea-Flagged Ships Visiting Iran; Any Problem Here? (PJ MEDIA) BY CLAUDIA ROSETT 05/02/16)
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DEBKAFILE - Copyright © 2016 Debkafile
1) Iran’s Soleimani leads US-backed attack on Fallujah (DEBKAfile) Exclusive Report May 24, 2016, 3:54 PM (IDT)
2) Iran’s army chief takes command in Syria (DEBKAfile) Exclusive Report May 2, 2016, 10:34 AM (IDT)
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BREITBART - Copyright © 2016 Breitbart
1) Iranian Admiral Threatens to ‘Drown’ U.S. Warships in Persian Gulf (Breitbart) by EDWIN MORA 05/10/16)
2) Iranian Commander Threatens to Close Strait of Hormuz to U.S. (Breitbart) by ADELLE NAZARIAN 05/06/16)
3) Ayatollah Says U.S. Is Cheating on Iran Nuclear Deal (Breitbart) by JOHN HAYWARD 04/28/16)
4) Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei: ‘To Hell’ with Hezbollah Critics; Hezbollah ‘Shining Like the Sun’ (Breitbart) by ADELLE NAZARIAN 04/25/16)
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JIHAD WATCH - Jihad Watch
1) Hard-Left group paid journalists for favorable coverage of Iran nuke deal (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 05/21/16)
2) Iranian Ayatollah: “The US is the toughest enemy of Islam and Muslims” (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 05/17/16)
3) Iranian ayatollah decries peaceful Islam as “American Islam” (Jihad Watch) Robert Spencer 05/09/16)
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ISRAEL HAYOM - Israel Hayom
1) It´s not the hijab, stupid (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Annika Hernroth-Rothstein 05/25/16)
2) Pro-Obama NGO paid J Street to promote Iran nuke deal (ISRAEL HAYOM) Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff 05/22/16)
3) Lebanon seeks to ease concerns over US law on Hezbollah (ISRAEL HAYOM) Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff 05/17/16)
4) Lies and secrets in the White House (ISRAEL HAYOM OP-ED) Zalman Shoval 05/16/16)
5) Iran hosts Holocaust-themed cartoon contest (ISRAEL HAYOM) Erez Linn, Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff 05/14/16)
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TRUTH REVOLT - Truth Revolt
1) Iran´s Leader: America is the ´Great Satan´ and Major Idolator (Truth Revolt) Trey Sanchez 05/23/16)
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WORLD TRIBUNE - Copyright © 2016 East West Services, Inc.
1) Group provided major funds to NPR to sell Iran deal to wary public (World Tribune) by WorldTribune Staff, May 23, 2016)
2) Netanyahu hits Iran for Holocaust-denial cartoon contest: ‘Preparing another’ one (World Tribune) By World Tribune Staff on May 15, 2016)
3) Inside the Obama ‘echo chamber’: Ben Rhodes admits public was misled about Iran talks (World Tribune) Special to WorldTribune.com 05/09/16)
4) U.S. museum: Iran foreign minister lied when he denied Holocaust denial policy (World Tribune) Special to WorldTribune.com 05/08/16)
5) NY Post: White House admits it played us for fools on Iran; media tools took ‘dictation’ (World Tribune) Special to WorldTribune.com 05/06/16)
6) Iran said pitching Israeli invasion in bid to recruit teens for war in Syria (World Tribune) Special to WorldTribune.com 04/29/16)
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NEW YORK POST - Copyright 2016 NYP Holdings, Inc.
1) Local politicians rip White House for ‘disgraceful’ Iran deal ‘hoax’ (NEW YORK POST) By Yaron Steinbuch 05/07/16)
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NATIONAL POST - © 2016 National Post, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.
