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1) A crack in Bethlehem’s closed door Truce could revive decimated economy if Israelis pull out (NBC NEWS) By Hanson Hosein BETHLEHEM, West Bank 06/25/03)
2) Is Saudi fight against extremism real? - NBC’s Lisa Myers on the persistence of anti-American rhetoric (NBC NEWS) By Lisa Myers and the NBC Investigative Team 05/28/03)
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1) Plainview Couple Injured, Son Killed in West Bank Attack (NEWSDAY) By Joseph Mallia and Jennifer Sinco Kelleher 06/21/03)
2) If U.S. Tactics Are OK, Why Not for Israel? (NEWSDAY) By Edwin Black Edwin Black, an investigative reporter, is the author of "IBM and the Holocaust" and the forthcoming "War Against the Weak."06/18/03)
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1) Calls Mount for Int´l Troops in Territories (THE FORWARD) By ORI NIR WASHINGTON 06/20/03)
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1) Shadow of Shame (CBS NEWS) Morley Safer 06/01/03)
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NEWSWEEK - © 2017 Newsweek, Inc.
1) Al Qaeda in America: The Enemy Within - How the terrorist organization is recruiting and planning strikes here in the U.S. (NEWSWEEK) By Daniel Klaidman, Mark Hosenball, Michael Isikoff and Evan Thomas 06/16/03)
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JEWSWEEK - Copyright © 2001-2009 Jewsweek Magazine
1) You call this peace? - For Israel´s future safety, America needs to walk gingerly down this precarious roadmap (JEWSWEEK OPINION) by Tom Neumann 06/`10/03)
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DEBKAFILE - Copyright © 2017 Debkafile
1) A Fundamentalist Fatwa as Tool of US Mideast Diplomacy (DEBKAfile) Special Report 06/17/03 12:38 AM (GMT+02:00)
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USA TODAY - © Copyright 2017 USA TODAY
1) Troops would be targets (USA TODAY OPINION) By Amy Friedkin 06/18/03 7:34 PM)
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U.S. NEWS - Copyright (c) 2017 U.S. News & World Report, L.P
1) The shadow on the road (U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT) By Mortimer B. Zuckerman • Editor-in-Chief 05/30/03)
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GUARDIAN UK - guardian.co.uk © Guardian News and Media Limited 2017
1) Obituary: Gen Mohamed Abdel Ghani al-Gamasy (GUARDIAN UK COMMENTARY) Lawrence Joffe 06/19/03)
2) ´Dirty bomb´ materials found in taxi (GUARDIAN UK) Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow 06/18/03)
3) ´Total war´ engulfs Middle East as road map is torn to shreds (GUARDIAN UK) Chris McGreal in Gaza City 06/13/03)
4) Apocalypse soon - Evangelicals in the US believe there is a biblical basis for opposing the Middle East road map (GUARDIAN UK COMMENT) Giles Fraser 06/09/03)
5) ´Everything seems possible´ - Ariel Sharon and Abu Mazen make historic compromises (GUARDIAN UK) Aqaba summit 06/06/03)
6) Straw, Powell had serious doubts over their Iraqi weapons claims - Secret transcript revealed (GUARDIAN UK) Dan Plesch and Richard Norton-Taylor 05/31/03)
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BOSTON GLOBE - © Copyright 2016 Globe Newspaper Company.
1) Finding a place for Arab moderates (THE BOSTON GLOBE OPINION) By H.D.S Greenway CAIRO, EGYPT 06/20/03 page A15)
2) In Boston, show of solidarity for Israel - Thousands mark 55th anniversary of Jewish state (THE BOSTON GLOBE) By Ralph Ranalli 06/16/03 page B3)
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AISH HATORAH - copyright © 1995 - 2004 Aish HaTorah
1) Except When You´re Targeting Jews - There´s only one exception when it comes to world politics (AISH HATORAH) by Jeffrey Dunetz 06/12/03)
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LONDON TIMES - Copyright 2014 Times Newspapers Ltd.
1) Fundamentalists bring ´Taleban rule´ to Pakistan (THE TIMES UK) From Zahid Hussain in Islamabad 05/28/03)
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NEW REPUBLIC - Copyright 2017, The New Republic
1) ARE THE SETTLEMENTS LEGAL? (THE NEW REPUBLIC) Consolidated Articles of April 23, 1990 and October 21, 1991 By Eugene W. Rostow, `former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, (1966-1969) and former Dean of the Yale Law School)
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TORONTO STAR - Copyright 1996-2016. Toronto Star Newspapers Limited
1) Nothing wrong with being Zionist - Abbas can´t waive the right of return (TORONTO STAR) Letter, June 4. Brenda Cohen, Toronto 06/05/03)
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JEWISH PRESS - © Copyright 2017, The Jewish Press Inc.
1) Rabbis: Road Map Violates Torah (JEWISH PRESS) By Avraham Shmuel Lewin, Israel Correspondent JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/26/03)
2) Anti-Semitism Flourishes In ‘Peaceful’ Jordan (JEWISH PRESS) By Dr. Jay Levinson 06/26/03)
3) Needed: An Islamic Map For Peace (JEWISH PRESS OPINION) By Mel Alexenberg 06/18/03)
4) Moral Clarity Stops At Israel’s Border (JEWISH PRESS OPINION) By David Hornik 06/18/03)
5) Israel’s Land-For-Peace Deals: The Record (JEWISH PRESS) By P. David Hornik 05/01/03)
6) Road Map To A New Terrorist State (JEWISH PRESS) By Morton A. Klein 05/28/03)
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WORLD TRIBUNE - Copyright © 2017 East West Services, Inc.
1) ´War has not ended´: U.S. braces for attacks by Sunni minority (WORLD TRIBUNE) 06/03/03)
2) U.S.-Lebanese ties boosted by Al Qaida arrests (WORLD TRIBUNE) 06/02/03)
3) U.S. braces for revenge attacks by pro-Saddam Sunni minority (WORLD TRIBUNE) 06/02/03)
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NEW YORK POST - Copyright 2017 NYP Holdings, Inc.
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1) Uncle George (The Jewish Community of Hebron) by David Wilder 06/02/03)
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TIME MAGAZINE - Copyright © 2017 Time Inc.
1) He´s Still There - Viewpoint: There´s no detour around Yasser Arafat on the Road to Peace in the Middle East (TIME MAGAZINE) BY WADIE ABUNASSAR posted 06/08/03)
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NATIONAL POST - © 2017 National Post, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.