1) Keep the pressure on Tehran (NATIONAL POST COMMENT) Linda Frum and Tony Clement, Special to National Post 05/04/16)
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NEW YORK TIMES - Copyright 2016 The New York Times Company
1) Iran Threatens Lawsuit in Hague Court Over U.S. Ruling on $2 Billion (NY) TIMES) By RICK GLADSTONE 04/26/16)
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JERUSALEM POST - © 1995-2016, The Jerusalem Post
1) Iran´s defense minister: ´Zionist conspiracy´ to blame for Iraq, Syrian conflicts (JERUSALEM POST) By JPOST COM STAFF 05/25/16)
2) How they sold us the Iran deal (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By SETH J. FRANTZMAN 05/24/16)
3) J Street defends itself against charges it got paid to back Iran deal (JERUSALEM POST) By JPOST.COM STAFF, JTA 05/22/16)
4) Texas to ignore Iran nuclear deal and maintain sanctions, Governor says (JERUSALEM POST) By DANIELLE ZIRI 05/17/16)
5) Snap Judgement: All the president’s yes men (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED) By CALEV BEN-DAVID 05/13/16)
6) Iran says it tested ballistic missile with 2,000 kilometer range (JERUSALEM POST) By REUTERS, JPOST.COM STAFF 05/09/16)
7) Iran’s Dehqan tells Islamic Jihad head: Unity key to defeating Israel (JERUSALEM POST) By ARIEL BEN SOLOMON 05/06/16)
8) Group slams Europe-Iran economic confab in Zurich (JERUSALEM POST) By HERB KEINON 05/05/16)
9) Gulf Shi´ites paying religious tax to Iran are funding terror, Sunni campaign says (JERUSALEM POST) By MAAYAN GROISMAN 05/05/16)
10) Islamic Jihad delegation visits Iran to ´discuss ways to strengthen intifada´ (JERUSALEM POST) By MAAYAN GROISMAN 05/02/16)
11) Analysis: Where will Iran nuclear deal loopholes stand next Passover? (JERUSALEM POST) By YONAH JEREMY BOB 04/26/16)
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WASHINGTON POST - © 2016 The Washington Post Company
1) Iran revs up for its latest Holocaust cartoon contest (WASHINGTON POST) By Ishaan Tharoor 05/12/16)
2) Iran announces delivery of Russian S-300 missile defense system (WASHINGTON POST) By Andrew Roth MOSCOW 05/10/16)
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1) Obama´s Foreign Policy Guru Boasts of How the Administration Lied to Sell the Iran Deal (WEEKLY STANDARD) 2:48 PM, MAY 05, 2016 | By LEE SMITH)
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1) Khamenei: US ‘can’t do a damn thing’ about our missile program (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF May 24, 2016, 1:19 am)
2) Where did Ploughshares get its money to sell the Iran deal? (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY ERIC CORTELLESSA May 23, 2016, 9:56 am)
3) Iranian commander: We can destroy Israel ‘in under 8 minutes’ (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF May 22, 2016, 4:14 pm)
4) J Street received over $500,000 from group to push Iran deal (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY BRADLEY KLAPPER May 22, 2016, 9:55 am)
5) Germany raps Iran for Holocaust cartoon contest (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY AP AND JTA May 18, 2016, 6:11 pm)
6) US condemns Iran’s ‘abhorrent’ Holocaust-mocking cartoon contest (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF AND AGENCIES May 15, 2016, 5:51 pm)
7) Iran says it is ‘enhancing’ nuclear activities, including uranium enrichment (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF May 14, 2016, 6:04 pm)
8) Head of Iran’s hate cartoon fest equates Holocaust with Israeli actions in ‘Palestine’ (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY AGENCIES May 14, 2016, 1:01 pm)
9) Iran FM Zarif extends condolences to Hezbollah after terror chief killed (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF AND AP May 13, 2016, 9:14 pm)
10) Iran has deployed S-300 system, minister says (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY AFP AND TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF May 10, 2016, 5:45 pm)
11) Netanyahu brought about Iran nuke deal, says ex-Mossad head in last interview (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF May 6, 2016, 12:09 am)
12) Khamenei: US is main enemy, ‘Zionist regime’ a close second (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF May 1, 2016, 10:21 pm)
13) Iran’s Holocaust cartoon chief miffed at Zarif’s KKK comparison (TIMES OF ISRAEL) BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF April 28, 2016, 5:13 am)
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CLARION PROJECT - Copyright © 2016 Clarion Fund, Inc.