1) Bomber flouts peace talks - As Israeli troops forcibly remove settlers, Palestinian militants vow there will be no end to violence: Suspect kills shopkeeper (NATIONAL POST) Stewart Bell SDEI TRUMOT, Israel 06/20/03)
2) So who are these Israeli settlers? (NATIONAL POST COMMENTARY) Neill Lochery 06/18/03)
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NEW YORK TIMES - Copyright 2017 The New York Times Company
1) Syrians Wounded in Attack by U.S. on Convoy in Iraq (NY TIMES) By DOUGLAS JEHL WASHINGTON 06/25/03)
2) Veil of Secrecy Around Village Hit in U.S. Raid (NY TIMES) By PATRICK E. TYLER MUGER ADDIB, Iraq 06/25/03)
3) U.S. Fought Syrians on Strike on Iraqi Convoy (NY TIMES) By DOUGLAS JEHL WASHINGTON 06/24/03)
4) Israelis Say Burial Box of Jesus´ Brother Is Fake (NY TIMES) By GREG MYRE JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/19/03)
5) Suicide Blast Kills 16 in Jerusalem; Israel Strikes Gaza (NY TIMES) By IAN FISHER with GREG MYRE JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/12/03)
6) Middle East Mediator: Big New Test for Bush (NY TIMES) By DAVID E. SANGER AQABA, Jordan 06/05/03)
7) "Sharon’s Risks — and Why He Took Them" (NEW YORK SUN) By FIAMMA NIRENSTEIN (translated from the Italian by Rachel Donadio) 06/02/03)
8) Bush, in Egypt, Finds Warmth and Wariness (NY TIMES) By DAVID E. SANGER and JAMES DAO 06/03/03)
9) Poverty Doesn´t Create Terrorists (NY TIMES) By ALAN B. KRUEGER 05/29/03)
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JERUSALEM POST - © 1995-2017, The Jerusalem Post
1) Good fences, good neighbors, By Gerald M. Steinberg (JERUSALEM POST) 06/27/03)
2) IDF Advocate General: Palestinian activist Rachel Corrie killed by accident (JERUSALEM POST) By JOEL LEYDEN 06/26/03)
3) Analysis: Is anything different this time? (JERUSALEM POST) By HERB KEINON 06/26/03)
4) Irish snub Sharon for Arafat (JERUSALEM POST) By HERB KEINON 06/25/03)
5) Report presses for reparations for Jewish refugees from Arab lands (JERUSALEM POST) By MELISSA RADLER NEW YORK 06/25/03)
6) The Left´s latest panacea - trusteeship for Palestine, By Efraim Inbar (JERUSALEM POST OP-ED 06/25/03)
7) Support unit for terror, By David Bedein (JERUSALEM POST) 06/25/03)
8) Israel is just too Jewish, that´s the problem...By Shmuley Boteach (JERUSALEM POST)
9) How not to study the Middle East, By Daniel Pipes (JERUSALEM POST) 06/25/03)
10) Bombing thwarted, 3 Palestinians dead, soldier wounded (JERUSALEM POST) By MARGOT DUDKEVITCH 06/25/03)
11) From shuttle diplomacy to shtetl mentality, By Michael Freund (JERUSALEM POST) By MICHAEL FREUND 6/25/03)
12) The Region: The peace plan show, By Barry Rubin (JERUSALEM POST) 06/24/03)
13) Messianic Jews convene in Jerusalem (JERUSALEM POST) By ABIGAIL RADOSZKOWICZ 06/23/03)
14) Europeans offer PA lessons in schoolbook reform (JERUSALEM POST) By CORINNA DA FONSECA-WOLLHEIM DEAD SEA, Jordan 06/24/03)
15) Rabbis: Road map is against the Torah (JERUSALEM POST) By TOVAH LAZAROFF 06/24/03)
16) Bereaved parents ask Katsav to expedite building of security fence (JERUSALEM POST) By GREER FAY CASHMAN 06/23/03)
17) Four Palestinians blow up selves while planting bomb (JERUSALEM POST) By MARGOT DUDKEVITCH 06/23/03)
18) Israel: The invisible victim (JERUSALEM POST) By GIL TROY 06/22/03)
19) Grasping the root of assaults on Jews, By Abraham H. Foxman (JERUSALEM POST) 06/22/03)
20) Kawasmeh blamed for 35 terror deaths (JERUSALEM POST) By MARGOT DUDKEVITCH 06/22/03)
21) Palestinian words since Aqaba more telling than deeds, By Itamar Marcus (JERUSALEM POST) 06/20/03)
22) Column One: Hamas´s big victory, By Caroline B. Glick (JERUSALEM POST) 06/20/03)
23) Court rejects petition against dismantling settler´s house (JERUSALEM POST) By DAN IZENBERG 06/19/03)
24) Islamic Jihad claims responsibility for grocery store suicide attack (JERUSALEM POST) 06/19/03)
25) IDF, settlers prepare for clash at Mitzpe Yitzhar outpost (JERUSALEM POST) By MATTHEW GUTMAN 06/19/03)
26) Palestinians fire Kassam rockets at Moshav Netiv Ha´asara (JERUSALEM POST) By DAVID RUDGE 06/19/03)
27) Terrorists cut wire to reach Highway 6 (JERUSALEM POST) By MATTHEW GUTMAN 06/18/03)
28) Syrian-based group claims Israeli girl shooting (JERUSALEM POST) 06/18/03)
29) Israeli Arab youth aborts suicide attack (JERUSALEM POST) By THE JERUSALEM REPORT INTERNET STAFF 06/18/03)
30) Israeli child murdered, man, child wounded in terror attack (JERUSALEM POST) By THE JERUSALEM POST INTERNET STAFF 06/18/03)
31) Romania retracts denial of Holocaust involvement (JERUSALEM POST) By NINA GILBERT 06/18/03)
32) ´Jesus ossuary,´ biblical tablet are fakes Antiquities Authority (JERUSALEM POST) By ETGAR LEFKOVITS 06/18/03)
33) High Court upholds evacuation order against Givat Yitzhar (JERUSALEM POST) By DAN IZENBERG ND MATTHEW GUTMAN 06/17/03)
34) IDF arrests 10 suspected terrorists in West Bank (JERUSALEM POST) By JOEL LEYDEN 06/16/03)
35) Three Gaza terrorists killed (JERUSALEM POST) By DAVID RUDGE 06/16/03)
36) Hagana pilot dies at 88 (JERUSALEM POST) By THE JERUSALEM POST STAFF BOCA RATON, Florida 06/15/03)
37) Guess who drew the road map?, By Anne Bayefsky (JERUSALEM POST) 06/11/03)
38) IAF kills senior Hamas man after Kassams fired at Sderot (JERUSALEM POST) By MARGOT DUDKEVITCH 06/15/03)
39) Four more victims of Jerusalem bus bombing laid to rest Friday (JERUSALEM POST) By TOVAH LAZAROFF 06/15/03)
40) The Red Sea chorus, By Uri Dan (JERUSALEM POST) 06/12/03)
41) What were Bush and Sharon thinking?, By Gerald M. Steinberg (JERUSALEM POST) 06/13/03)
42) Column One By CAROLINE B. GLICK: Sharon´s unenviable decision (JERUSALEM POST) 06/13/03)
43) Terrorists slay Netanya man (JERUSALEM POST) By MARGOT DUDKEVITCH 06/13/03)
44) Jerusalem bombing victims laid to rest (JERUSALEM POST) By SHIRA SCHOENBERG AND AMIR EFRATI 06/13/03)
45) They called him Al (JERUSALEM POST) By AMIR EFRATI 06/13/03)
46) Heavy Hizbullah anti-aircraft fire over Galilee (JERUSALEM POST) By DAVID RUDGE 06/12/03)
47) Court rejects appeal by Islamic movement leader (JERUSALEM POST) By DAN IZENBERG 06/12/03)
48) Analysis, By Herb Keinon: Outpost removals go with targeted killings (JERUSALEM POST) 06/11/03)
49) Christian women come to bless and be blessed (JERUSALEM POST) By ABIGAIL RADOSZKOWICZ 06/10/03)
50) Two Palestinian fugitives killed (JERUSALEM POST) By MARGOT DUDKEVITCH 06/11/03)
51) George W. Clinton, By Michael Freund (JERUSALEM POST) 06/11/03)
52) High Court delays dismantling of 3 illegal outposts (UPDATE) (JERUSALEM POST) By DAN IZENBERG 06/10/03)
53) IDF kills two terrorists approaching Netzarim (JERUSALEM POST) By MARGOT DUDKEVITCH 06/10/03)
54) The Region: Main roadblock to peace, By Barry Rubin (JERUSALEM POST) 06/10/03)
55) Give the Kurds a state, By Shlomo Avineri (JERUSALEM POST) 06/08/03)
56) Islamic Movement northern faction leaders remain in custody (JERUSALEM POST) By DAVID RUDGE 06/08/03)
57) Suicide bomber´s helper gets six life terms (JERUSALEM POST) By THE JERUSALEM POST STAFF 06/08/03)
58) Italy´s Berlusconi first EU leader to snub Arafat (JERUSALEM POST) By HERB KEINON 06/08/03)
59) Ten dead in worst day since Aqaba summit (JERUSALEM POST) By MARGOT DUDKEVITCH 06/08/03)
60) Lupolianski elected capital´s first haredi mayor with win over Barkat (JERUSALEM POST) By ETGAR LEFKOVITS 06/05/03)
61) Column One: For the sake of the peace process, By Caroline B. Glick (JERUSALEM POST) 06/05/03)
62) American monitors due to arrive in Jerusalem (JERUSALEM POST) By JANINE ZACHARIA 06/06/03)
63) No feel of historic moment (JERUSALEM POST) By HERB KEINON AQABA 06/04/03)
64) New PA leadership? By Aaron Mannes (JERUSALEM POST) 06/03/03)
65) Recipe for disaster, By Arthur Cohn (JERUSALEM POST) 06/03/03)
66) Analysis: Pulling wool over willing eyes, By Herb Keinon (JERUSALEM POST) 06/03/03)
67) Frenchmen with ties to Mike´s Place bombers deported (JERUSALEM POST) By ETGAR LEFKOVITS 06/03/03)
68) Original Mahal volunteers feted in New York (JERUSALEM POST) By MELISSA RADLER NEW YORK 06/02/03)
69) Archeologists consult cabinet - The Committee Against the Destruction of Antiquities on the Temple Mount (JERUSALEM POST) By ETGAR LEFKOVITS 06/02/03)
70) The Region: Understanding the negotiating strategies, By Barry Rubin (JERUSALEM POST) 06/02/03)
71) Amidst terror alerts, thousands of Palestinians enter Israel to work (JERUSALEM POST) By MARGOT DUDKEVITCH 06/02/03)
72) Attorney-General charges Rabbi with incitement to racism (JERUSALEM POST) By DAN IZENBERG 06/02/03)
73) Iran is now region´s public enemy No. 1(JERUSALEM POST) By MATTHEW GUTMAN 06/02/03)
74) How about a non-Oslo approach?, By Charles Krauthammer (JERUSALEM POST) 06/01/03)
75) IDF thwarts two terrorist attacks (JERUSALEM POST) By MARGOT DUDKEVITCH 06/01/03)
76) My road to the ´road map´, By Elliot Jager (JERUSALEM POST) 05/31/03)
77) Column One / By Caroline B. Glick: Washington´s betrayal (JERUSALEM POST) 05/30/03)
78) IDF strikes at Jenin terrorists (JERUSALEM POST) By MARGOT DUDKEVITCH 05/30/03)
79) STATESIDE: News from Jewish America (JERUSALEM POST) By MELISSA RADLER 05/30/03)
80) Security council head reportedy wants to quit (JERUSALEM POST) By HERB KEINON 05/30/03)
81) Three-way summit set for next week (JERUSALEM POST) By JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH 05/29/03)
82) ´Columbia´ memorial rabbi reflects on Bialik, Ilan Ramon (JERUSALEM POST) By MARION FISCHEL 05/28/03)
83) Two Kassam rockets hit Sderot (JERUSALEM POST) By MARGOT DUDKEVITCH 05/28/03)
84) PM wants to deny citizenship to children of Israeli-Palestinian couples (JERUSALEM POST) By DAN IZENBERG 05/28/03)
85) Mofaz talks shop with Turkey (JERUSALEM POST) By MARGOT DUDKEVITCH 05/28/03)
86) US: Pressure on Iran is strictly ´diplomatic´ (JERUSALEM POST) By JANINE ZACHARIA WASHINGTON 05/27/03)
87) Israel has turned its back on the tenets of Zionism, By Michael Freund (JERUSALEM POST) 05/27/03)
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GLOBE AND MAIL - © Copyright 2015 CTVglobemedia Publishing Inc.
1) Saudis, Moroccans nab suspects in deadly blasts (THE GLOBE AND MAIL) By FAHD AL-FRAYYAN AND ABBAS SALMAN RIYADH, Saudi Arabia 05/29/03 Page A16)
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INDEPENDENT UK - © 2017 Independent Digital (UK) Ltd
1) Helicopter shot down by Iraqi ´terrorists´ (INDEPENDENT UK) By Andrew Buncombe in Washington 06/13/03)
2) Israel frees longest-serving Palestinian prisoner in goodwill gesture before talks (INDEPENDENT UK) By Sa´id Ghazali in Jerusalem, ISRAEL 06/04/03)
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ISRAEL INSIDER - © 2009 Koret Communications Ltd
1) The irrational peacemakers and Israel (ISRAEL INSIDER COMMENTARY) By Arno Weinstein 06/26/03)
2) Hamas cease-fire will bring increased death (ISRAEL INSIDER COMMENTARY) By Ryan Jones Courtesy of Jerusalem Newswire 06/25/03)
3) The bi-polar nature of Middle East diplomacy (ISRAEL INSIDER COMMENTARY) By Avi Davis Originally published by Jewsweek.com 06/25/03)
4) Islamic Movement leaders charged with membership in terrorist organization (ISRAEL INSIDER) By Ellis Shuman 06/24/03)
5) New York native gunned down by terrorists day after son´s wedding (ISRAEL INSIDER) Debbie Berman 06/22/03)
6) The "road map" blew up on bus 14 (ISRAEL INSIDER COMMENTARY) By Scott Shore Originally published by American Daily 06/18/03)
7) A Palestinian state - unsafe at any size (ISRAEL INSIDER COMMENTARY) By Arno Weinstein 06/17/03)
8) Only Israel has valid reason to be ´troubled´ (ISRAEL INSIDER COMMENTARY) By Steven Zak Originally published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 06/15/03)
9) Hamas leader Sheikh Yassin is "not immune" from an Israeli attack (ISRAEL INSIDER) By Ellis Shuman 06/12/03)
10) The morning after: preparations for 16 funerals (ISRAEL INSIDER) By Ellis Shuman 06/12/03)
11) Israel´s predicament: taking anti-Semitism seriously (ISRAEL INSIDER COMMENTARY) By P. David Hornik 06/11/03)
12) Riding herd (ISRAEL INSIDER COMMENTARY) By Reuven Koret 06/10/03)
13) Hamas leader escapes IDF assassination attempt (ISRAEL INSIDER) By Ellis Shuman 06/10/03)
14) "After the Akaba summit, we hoped everything would be okay" (ISRAEL INSIDER) By Ellis Shuman 06/09/03)
15) In defense of Bantustan (ISRAEL INSIDER COMMENTARY) By Gerald A. Honigman 06/08/03)
16) Right takes to the streets claiming "road map" will repeat mistakes of Oslo (ISRAEL INSIDER) By Ellis Shuman 06/05/03)
17) Europe´s preoccupation with occupation (ISRAEL INSIDER COMMENTARY) By Doron Kescher 06/04/03)
18) Shin Bet takes the heat for allowing British bombers into Israel (ISRAEL INSIDER) By Ellis Shuman 06/03/03)
19) Security officials fear extremists may violently protest outpost dismantling (ISRAEL INSIDER) By Ellis Shuman 06/02/03)
20) Closure lifted, more Israeli confidence building measures ahead (ISRAEL INSIDER) By Ellis Shuman 06/01/03)
21) Israeli Arabs and Jews jointly tour Polish death camps (ISRAEL INSIDER) By Debbie Berman 05/28/03)
22) France and its Jews: Solving the conundrum (ISRAEL INSIDER COMMENTARY) By Maria Sliwa 05/27/03)
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THE MEDIA LINE - Copyright © The Media Line, Ltd
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WASHINGTON POST - © 2017 The Washington Post Company