1) Why Won’t the White House Let Ben Rhodes Speak? (Clarion Project) BY ELLIOT FRIEDLAND 05/18/16)
2) Iran Sends Afghan Refugees Off to Jihad in Syria (Clarion Project) BY RYAN MAURO 05/12/16)
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WASHINGTON TIMES - copyright © 2016 The Washington Times, LLC.
1) Hard-liner to head board that picks Iran’s next supreme ayatollah (WASHINGTON TIMES) By David R. Sands 05/25/16)
2) Iran threatens to raze Israel ‘in less than 8 minutes’ on Khamenei’s orders (WASHINGTON TIMES) By Douglas Ernst 05/24/16)
3) Correcting the false White House Iran narrative / Obama’s deceit means future policies can’t be accepted at face value (WASHINGTON TIMES COMMENTARY) By Kenneth Maginnis 05/23/16)
4) Stopping Iran’s meddling in the Middle East / Iraq’s persistent strife is orchestrated in Tehran (WASHINGTON TIMES COMMENTARY) 05/20/16)
5) Iran’s moral police infiltrate society as Obama outreach fails to reform Islamist rule (WASHINGTON TIMES) By Rowan Scarborough 05/06/16)
6) Why is America emboldening Iran? (WASHINGTON TIMES) By Armstrong Williams ANALYSIS/OPINION 05/02/16)
7) Iran touts Israel invasion to recruit teenage boys to fight in Syria (WASHINGTON TIMES) By Rowan Scarborough 04/30/16)
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AMERICAN THINKER - © American Thinker 2016
1) The Fictional Iran Deal (AMERICAN THINKER) By Adam Turner 05/20/16)
2) Iran’s Missile Program and the Perspectives of War (AMERICAN THINKER) By Shahriar Kia 05/15/16)
3) An Epiphany on the Road to Tehran (AMERICAN THINKER) By Clarice Feldman 05/08/16)
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NEW YORK DAILY NEWS - © 2016 Daily News, L.P.
1) Cash and Kerry: the secretary of state acts as treasury secretary for the Iranians (NEW YORK DAILY NEWS EDITORIAL) 05/17/16)
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COMMENTARY MAGAZINE - Copyright © 1997-2016 Commentary Magazine
1) Iran’s Pragmatism is Fantasy (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 05/19/16)
2) Who Killed Americans in Iraq? (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 05/18/16)
3) Who Are the Guilty Men on Iran? (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) Jonathan S. Tobin 05/17/16)
4) Rouhani Praises Iran’s Terror Reach (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 05/11/16)
5) Uncertainty over Iran Missile Tests? (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 05/10/16)
6) Iran Deal Lies Have Consequences (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) Jonathan S. Tobin 05/09/16)
7) In Yemen, Missing the Forest (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MAX BOOT 05/09/16)
8) Iran Doubles Down on Terror (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 05/06/16)
9) Who’s Hampering Iran Trade? (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 05/06/16)
10) Why Iran Threatens Shipping (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 05/04/16)
11) Is Iran Lobby Pro-US or Pro-Putin? (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 05/04/16)
12) Should Contractors Work with Iran? (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 05/03/16)
13) Iran Nuke Plant Plan Belies Purpose (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 05/01/16)
14) Kerry’s Bungling Negotiations Again (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 04/29/16)
15) Iran and the Rules of Diplomacy (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 04/27/16)
16) Khamenei Bets on Anti-Semitism (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 04/27/16)
17) Don’t Protect Terror Sponsors (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 04/25/16)
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GATESTONE INSTITUTE - Copyright © 2016 Gatestone Institute
1) Iran´s Soft War Against America (Gatestone Institute) by Lawrence A. Franklin 05/17/16)