1) Court Rejects Law Aiding Survivors of Holocaust - Calif. Act Undercut Presidential Role, Ruling Says (WASHINGTON POST) By Charles Lane 06/24/03 Page A11)
2) A Limited Palestinian State (WASHINGTON POST) By Benjamin Netanyahu JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/20/03 Page A25)
3) Palestinians Reject Israeli Plan for Gaza - Official Says Partial Troop Pullback Would Not Constitute ´a Real Withdrawal´ (WASHINGTON POST) By John Ward Anderson GAZA CITY 06/18/03 Page A19)
4) It´s Hamas or Us (WASHINGTON POST OPINION) By Ehud Olmert, Deputy Prime Minister of Israel 06/16/03 Page A23)
5) Few Iraqis Meet the Deadline for Turning in Their Guns (WASHINGTON POST) By Daniel Williams BAGHDAD, IRAQ 06/15/03 Page A14)
6) Abbas Condemns Attacks on Soldiers - Israel Dismantles Several West Bank Outposts (WASHINGTON POST) By Glenn Frankel RAMALLAH, West Bank 06/10/03 Page A14)
7) Israelis Keep Stakes Planted at Outposts - As Sharon Pledges to Close Sites, Settlers Are Resolute in Opposition (WASHINGTON POST) By Glenn Frankel SHILOH, West Bank 06/06/03 Page A01)
8) U.S. to Appoint Council in Iraq - Officials Decide Not to Allow Large Assembly to Pick Interim Leaders (WASHINGTON POST) By Rajiv Chandrasekaran BAGHDAD, IRAQ 06/02/03 Page A01)
9) U.S. Commander to Step Up Action Against Iraqi Attackers - ´War Has Not Ended,´ General Says After Another Soldier Dies (WASHINGTON POST) By Scott Wilson BAGHDAD, IRAQ 05/31/03 Page A16)
10) No Phony ´Cease-Fires´ With Terrorism (WASHINGTON POST) By Charles Krauthammer 05/30/03 Page A23)
11) Saudis Capture Al Qaeda Suspects - Bomb Plot Figure Arrested in Medina; 2 Clerics Also Held (WASHINGTON POST) By Peter Finn CASABLANCA, Morocco 05/29/03 Page A01)
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CHICAGO TRIBUNE - Copyright © 2013, Chicago Tribune
1) Hussein loyalists, Islamists unite - Unlikely allies behind attacks on GIs, military says (CHICAGO TRIBUNE) By Paul Salopek FALLUJAH, Iraq 06/18/03)
2) U.S. hits Iraq guerrillas - Foreign fighters among more than 100 killed in clashes (CHICAGO TRIBUNE) By Vincent J. Schodolski and Paul Salopek, Tribune news services contributed RAWAH, Iraq 06/14/03)
3) Will Abbas keep his word? (CHICAGO TRIBUNE) Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post Writers Group WASHINGTON 06/09/03)
4) Saudis hold 21 suspects in bombings - Clerics who backed attacks in custody (CHICAGO TRIBUNE) By Cam Simpson RIYADH, Saudi Arabia 05/29/03)
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1) Saudi Mischief in Fallujah -Will no one rid Iraq of these meddlesome imams? (WEEKLY STANDARD) By Stephen Schwartz June 23/03 issue (Volume 008, Issue 40)
2) With the road map in tatters, what will President Bush do next with Sharon and Abbas? (WEEKLY STANDARD) by Fred Barnes 06/15/2003 12:00:00 AM)
3) From the June 23, 2003 issue: Terror shreds the road map. - Road Rage (WEEKLY STANDARD) by Tom Rose Jerusalem, Israel 06/23/2003, Volume 008, Issue 40)
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DAILY TELEGRAPH - © Copyright of Telegraph Group Limited 2014
1) Al-Qa´eda fighters set up base in Lebanese refugee camp (TELEGRAPH UK) By Damien McElroy 06/22/03)
2) Israel begins to remove settlements (TELEGRAPH UK) By Alan Philps in Jerusalem, ISRAEL 06/10/03)
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NATIONAL REVIEW - © National Review Online 2017
1) Death Cults of War - Unlike any other (NATIONAL REVIEW) Guest Comment By Arnold Beichman 06/20/03 9:45 a.m.)
2) An Indirect Approach? - Peace in the Middle East will not be won on the West Bank (NATIONAL REVIEW) VICTOR DAVIS HANSON 06/13/03 , 8:45 a.m.)
3) “Peace” as a Means - It’s business as usual under Abu Mazen (NATIONAL REVIEW COMMENT) By Aaron Mannes 06/03/03 9:20 a.m.)
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1) Protecting Terrorists (AMERICAN VALUES) From: Gary L. Bauer 06/19/03)
2) Road Map Update (AMERICAN VALUES) From: Gary L. Bauer 06/06/03)
3) Buchanan & Press - Amnesty Fools - Seven Of Hearts (AMERICAN VALUES) From: Gary L. Bauer 05/28/03)
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WASHINGTON TIMES - copyright © 2017 The Washington Times, LLC.
1) Truth from the mouths of terrorists (WASHINGTON TIMES COMMENTARY) By Kenneth R. Timmerman 06/20/03)
2) Islamist bloc gains in Jordanian vote (WASHINGTON TIMES) From combined dispatches AMMAN, Jordan 06/18/03)
3) Travel restrictions eased (WASHINGTON TIMES) By Abraham Rabinovich JERUSALEM 06/02/03)
4) U.S. defends Israeli arms sale to India (UPI )VIA-WASHINGTON TIMES) By Anwar Iqbal WASHINGTON 06/03/03)
5) Israel frees DFLP senior leader (UPI )VIA-WASHINGTON TIMES) Saud Abu Ramadan in Gaza and Joshua Brilliant in Tel Aviv 06/02/03)
6) U.S. calls off congress on Iraq´s future (WASHINGTON TIMES) By Betsy Pisik BAGHDAD, IRAQ 06/02/03)
7) Sharon urges less talk of Israel poverty (UPI )VIA-WASHINGTON TIMES) JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/01/03)
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UNITED JERUSALEM - The United Jerusalem Foundation
1) WAHHABISM AND ISLAM IN THE U.S. Testimony by Stephen Schwartz at U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security 06/26/03
2) All Terrorists Are Created Equal (TOWN HALL) Clifford D. May 06/26/03)
3) Crash Course on the Arab Israeli Conflict: (GeoffMetcalf.com)
4) UNTOUCHABLE TERRORISTS by COLIN L. POWELL by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator 06/23/03
5) Moral Equivalence in the Middle East (TOWN HALL) Joel Mowbray 06/16/03)
6) AFTER THE WINNING OF THE WAR - Saudi Arabia: radical Islam or reform? (Le Monde diplomatique) By ALAIN GRESH Translated by Barry Smerin June 2003)
7) Saudi Arabia and the Rise of the Wahhabi Threat; A briefing by Stephen Schwartz February 27, 2003 to the Middle East Forum in New York
8) Morris J. Amitay Column for June 9, 2003 (UNITED JERUSALEM) 06/10/03)
10) Commission on Human Rights Resolutions; Directly relating to Israel (UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS) 48th meeting Geneva, Switzerland 15 April 2003)
11) The unilateral surrender of Israel continues (TOWN HALL) Charles Krauthammer WASHINGTON 06/06/03)
12) The View from Here: No Illusions Now (UNITED JERUSALEM) Barry Shaw 06/08/03)
13) ISRAEL´S FREEING OF PALESTINIAN TERRORISTS VIOLATES INTERNATIONAL LAW (Louis Rene Beres Professor of International Law Department of Political Science Purdue University) 06/04/03)
14) Fact Sheet #22: The Aqaba Summit (Jewish Virtual Library) Mitchell Bard 06/04/03)
15) Weekly Myth & Fact #101(Jewish Virtual Library) “Israeli complaints about Palestinian terrorists hiding among civilians are just an effort to justify their murder of innocent people.”
16) Slippery Roads (THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL) Clifford D. May 06/01/03)
17) A Letter from Minister for Jerusalem Natan Sharansky for Yom Yerushalayim (UNITED JERUSALEM) 05/28/03)
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LOS ANGELES TIMES - Copyright © 2017 Los Angeles Times
1) Appeals Court Upholds Freezing of Islamic Charity´s Assets - The panel finds ´ample evidence´ linking the Holy Land Foundation to terror group Hamas (LA TIMES) By Stephen Braun WASHINGTON 06/21/03)
2) Israel Probes for Al Qaeda Links - Bombing by Britons of Pakistani descent raises suspicions of Hamas tie to Bin Laden. But little proof is offered, and groups´ views diverge (LA TIMES) By Sebastian Rotella JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/17/03)
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1) Human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan (UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS) Commission on Human Rights Decision 2003/5)
2) Human rights situation of the Lebanese detainees in Israel (UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS) Commission on Human Rights resolution 2003/8)
3) Combating defamation of religions (UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS) Commission on Human Rights resolution 2003/4)
4) Question of the violation of human rights in the occupied Arab territories, including Palestine (UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAUN RIGHTS) Commission on Human Rights resolution 2003/6)
5) Situation in occupied Palestine (UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS) Commission on Human Rights resolution 2003/3)
6) Israeli settlements in the occupied Arab territories (UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS) Commission on Human Rights resolution 2003/7)
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GEOSTRATEGY-DIRECT - Copyright © 2007 East West Services, Inc.
1) Report: Al Qaida, Hizbullah launder millions (Geostrategy-Direct) week ending June 17/03)
2) U.S. reviews ´deeply troubling´ IAEA report on Iran (Geostrategy-Direct) week ending June 17/03)
3) Hamas pressed to step up attacks as U.S. peace plan gains traction (Geostrategy-Direct) EMERGING THREATS — Focus on Hamas week ending June 3/03)
4) British nationals in Tel Aviv suicide attack were trained by Hamas in Syria (Geostrategy-Direct) EMERGING THREATS — Focus on Hamas week ending June 3/03)
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NEW YORK DAILY NEWS - © 2017 Daily News, L.P.
1) Israel mourns ambushed dad (NEW YORK DAILYNEWS) By MICHELE GREEN JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/22/03)
2) Deadly ambush - N.Y. family´s car attacked in Israel (NEW YORK DAILYNEWS) By RUTH BASHINSKY and CORKY SIEMASZKO 06/21/03)
3) Peace is impossible with Arab Jew-haters (NEW YORK DAILYNEWS OPINION) A.M. Rosenthal 06/20/03)
4) Road map unsettles settlers - Israelis fear any pact could force them out (NEW YORK DAILYNEWS) By DEBORAH BLACHOR BEIT EL, West Bank 06/01/03)
5) Bush visits Auschwitz (NEW YORK DAILYNEWS) By DON SINGLETON 06/01/03)
6) Bust plotters in Morocco, Saudi blasts (NEW YORK DAILYNEWS) By CORKY SIEMASZKO 05/29/03)
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WALL STREET JOURNAL - Copyright © 2017 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
1) "Friend or Foe?" - France should pursue more lethal terrorist groups like Hamas, too (Wall Street Journal Europe) REVIEW & OUTLOOK 06/18/03)
2) Jews and Anti-Jews (WSJ-WALL STREET JOURNAL) By Ruth Wisse 06/16/03)
3) "Palestine´s Pawns" -Difficult refugee issues are usually resolved imperfectly (Wall Street Journal Europe) 06/05/03)
4) Globalization Will Bring Democracy to Muslims (Wall Street Journal Europe) By DAVID HALE, a Chicago-based economist June 3/03)
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1) Prey to the same trap - Bush needs to return to a vision of moral clarity on the Middle East (JEWISH WORLD REVIEW) Jonathan Tobin 06/20/03)
4) Caution: Reality Ahead (JEWISH WORLD REVIEW) Mona Charen 06/05/03)
5) Bush´s flight plan to nowhere (JEWISH WORLD REVIEW) Jonathan Tobin 05/30/03)
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REUTERS NEWS SERVICE - © Thomson Reuters 2017
1) U.S. Woman to Leave Saudi Arabia Without Children (REUTERS) WASHINGTON 06/19/03 02:32 PM ET)
2) Two Rockets Hit Lebanon TV Owned by Prime Minister (REUTERS) By Lin Noueihed BEIRUT, LEBANON 06/15/03 12:43 PM ET)
3) Lebanese Minister Banned from U.S. Over Donation (REUTERS) BEIRUT, LEBANON 06/15/03 07:50 AM ET)
4) Israel Starts Settler Outpost Evacuation (REUTERS) By Rami Amichai NEVE EREZ, West Bank 06/09/03 10:45 AM ET)
5) Bush, Arabs Chase Away Aides for Private Meeting (REUTERS) By Steve Holland SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt 06/03/03 02:07 PM ET)
6) Oldest Palestinian Prisoner Freed on Eve of Summit (REUTERS) By Matt Spetalnick JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/03/03 12:17 PM ET)
7) U.S. Help to Israel (REUTERS) WASHINGTON 06/03/03 09:51 AM ET)
8) Israel Frees Prisoners in Gesture Before Summit (REUTERS) By Matt Spetalnick JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/03/03 05:31 AM ET)
9) Israel Releases Prominent Palestinian Before Summit (REUTERS) By Jeffrey Heller JERUSALEM, ISRAEL Additional reporting by Mohammed Assadi in Ramallah and Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza 06/02/03 07:52 PM ET)
10) Conscript Cameramen Israel´s Eye on Conflict (REUTERS) By Dan Williams ADAM SPECIAL FORCES BASE, Israel Additional reporting by Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza 06/02/03 12:15 PM ET)
11) Can Bush Deliver Mideast Peace That Eluded Father? (REUTERS) By Edmund Blair CAIRO, EGYPT 06/01/03 12:48 PM ET)
12) Syria, U.S. Firms Sign Oil Sharing Deal (REUTERS) By Inal Ersan DAMASCUS, SYRIA 05/31/03 12:32 PM ET)
13) U.S. Troops Seize Palestinian Diplomat in Baghdad (REUTERS) By Alistair Lyon BAGHDAD, IRAQ 05/28/03 11:37 AM ET)
14) Attack in Iraq Leaves Four American Soldiers Dead (REUTERS) By Nadim Ladki BAGHDAD, IRAQ 05/27/03 01:19 PM ET)
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AP} ASSOCIATED PRESS - Copyright 2017 Associated Press
1) Syria Silent on U.S. Attack on Convoy (AP) By ZEINA KARAM DAMASCUS, Syria 05/24/03 10:23 AM)
2) Iran to Give Saudis al-Qaida Members (AP) By ALI AKBAR DAREINI TEHRAN, Iran 06/24/03 12:16 PM)
3) Jordanian Faces Terror Trial in Germany (AP) By GEIR MOULSON DUESSELDORF, Germany 06/24/03 2:17 AM)
4) Unauthorized Outposts Crop Up in W. Bank (AP) By ALEXANDRA ZAVIS SHVUT RACHEL, West Bank 06/23/03 10:20 PM)
5) Immigration to Israel Falls Sharply (AP) By PETER ENAV JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/23/03 3:23 PM)
6) Iraq, Israel Dominate Debate at Meeting (AP) By DONNA BRYSON SOUTHERN SHUNEH, Jordan 06/21/03 3:50 PM)
7) Islamic Militants Attack American Family (AP) By RAVI NESSMAN JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/20/03 3:20 PM)
8) Imams in Iraq Preach Anti-U.S. Sermons (AP) By TAREK AL-ISSAWI FALLUJAH, Iraq 06/20/03 2:57 PM)
9) Israeli-American Killed in West Bank (AP) By MARK LAVIE JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/20/03 12:14 PM)
10) Israeli Grocer Killed by Suicide Bomber (AP) By RAVI NESSMAN JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/19/03 8:07 AM)
11) Israeli Army Begins Dismantling Outpost (AP) By JASON KEYSER MITZPEH YITZHAR, West Bank 06/19/03 7:26 AM)
12) Biblical Inscription Ruled a Forgery (AP) By STEVE WEIZMAN JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/18/03 7:00 AM)
13) U.S. Troops Kill 2 Iraqis During Protest (AP) By ARTHUR MAX BAGHDAD, IRAQ 06/18/03 6:49 AM)
14) Iraq Gets Court Reform; U.S. Soldier Dies (AP) By JIM KRANE and DONNA ABU-NASR BAGHDAD, IRAQ 06/17/03 9:30 PM)