2) Ben Rhodes´s Fiction Behind the "Iran Deal" (Gatestone Institute) by A.J. Caschetta 05/10/16)
3) Iran´s Plans to Control a Palestinian State (Gatestone Institute) by Khaled Abu Toameh 05/09/16)
4) Khamenei´s Anti-Americanism (Gatestone Institute) by Majid Rafizadeh 05/08/16)
5) Iran Comes Clean on Banking Problems (Gatestone Institute) by Lawrence A. Franklin 05/05/16)
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REUTERS NEWS SERVICE - © Thomson Reuters 2016
1) Hezbollah vows stronger presence in Syria after commander´s death (REUTERS) BY JOHN DAVISON AND LAILA BASSAM BEIRUT, LEBANON 05/20/16 4:23pm EDT)
2) Khamenei Confirms Anti-US Hatred (COMMENTARY MAGAZINE) MICHAEL RUBIN 05/19/16)
3) Lebanon central bank says must comply with U.S. Hezbollah law (REUTERS) Reporting by John Davison and Laila Bassam; Editing by Gareth Jones 05/17/16 12:15pm EDT)
4) Iranian minister denies recent mid-range ballistic missile test (REUTERS) Reporting by Bozorgmehr Sharafedin; Writing by Sam Wilkin; editing by Richard Balmforth 05/09/16 3:11pm EDT)
5) Rouhani allies score resounding win in second-round elections for powerless parliament (World Tribune) Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Special to WorldTribune.com 05/01/16)
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AP} ASSOCIATED PRESS - Copyright 2016 Associated Press
1) US again tells European banks trade with Iran is OK (AP) Associated Press) By Matthew Lee BRUSSELS, Belgium 05/19/16)
2) Iran issues vague denial about reported missile test (AP) Associated Press) By Nasser Karimi TEHRAN, IRAN 05/09/16)
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WND} WORLD NET DAILY - © 2016 WorldNetDaily.com, Inc.
1) U.S. on verge of ´losing Iraq completely to Iran´ (WND-WORLD NET DAILY) By Greg Corombos 05/04/16)
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FRONT PAGE MAGAZINE.COM - Copyright © 2016 FrontPageMagazine.com
1) IRAN: ´ISRAEL SHOULD BE WIPED OFF THE EARTH´ / How post-sanction Iran is publicly threatening Israel’s existence with impunity. (FrontPageMagazine.com) Dr. Majid Rafizadeh 05/20/16)
2) ISLAM AND SEXUALITY: SEX FOR MEN, BUT NOT FOR WOMEN? / Regulation for some but not for others (FrontPageMagazine.com) Dr. Majid Rafizadeh 05/13/16)
3) OBAMA’S MASTER OF DECEIT ON THE IRAN NUKE DEAL / From aspiring novelist to chief spinner of the president´s lies. (FrontPageMagazine.com) Joseph Klein 05/11/16)
4) NEW YORK TIMES: IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL WAS BASED ON A LIE (FrontPageMagazine.com) Daniel Greenfield 05/06/16)
5) WHY THE 2003 WAR IS NOT TO BLAME FOR UNREST IN IRAQ / Correcting a false media narrative. (FrontPageMagazine.com) Dr. Majid Rafizadeh 05/06/16)
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INN} ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS - IsraelNationalNews © 2016
1) Iranian official: We can destroy Israel ´in eight minutes´ (INN) Israel National News) By Elad Benari 05/24/16)
2) Germany condemns Iran´s Holocaust cartoon contest (INN) Israel National News) By Ben Ariel 05/19/16)
3) Obama´s ´propagandist´: Iran deception was business as usual (INN) Israel National News) By Ari Yashar 05/18/16)
4) UNESCO condemns Iran´s Holocaust cartoon contest (INN) Israel National News) By Ben Ariel 05/16/16)
5) ´Iran is preparing the next Holocaust´ (INN) Israel National News) By Arutz Sheva Staff 05/15/16)
6) Holocaust cartoon contest opens in Tehran (INN) Israel National News) By Arutz Sheva Staff 05/14/16)
7) Iran sends condolences to Hezbollah over death of commander (INN) Israel National News) By Ben Ariel, Canada 05/14/16)
8) Senior Iranian commander: The Americans are the biggest threat (INN) Israel National News) By Ben Ariel 05/12/16)
9) Iran threatens to sink US warships (INN) Israel National News) By Tova Dvorin 05/12/16)