15) Egyptian woman drowns self after having baby girl - Police: Husband had said he´d kill her if child was daughter (AP) VIA-CNN) CAIRO, Egypt 06/14/03 7:41 PM EDT (2341 GMT)
16) U.S. Forces Conduct Arms Raids in Iraq (AP) By CHRIS TOMLINSON FALLUJAH, Iraq 06/15/03 8:26 PM)
17) Lebanon Rocket Attack Damages TV Building (AP) By JOSEPH PANOSSIAN BEIRUT, LEBANON 05/15/03 2:50 PM)
18) U.S. Ambassador´s Cousin Dies in Israel (AP) By IAN DEITCH JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/15/03 1:36 PM)
19) Lebanon Finance Minister Banned From U.S. (AP) BEIRUT, LEBANON 05/15/03 12:01 PM)
20) Army Sweeps Iraq City for Militia Arms (AP) By CHRIS TOMLINSON FALLUJAH, Iraq 06/14/03 1:35 AM)
21) Saudis Arrest Five More in Bombing Probe (AP) RIYADH, Saudi Arabia 06/14/03 11:29 AM)
22) Violent Week Touching Lives in Mideast (AP) By JASON KEYSER JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/13/03 11:41 AM)
23) Israeli ´Targeted Killings´ in Spotlight (AP) By RAVI NESSMAN JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/12/03 4:26 PM)
24) U.S. Troops Storm Sunni Muslim Enclave (AP) By JIM KRANE BAGHDAD, IRAQ 06/12/03 12:34 PM)
25) AP Tallies 3,240 Civilian Deaths in Iraq (AP) By NIKO PRICE BAGHDAD, IRAQ 06/10/03 4:10 PM)
26) U.S. Rejects Iran Offer on Nuke Monitors (AP) By BARRY SCHWEID WASHINGTON 06/11/03 1:28 PM)
27) Last Signer of Israel´s Declaration Dies (AP) By GAVIN RABINOWITZ JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/06/03 1:36 AM)
28) Ex-Ambassador to Promote U.S. Policy (AP) WASHINGTON 06/05/03 1:29 PM)
29) Occupiers Propose New Media Code in Iraq (AP) By BORZOU DARAGAHI BAGHDAD, IRAQ 06/04/03 3:35 PM)
30) U.S. 3rd Infantry Taking Over Baath Towns (AP) By CHRIS TOMLINSON 06/04/03 4:58 AM)
31) Longest-Held Palestinian Prisoner Freed (AP) By MOHAMMED DARAGHMEH TORMUS AYA, West Bank 06/03/03 8:53 AM)
32) Israel Releases Palestinian Prisoners (AP) By LISA J. ADAMS JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/03/03 7:32 AM)
33) Tearful Bush, Wife Visit Nazi Death Camps (AP) By TOM RAUM OSWIECIM, Poland 05/31/03 9:09 PM EDT)
34) Many Arab League Members Shun Israel (AP) 06/02/03 2:39 PM)
35) Two Iraqis Killed Near Baghdad Mosque (AP) By JIM KRANE BAGHDAD, IRAQ 06/02/03 1:59 PM)
36) U.S. Troops to Counter Baath Resistance (AP) By CHRIS TOMLINSON BAGHDAD, IRAQ 06/02/03 12:23 PM)
37) Baghdad Clerics Want Strict Islamic Laws (AP) By HAMZA HENDAWI BAGHDAD, IRAQ 06/02/03 3:20 AM)
38) U.S. Major Tries to Sell Iraq Democracy (AP) By LOUIS MEIXLER KIRKUK, Iraq 05/31/03 3:11 PM)
39) Iran Denies Holding al-Qaida´s Spokesman (AP) By ALI AKBAR DAREINI TEHRAN, Iran 05/30/03 7:13 PM)
40) Greek Orthodox Patriarch Sues Cleric (AP) By PATRICK QUINN JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 05/30/03 1:42 AM)
41) Bush Entering Shaky Mideast Peace Process (AP) By BARRY SCHWEID WASHINGTON 05/29/03 1:49 PM)
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WND} WORLD NET DAILY - © 2017 WorldNetDaily.com, Inc.
2) Bush seeking ´reform´ in Saudi Arabia - Spokesman queried about Americans held hostage in kingdom (WND-WORLD NET DAILY) By Les Kinsolving 06/26/03 5:25 p.m. Eastern)
3) Get tough with Saudis (WND-WORLD NET DAILY COMMENTARY) By JOSEPH FARAH 06/23/03)
4) Condi Rice a ´black spinster´? - Palestinian paper stops short of calling Bush adviser ´black widow´ (WND-WORLD NET DAILY) 06/24/03)
5) Arab journalist calls Saudi Arabia cradle of terror - Says only solution is that ´Wahhabism should be gotten rid of´ (WND-WORLD NET DAILY) 06/20/03)
6) ´Cycle of violence´? (WND-WORLD NET DAILY COMMENTARY) By JOSEPH FARAH 06/13/03)
7) Israel questioned suicide bombers - British subjects released due to lack of evidence (WND-WORLD NET DAILY) FROM JOSEPH FARAH´S G2 BULLETIN 06/08/03)
8) Islamists burn to death Christian pastor, family - Massacre of 59 came as Sudan discussed removal from terror list (WND-WORLD NET DAILY) 06/04/03)
9) U.S. to forgive Sudan for 2 million deaths? - Washington to overlook genocide, atrocities for new strategic relationship (WND-WORLD NET DAILY) FROM JOSEPH FARAH´S G2BULLETIN 06/02/03)
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HA'ARETZ} NEWS SERVICE - © Copyright 2017 Ha'aretz
1) Separation in the making (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Yair Ettinge 06/27/03)
2) Lebanon temporarily cuts off Ayun River (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Uri Ash 06/25/03)
3) Ya´alon: Killing Arafat was debated (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Amos Harel 06/23/03)
4) U.S. losing patience with Syria (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Daniel Sobelman 06/23/03)
5) PA treasury takes control of fuel sales (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Arnon Regular 06/22/03)
6) Mitzpeh Yitzhar outpost dismantled despite resistance (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Nadav Shragai, Amos Harel, Arnon Regular and Jonathan Lis 06/20/03)
7) 15 arrested at Yitzhar; Molotov cocktails found at site (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Nadav Shragai, Amos Harel, Jonathan Lis and Moshe Reinfeld, Haaretz Correspondents, and Haaretz Service 06/19/03 20:36 (GMT+3)
8) Australia to declare Hezbollah illegal (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Daniel Sobelman 06/19/03)
9) Two Palestinians killed; five rockets land inside Israel (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Amos Harel 06/16/03)
10) Al-Qaida link sought in Mike´s Place bomb (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Amos Harel 06/16/03)
11) Army to hold hearings against removal of outposts (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Moshe Reinfeld06/12/03)
12) `Bombs don´t distinguish between Arabs and Jews,´ says bus No. 14´s wounded Arab driver (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Nadav Shragai 06/12/03)
13) IDF dismantles 10 outposts; settlers vow to return (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Nadav Shragai and Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondents, Haaretz Service and Agencies 06/10/03 08:28 (GMT+3)
14) The risky ambiguity of the road map (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Moshe Arens 06/10/03)
15) Two schools become `one big family hit by terror disasters´ (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Uri Ash 06/10/03)
16) Officials: PM to go on with Aqaba process despite attacks (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Aluf Benn and Arnon Regular, Haaretz Correspondents, Haaretz Service and Agencies 06/09/03 13:46 (GMT+3)
17) Security cabinet approves NIS 500M cut to defense budget (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Moti Bassok 06/09/03)
18) Meir Vilner dies at 84 (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Joseph Algazy 06/08/03)
19) IDF discovers bomb in Gaza, lifts curfew in Jenin (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Haaretz Service 06/05/03 13:07 (GMT+3)
20) The same deception, the same delusion (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Israel Harel 06/05/03)
21) Residents seek a new Golan `brand image´ (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Lily Galili 06/05/03)
22) Lupolianski is capital´s first Haredi mayor - Religious parties now hold 18 of 31 seats on council (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Jonathan Lis 06/05/03)
23) Cops repel four Kach attempts at outposts (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Nadav Shragai 06/04/03)
24) 250 Christian women arrive for Pentecost (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Irit Rosenblum 06/03/03)
25) Voting stations in E. Jerusalem likely to remain deserted again - The sole Arab candidate´s base of support is in Beit Safafa (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Yair Ettinger 06/02/03)