10) Op-Ed: Obama’s Iran deal as sold through fiction via Ben Rhodes (INN) Israel National News) Jack Engelhard 05/10/16)
11) Iranian minister denies his country tested a ballistic missile (INN) Israel National News) By Elad Benari 05/10/16)
12) Iran tests ´pinpoint´ missiles capable of reaching Israel (INN) Israel National News) By Ari Soffer 05/09/16)
13) Obama adviser admits public was ´misled´ on Iran nuclear talks (INN) Israel National News) By Ben Ariel 05/09/16)
14) Iranian general: Syrian opposition is actually Israel (INN) Israel National News) By Ari Yashar 05/05/16)
15) Iran to grant citizenship to families of foreign ´martyrs´ (INN) Israel National News) By Arutz Sheva Staff 05/02/16)
16) Khamenei calls to ´defend Palestine´ against ´Zionists´ (INN) Israel National News) By Elad Benari 05/02/16)
17) Iran sues United States over terror compensation ruling (INN) Israel National News) By Ben Ariel 05/02/16)
18) Iran to bolster ballistic missile capabilities (INN) Israel National News) By Arutz Sheva Staff 05/01/16)
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1) Russia Delivers S-300 Missile Defense System to Iran (Center For Security Policy) Secure Freedom Radio With Fred Fleitz, Claudia Rosett, Dr. Harold Rhode and Dr. Mark Krikorian 05/12/16)
2) Obama Advisor Admits the Administration Lied About the Iran Deal (Center For Security Policy) Secure Freedom Radio With Rep. Scott Perry, Dan Cadman, Diana West and Michael S. Smith II 05/11/16)
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THE WASHINGTON FREE BEACON - ©2016 All Rights Reserved
1) Iran ‘Blackmailing’ U.S. for Greater Nuke Concessions / Experts: Obama admin going above and beyond nuke deal to aid Iran (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo May 24, 2016 2:10 pm)
2) Iran Threatens to Destroy Israel in ‘Less Than Eight Minutes’ / Supreme leader tells U.S. to stop crying over missile tests (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo May 23, 2016 1:53 pm)
3) Obama Admin Will Not Commit to Barring Iranian Access to U.S. Dollar / Treasury Department silent in face of congressional inquiry (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo May 19, 2016 3:20 pm)
4) White House’s Pro-Iran ‘Propaganda Operation’ May Violate U.S. Law / Obama admin lambasted during investigation into Iran deal deception(Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo May 17, 2016 2:15 pm)
5) Inside the Pro-Iran ‘Echo Chamber’ / Private email list pushed pro-Iran message to journalists, think tankers, officials (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Alana Goodman May 16, 2016 4:58 am)
6) Iran: U.S. Encouraging Islamic Republic to Keep Illicit Missile Tests Secret / State Department declines to respond (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo May 16, 2016 1:06 pm)
7) Congressman: Classified Details of Iran’s Treatment of U.S. Sailors Will Shock Nation / Lawmaker says new details being withheld by Obama administration (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo May 16, 2016 12:35 pm)
8) Gates: I Always Thought Obama’s Notion that Nuclear Deal Would Change Iran Was a Stretch (Washington Free Beacon) BY: David Rutz May 15, 2016 12:07 pm)
9) Iran Shows Off Third Underground Missile Site / Qiam missile launch highlights hidden facilities (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Bill Gertz May 12, 2016 4:58 am)
10) Report: Russian-Made Missile System Deployed in Iran (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Morgan Chalfant May 10, 2016 11:53 am)
11) Iran Test Fires Long Range Ballistic Missile / Later denies test occurred (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo May 9, 2016 11:52 am)
12) James Rosen: Obama Administration Deceived Public, Media to Sell Iran Deal (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Aaron Kliegman May 9, 2016 8:16 pm)