26) Suffering goes on two years after Dolphinarium bombing (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Yam Yehoshua 06/02/03)
27) IDF kills 2 Palestinians in separate incidents (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Amos Harel and Arnon Regular 06/01/03)
28) Knesset passes economic plan; Histadrut calls 2-hour strike to protest pension cuts (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Zvi Zrahiya and Haim Bior 05/30/03)
29) Thousands take to streets to mark 36th J´lem Day (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Jonathan Lis and Moti Bassok 05/29/03)
30) Druze council heads quit to protest cuts (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Yair Ettinger 05/29/03)
31) Sleeping with the enemy (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Ze´ev Schiff 05/28/03)
32) Israel to boycott Belgian court case (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Moshe Gorali 05/28/03)
33) Bulgarian FM nixes meeting with Arafat (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Gideon Alon and Adar Primor 05/28/03)
34) PM would deny citizenship to children with Palestinian parent (HA´ARETZ NEWS) By Gideon Alon and Yair Ettinger 05/28/03)
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JEWISH VIRTUAL LIBRARY - Copyright 2017 The American-Israel Cooperative Enterprise
1) The Hamas Covenant (JEWISH VIRTUAL LIBRARY) The following is excerpted from the covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS)
2) Weekly Myth & Fact #102 MYTH: “Israel’s assassination attempt on a leader of Hamas was aimed at derailing the peace process laid out in the road map.” (Jewish Virtual Library) Mitchell Bard 06/11/03)
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SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER - ©2017 Simon Wiesenthal Center
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FRONT PAGE MAGAZINE.COM - Copyright © 2017 FrontPageMagazine.com
1) Professors for Suicide Bombers (American Spectator) By Edward Alexander 06/26/03)
2) The Poisonous Return of Anti-Semitism (TheScotsman.com) By Fraser Nelson 05/23/03)
3) Our Apology (FrontPageMagazine.com) By Stephen Berger 06/23/03)
4) Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are One (FrontPageMagazine.com) By Alyssa A. Lappen 06/19/03)
5) Saudi "Ally" Funds Hamas (New York Sun) By Timothy Starks 06/17/03)
6) Israeli Defense Forces vs. the International Solidarity Movement (TheJerusalemReport.com) By Leslie Susser 06/13/03)
7) The Return of "Tolerable Carnage” (FrontPageMagazine.com) By Steven Plaut 06/12/03)
8) Road Map, Road Kill (FrontPageMagazine.com) By Frank J Gaffney Jr. 06/12/03)
9) The Road Map to Hell in the Middle East (Capitalism Magazine) By Robert W. Tracinski 06/10/03)
10) Road Map Could Cost Us Our Greatest Mideast Ally (FrontPageMagazine.com) By Michael Reagan 06/05/03)
11) Arafat Tells Kid to Die on International Children´s Day (Independent Media Review Analysis) By Aaron Lerner 06/03/03)
12) Muslim Cheers for Wolfy (New York Post) By Stephen Schwartz 06/02/03)
13) Amnesty International - Not a Reliable Source (FrontPageMagazine.com) By Steven Plaut 06/02/03)
14) Open Letter from an Arab-American Student (FrontPageMagazine.com) By Oubai Mohammad Shahbandar 06/02/03)
15) Israelis Against Israel (FrontPageMagazine.com) By Ariel Natan Pasko 05/29/03)
16) Ariel Sharon – Ending the “Occupation” Part II (FrontPageMagazine.com) By Jamie Glazov 05/29/03)
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INN} ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS - IsraelNationalNews © 2017
1) Off-the-Road Map (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) 06/25/03)
2) Israeli Islamic Leaders Indicted For Terrorism (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/24/03)
3) The Oslo Ratchet (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Steven Plaut 06/23/03)
4) Kassam Damages Homes in Sderot; IDF Acts in Northern Gaza (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/23/03)
5) Burning Bush (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Shmuel Neumann, Ph.D. 06/22/03)
6) The ‘Right Brothers’ Fly by Road Map(INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Charlotte West 06/22/03)
7) PA Incorporating, Not Fighting, Terrorism (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/20/03)
8) Father of Six Dead in Palestinian Terror Attack (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/19/03)
9) A New Form of Holocaust Denial (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Dr. Rafael Medoff 06/19/03)
10) Resign! (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Arlene Peck 06/19/03)
11) Whitewashing the Palestinian Leadership-Part II (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Francisco J. Gil-White 06/17/03)
12) They Are Trying to Kill Me (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Naomi Ragen 06/15/03)
13) More Shells In The South (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/16/03)
14) Harvard U. Prof: It´s Not A Territorial Struggle (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/16/03)
15) Incitement (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Prof. Paul Eidelberg 06/15/03)
16) Dahlan Says "Give Us Gaza" - As Violence Continues (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/15/03)
17) Sharon Chooses War On Terror Over Aid To Abu Mazen (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/12/03)
18) By What Right, Mr. President? (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OP-ED) 06/12/03)
19) Recipe for a New Disaster (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) A.C. 06/12/03)
20) The Road Map of the Harlot (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Steven Plaut 06/12/03)
21) MKs Visit City Of David (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/12/03)
22) Abu Mazen Doing Nothing About It (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/11/03)
23) 16 Dead in Jerusalem Suicide Bus Bombing (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/11/03)
24) Bi-Polar Middle East Diplomacy (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Avi Davis 06/10/03)
25) Like Father, Like Son (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Yedidya Atlas 06/10/03)
26) Other Terrorist Attacks Over the Holiday (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/08/03)
27) Krauthammer Attacks One-Sided Summit (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/09/03)
28) Outposts On Alert (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/09/03)
29) Outpost Destruction Begins (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/09/03)
30) The Road Map to Hell (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Robert W. Tracinski 06/08/03)
31) The Holy Land, Shared With Terrorists? (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Rachel Neuwirth 06/08/03)
32) Five Victims Today: Fatah Takes Part In Murdering Four (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/08/03)
33) Hamas Says: No Cease-Fire (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/08/03)
34) Preparing To Destroy Civilian Outposts (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/08/03)
35) Five Victims Today: Fatah Takes Part In Murdering Four (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/08/03)
36) More Rally Excerpts: Eitam, Hendel, Elon (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/05/03)
37) 100,000 Protest Road Map And Palestinian State (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/05/03)
38) What are the Consequences? (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Tovia Singer 06/04/03)
39) Another Attack on Free Speech (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Steven Plaut 06/04/03)
40) Palestinian Violence Continues (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/04/03)
41) Increased Terror Warnings; Continued Conflict (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/03/03)
42) Confidence Building Measures (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Isaac Kohn 06/03/03)
43) New Revelations in Mike´s Place Bombing (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/03/03)
44) Roadmap for Dummies (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Shmuel Neumann, Ph.D. 06/02/03)
45) Who is Tony Blair? (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Stanley Zir and Phil Orenstein 06/02/03)
46) Bigotry and the ´Road Map´ (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) Jeff Jacoby 06/01/03)
47) Terrorism and Israeli Concessions Continue (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 06/01/03)
48) Mt. of Olives Jewish Neighborhood Thriving (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 05/31/03)
49) While PA Incitement Continues... (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 05/30/03)
50) As Does The Oslo War (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 05/28/03)
51) Hague Professor: This Is No "Occupation" (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 05/29/03)
52) Jerusalemizing Hebron (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS OPINION) Ariel Natan Pasko 05/28/03)
53) Jerusalem Day (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 05/28/03)
54) Nothing Noble About Suicide Bombings (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 05/27/03)
55) The Hub Of Illegal Arab Construction In Jerusalem (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 05/27/03)
56) No End to Palestinian Terror in the South (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 05/27/03)
57) "The Solution Is Found In The Torah" (INN-ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS) 05/27/03)
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CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR - Copyright © 2017 The Christian Science Monitor
1) Road map to remote destination (CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR) By David B. Green JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/09/03)
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CNS} CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE - copyright 1998-2017 Cybercast News Service
1) Jerusalem Bombing: ´A Body Under the Bus´ (CNS-CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE) By Julie Stahl JERUSALEM, ISRAEL 06/11/03)
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UPI} UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL - Copyright 2017 United Press International
1) Palestinian police to be revamped (UPI-UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL) By Saud Abu Ramadan GAZA CITY, Gaza 06/06/03 9:13 PM)
2) Iraqis demand release of religious leader (UPI-UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL) By GHASSAN AL-KADI BAGHDAD, Iraq 06/03/03 12:34 PM)
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MFA} MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS - Copyright © 2017 The State of Israel
1) June 4 - June 12, 2003: Snapshots into the Week (MFA-MINISTRY FOREIGN AFFAIRS) 06/12/03)
2) Portrait: Abdel Aziz Rantisi - Hamas Leader in Gaza ((MFA-MINISTRY FOREIGN AFFAIRS) 06/11/03))
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IRNA-ISRAEL RESOURCE NEWS AGENCY - © IRNA-Israel Resource News Agency 2004
1) What you need to know about U.N.R.W.A.: The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (IRNA-Israel Resource News Agency) by David Bedein)
2) The Refugee Dilemma: A Day in the UNRWA Arab Refugee Camps (Middle East News Service) by Shawn Cohen)
3) Inside UNRWA-United Nations Relief and Works Agency (IRNA-Israel Resource News Agency) Special Investigative Report)
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1) Middle East: Ask Likud member - Dr Yossi Olmert answered your questions on the Middle East crisis (BBC) 06/19/03 12:37 GMT 13:37 UK)
2) When will it end?: Suicide bombing a year on (BBC) By Kathryn Westcott 06/18/03 11:40 GMT 12:40 UK)
3) Water war leaves Palestinians thirsty (BBC) 06/16/03 05:38 GMT 06:38 UK)
4) Lebanon PM´s TV studios attacked (BBC) 06/15/03 14:05 GMT 15:05 UK)
5) Egypt bans ´too religious´ Matrix (BBC) 06/11/03 08:47 GMT 09:47 UK)
6) Bloodshed batters Mid-East peace hopes (BBC) 06/11/03 23:08 GMT 00:08 UK)
7) Who are Hamas? (BBC) By Martin Asser BBC News Online 06/06/03 21:44 GMT 22:44 UK)
8) Saudi forces ´battle militants´ (BBC) 06/02/03 16:49 GMT 17:49 UK)
9) Amman ´honour killer´ gets one year (BBC) 06/01/03 13:02 GMT 14:02 UK)
10) Hundreds of Saudi clerics ´dismissed´ (BBC) By the BBC´s Magdi Abdelhadi 05/30/03 17:31 GMT 18:31 UK)
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1) STUCK IN THE SAND-A METAPHOR FOR THE “ROAD MAP” (AFSI-Americans For a Safe Israel) Letter to the Editor HELEN FREEDMAN 06/03/03)
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1) Palestinian Arab Violations of President Bush´s "Road Map" Plan (ZOA-ZIONIST ORGANIZATION AMERICA) A Survey of Week #6: June 3, 2003 - June 9, 2003)
2) Israel: Road Map Progress Depends On "End To All Violence & Incitement"; But Violence & Incitement Continue Daily (ZOA-ZIONIST ORGANIZATION AMERICA) NEW YORK 05/27/03)
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1) Anti-Semitism and Terrorism on the Internet: New Threats (JCPA-JERUSALEM CENTER FOR PUBLIC AFFAIRS) An Interview with Rabbi Abraham Cooper No. 9 06/01/03)
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IMRA} INDEPENDENT MEDIA REVIEW ANALYSIS - 2017 © IMRA-Independent Media Review Analysis
1) Abu Mazen´s Fatah Tied To Foiled Attacks Wednesday & Thursday and Thursday Murder (IMRA-INDEPENDENT MEDIA REVIEW ANALYSIS) Aaron Lerner 06/27/03)
2) "O Lord, the Jews...kill them one by one" - Moderate Saudi GOVERNMENT TV Sermon (IMRA.ORG.IL) FBIS (US government service) Report Friday sermons broadcast by the Saudi Government media on 20 June 2003)
3) Arab sermons: O God, destroy the usurper Jews, the vile Crusaders, and infidels (IMRA.ORG.IL) FBIS Report - Friday sermons broadcast by the Arab media on 13 June 2003)
4) After Saudi PR effort in DC: Saudi GOVERNMENT TV Sermon: "O God, destroy the Jews" (IMRA.ORG.IL) FBIS (US government service) Report - Friday sermons broadcast by the Saudi Government media on 13 June 2003)
5) Sermon on official PA TV after Aqaba: O God, destroy the Jews...the United States and its allies (IMRA.ORG.IL) FBIS Report - Friday sermons carried by the news media of the Palestinian Authority on 13 June 2003)
6) PA sermon: O Lord, deal with the Jews and their supporters (IMRA.ORG.IL) FBIS Report - Friday sermons carried by the news media of the Palestinian Authority on 30 May 2003)
7) Arab sermons: O Lord, deal with your enemies... Americans, British...kill them one by one (IMRA.ORG.IL) FBIS Report - Friday sermons broadcast by the Arab media on 30 May 2003)
8) Saudi sermon: O Lord, deal with the aggressor Jews and sinful Zionists (IMRA.ORG.IL) FBIS Report - Friday sermons broadcast by the Saudi Government media on 30 May 2003)
9) As Abu Mazen meets Bush./Sharon Bloody Anti-American and Anti-Israeli cartoons featured on official PA website (IMRA-INDEPENDENT MEDIA REVIEW ANALYSIS) 06/04/03)
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MEMRI} MIDDLE EAST MEDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE - © 2017 MEMRI- Middle East Media Research Institute
1) Arafat´s Nakba Day Speech (MEMRI-MIDDLE EAST MEDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE) Special Dispatch Series - No. 515 06/03/03)
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