13) Iran Threatens to Block U.S. Passage in Persian Gulf / ‘We have no other enemy in the region except for America’ (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo May 9, 2016 1:12 pm)
14) Rosen: Obama Administration ‘Unquestionably’ Engaged in Deception to Sell Iran Nuclear Deal (Washington Free Beacon) BY: David Rutz May 7, 2016 9:53 am)
15) White House Blames Allegations of Iran Deal Deceit in Ben Rhodes Profile on ‘Sour Grapes’ (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Alyssa Canobbio May 6, 2016 2:46 pm)
16) Iran Renews Commitment to Jihad Against Israel (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo May 3, 2016 1:44 pm)
17) Iranian Supreme Leader Warns U.S.: Flee the Persian Gulf / Iran running war drills (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo May 2, 2016 12:23 pm)
18) Iran to Build Seven New Nuke Plants By 2020 / Will ‘build at least one nuclear power plant every 15 years’ (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo April 29, 2016 2:40 pm)
19) Obama Admin Dodges Congressional Inquiry Into Illicit Iranian Missile Tests (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo April 28, 2016 2:50 pm)
20) Cotton Fires Back at White House: Subsidizing Iran’s Nuclear Program Isn’t a ‘Laughing Matter’ (Washington Free Beacon) BY: David Rutz April 28, 2016 7:25 am)
21) Obama Admin Withholding Details of ‘Potentially Illegal’ Deal to Buy Iranian Nuke Materials / Likely to use taxpayer dollars for unprecedented purchase (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo April 27, 2016 5:00 am)
22) Major Iranian Missile Test to Coincide With U.S. Presidential Inauguration / Iran working with N. Korea to aggressively pursue ballistic technology (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo April 27, 2016 3:20 pm)
23) Obama Admin Accused of Misleading Congress on Cash Release to Iran / Lawmakers say administration offering contradictory facts about payouts (Washington Free Beacon) BY: Adam Kredo April 26, 2016 12:25 pm)
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CNS} CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE - copyright 1998-2016 Cybercast News Service
1) Ayatollah: America is the Major Idolator (CNS) CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE) By Patrick Goodenough 05/19/16)
2) Iran’s ‘Moderate’ Foreign Minister Laments ‘Martyrdom’ of Top Hezbollah Terrorist (CNS) CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE) By Patrick Goodenough 05/16/16)
3) Kerry Says Iran Is ‘Open for Business’ (CNS) CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE) By Patrick Goodenough 05/11/16)
4) Obama Adviser Quoted: ‘We Created an Echo Chamber’ to Sell the Iran Nuclear Deal (CNS) CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE) By Patrick Goodenough 05/06/16)
5) Ayatollah to US: Conduct Your Military Exercises in Bay of Pigs, Not ‘Our’ Persian Gulf (CNS) CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE) By Patrick Goodenough 05/03/16)
6) Iran Threatens to Take US to Int’l Tribunal Over Supreme Court Terror Payout Ruling (CNS) CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE) By Patrick Goodenough 04/26/16)
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MEMRI} MIDDLE EAST MEDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE - © 2016 MEMRI- Middle East Media Research Institute
1) IRGC Aerospace And Missile Force Commander: The Americans Are Telling Us ´Don´t Talk About Missile Affairs, And If You Conduct A Test... Don´t Mention It´ (MEMRI) MIDDLE EAST MEDIA RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS) 05/15/16)
2) #5468 - IRGC Navy Commander Fadavi: American Vessels Will Be Sunk in the Persian Gulf If They Make the Slightest Mistake (MEMRI) MIDDLE EAST MEDIA RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS) IRINN TV (Iran) - May 10, 2016 - 01:47)
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